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八年级英语下册 Unit 5《If you go to the party,you’ll have a great time》Period学案2 人教新目标版

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河南省南乐县张果屯乡中学八年级英语下册Unit 5《If you go to the

party,you’ll have a great time》Period 2 人教新目标版

Period 2

Step 1 Lead in

Discuss the question with the students:

What do you want to be in the future? What do you want to do most in the future? Step 2 Warming up

Part1. Ask students to talk about the question and give their answers :Which of the things on the blackboard are the most important to you in your life?” Step 3 Presentation of new vocabulary

Ask and answer questions:

T:What do you want to be in the future?

S:1 want to be a professional Soccer player.

T:What do you want to do most in the future?

S:1 want to travel around the world.

T:If you are a professional soccer player,you’ll travel around the world. Step 4 Listening and speaking

Task 1. Finish the listening tasks of 2a, 2b.

Task 2. Make a dialogue according to 2c. For example:

S1:I think you should go to college.

S2:But if I go to college,I’II never become a great soccer player.

Task 3. Listen to 2a and 2b again and discuss if Michael will be a professional player. For example:

S1:Do you think Michael decide to become a soccer player?

S2:Yes.I think so.


S2:Ⅱhe becomes a Soccer player,he will travel around the world.He likes traveling.

S1:Do you think he will join the lions?


S2:Yes.If he joins the lions,he will make a lot of money.

Task 4. Write a short passage according to students’ discussion. Finish 3b. Step 5 Discussion

Watch a video about sportsmen and discuss with the students the advantages and disadvantages of being a professional athlete.

T:From the movie,do you think it is good to become a professional atMete? S:Yes.If you become a professional athlete.you will become famous/you will make

1ots of money/…

S:No,I don’t think SO.If you become a professional athlete,you will spend time away

from your families/you will be hurt badly/...

After the discussion, read 3a. and finish the chart.

Step 6 Play a game

Finish Part 4. Groupwork.

T:I think I’m going to Anqing tonight.

S1:If I go to Anqing tonight.1 will go to the cinema.

S2:If I go to the cinema.1 will meet some of my friends…….

Step 7 Homework


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