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Module 4

Healthy food

Unit 1

We’ve got lots of apples.

Words and expressions
food drink candy fruit meat vegetable apple bean beef carrot chicken n. 食物, 食品 n. 饮料 v. 喝 n. 糖果 n. 水果 n. 肉 n. 蔬菜 n. 苹果 n. 豆 n. 牛肉 n. 胡萝卜 n. 鸡肉

Words and expressions
chocolate n. 巧克力 coffee n. 咖啡 cola n. 可乐 juice n. 果汁 milk n. 牛奶 potato n. 马铃薯, 土豆 tea n. 茶 tomato n. 西红柿, 番茄 water n. 水 shop v.逛商店,购物

go shopping have get have got some much too much kind lots of so How about… has bad

去买东西, 去购物 v.有;吃,喝 v.得到 有;拥有 adj. 若干 pron. 一些, 某些 adj. 许多的; 大量的 太多 n. 种类 大量,许多 conj.因此;所以 (征求意见)…好吗?…行吗? have的第三人称单数现在式 adj.坏的,不好的

1 Work in pairs. Look at the pictures and write down their names. apple beans beef carrot chicken chocolate coffee cola juice milk orange potato tea tomato water apple orange beans tomato carrot
potato coffee water cola milk chicken juice beef


2 Label the food in the pictures with the words from the box. candy fruit meat vegetables
apple orange chocolate


carrot potato beans

candy tea
juice coffee




milk cola

I have got some candies. ---Have you got any candies? ---Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t . ---Has he/she got any candies? ---Yes, he/she has. / No, he/she hasn’t.

4 Listen and check (√) the food and drink Betty and her mother have got. apples √ juice
beans milk √

carrots chicken √

potatoes tea


tomatoes √

3 Listen, read and answer the questions. 1.Is too much chocolate good for our healthy?
No, it isn’t. 2. Have they got lots of apples?

Yes, they have.
3. Has Tony’s mum got any coffee? No, she hasn’t.

Complete the table. Things Tony’s Things Tony’s family has got family hasn’t got at home at home food chocolate,apples chicken , oranges drink orange juice, coffee cola tea A: Has Tony got any …? B: Yes, he has. / No, he hasn’t. He hasn’t got any …

Fill in the blanks. A= Tony’s dad B=Tony A: Tony, let’s go shoppingfor food and drink. __ _______ got any Now, we haven’t __ ____ meat. Let’s get some chicken. got B: OK. Have we ___ any chocolate ________? A: Yes, we have. ___ _____ chocolate isn’t Too much ____ __ good foryou. Let’s get some ______. fruit B: What ____ __ fruit? Apples? kind of

A: No, we’ve got ___ __ apples. We lots of haven’t ___ any oranges, so let’s get some. ______ got B: OK. How______ some orange juice? ___ about A: Yes, good idea! And coffee. Let’s get some got any for your ____. mum She hasn’t ___ __ ____. coffee B: All right, some coffee for Mum, and some cola for me. I haven’t got any cola. ___ A: No cola! Cola _ ___ ___ you! How about is bad for some tea? B: Oh, too bad!

1.let’s go shopping 1.让我们去

购物 2.food and drink 2.食物和饮料、 3.some chicken 3.一些鸡肉 4.太多的巧克力、 4.too much chocolate 5.be good for 5.对…有好处 6.什么种类的水果? 6.what kind of fruit? 7.lots of 7.许多 8.how about… 8.…怎么样? 9.orange juice 9.橘子汁 10.good idea 10.好主意 11.be bad for 11.对…有害处

1. food and drink 这里drink是名词,意思是饮料 drink还可表示 饮料的一杯(或一份)。 I would like a cold drink. 我想要杯冷饮。 drink还可以用作动词, 表示“饮”或“喝 酒”。 Would you like something to drink? 你要点什么喝的吗?

2. Too much chocolate isn’t good for you. 吃太多巧克力对你没有好处。 too much 意思是“太多”,用来修饰不 可 数名词,例如: I have got too much homework to do today. 我今天有太多的作业要做。 too many意思也是“太多”,用来修饰可 数名词复数形式,如: There are too many people in the shopping centre. 购物中心里人太多。

另外,be good for 的意思是“对……有好 处”,它的反义词组是be bad for, 如: Watching too much TV isn’t good for you. 电视看得太多对你不好。 Smoking is bad for your health. 吸烟有害你的健康。

3. All right… 好的…… 这里的all right表示同意别人所说的事情。 — I think you should start now. 我认为你应该现在开始了。 — All right. 好的。 all right 可以有多种含义,用于多种场合。 Tom, you will lock the door, all right? 汤姆,你来锁门,好吗? 上句中的all right 我们可以译为“明白了吗? 是吧?对吧?”等,表示向对方确认 他会同意或理解你所说的话。

6 Work in pairs. Talk about Tony’s shopping. A: Have we got any …? B: Yes, we have. We’ve got some… /No, we haven’t.

Pronunciation & speaking
7 Listen and repeat. /s/ drinks /t/ tea tomato water

/z/ apples potatoes vegetables /d/ bad food idea 8 Listen and choose /s/ or /z/.
1 apples 3 drinks 2 beans 4 potatoes

9 Work in pairs. Make a shopping list.

A: Make a list of things you need.
B: Make a list of things you’ve got. Now ask and answer. — Have we got any…? — Yes, we have. We’ve got some…/No, we haven’t.

orange, juice … - Have you got any …?

- Yes, I’ve got some … - No, I haven’t got any …


注: word 文档 点击此处链接

一、根据句意和首字母提示填写单词。 1. There are some o______ and apples ranges here for you. 2. Meat, v________ and fruit are healthy egetables food. 3. We can d____ milk and water. rink 4. Chicken, potatoes and melons are h_____ food. ealthy 5. Pork and b___ are meat. eef

二、选用合适单词完成句子。 1. Have you ___ (get, got) a pen? 2. I haven’t got ___ (some, any) money. 3. There are two ___ (childs, children). 4. My mother buys some ___ (meat, meats). 5. ___ (Is, Are) there any beef in the dining hall?

三、用 there be / have (has) got / has (

have) 的正确形式填空。 1. _____ ___ many books in her bag. There are 2. I _____ ___ three sisters. have got 3. __ _____ a basketball under Tony’s Is there

4. My brother ___ ___ a new bike. has got

5. ____ your sister ___ a computer on got Has
the desk?

四、根据汉语提示完成句子。 1. 你总是吃健康食品吗?

Do you always eat _______ food healthy ____? 2. 我们没有食物和饮料就活不了多久。
We cannot live for long without ____ and drink food ___ _____.

3. 我们吃蔬菜,水果和肉。

We eat _________, fruit and _____. vegetables ____ meat
4. 我们没有肉,只能吃些苹果了。 We haven’t ___ any meat, so we'll ______ got ___ some ______. have to eat _____ apples 5. 我们还有啤酒和葡萄酒吗? _____ we ___ any beer and wine? Have __ got ___

五、 根据括号内的要求改写下列句子。
1. There are five people in my family. (对划线部分提问) How many people are there in _____________________________ your family? _____________________________ 2. I have got a little brother. (用Jim代替I改写句子) Jim has got a little brother. _____________________________

3. His brother has got some new books. (变为一般疑问句) Has his brother got any new books? ______________________________ 4. She has got some new pens. (变为否定句) ______________________________ She hasn’t got any new pens. 5. I have got a big family. (用small family变为选择疑问句) _______________________________ Have you got a big family or a _______________________________ small family?

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