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英 语 试 卷


第一节. 词语释义(5分)

( )21.I’m quieter than Lily.= Lily is ________ than me.

A. more outgoing B. more friendly C. smarter D. taller


( )22. She is good at English.

A. is good for B. is bad at C. do well in D. does well in ( )23. My father took quite a few photos in Beijing.

A. some B. any C. many D. few ( )24. He watches TV more than three times a week.

A. less than B. over C. on D. at ( )25. She has a lot of good habits.

A.a lot B. much C. lots of D. some 第二节. 单项选择(15分)

( )26. ---______ do you read English books?

---I read English books about twice a week.

A. How many B. How often C. How much D. How old ( )27. ---Who is _____ , your mother or your father? ---I think my mother is.

A. smarter B. smart C. more smart D. smartest ( )28. Li Lei and his brother _____ good boys.

A. both are B. all are C. are both D. are all ( )29. Larry is much _____ than me.

A. outgoing B. outgoinger C. most outgoing D. more outgoing ( )30. ---Did you go _______?

---Yes, I went to Dali with my family.

A. somewhere interesting B. interesting somewhere C. anywhere interesting D. interesting anywhere ( )31. Do you enjoy ________ books?

A. read B. reading C. to read D. reads ( )32. The story is ________ and I’m ________ in it.

A. Interesting, interesting B. interesting, interested C. interested, interesting D. interested, interested ( )33. This soap opera is so boring, I ________ it.

A. like B. don’t mind C. can’t stand D. love ( )34. Everyone _______ very happy last week.

A. is B. are C. am D. was ( )35. Students should _______ homework everyday.

A. do B. to do C. does D. did ( )36. It is the ______ supermarket in our city.

A. big B. bigger C. biggest D. bigest ( )37. --- What kind of _________ do you like?

---Sports shows.

A. fruits B. TV shows C. books D. animals ( )38. I like game shows, _______ I don’t like talk shows. A. and B. when C. if D. but ( )39. ---_________? ---He is fine.

A. How old is your father B. How is your father C. What’s your father D. Who’s your father

( )40. She is friendly ________ us. Drinking milk is good _____ our health. A. to, to B. for, for C. to, for D. for, to 第三节.完形填空(10分) Dear Mary,

How are you and your parents? Did you 41 a good time last weekend?

We had a day 42 from school this week. But I had a(n) 43 day . I got up early in the morning but the 44 was very bad. So I 45 to stay at home and helped my mom do the housework. Then I went to the Gift Shop and bought 46 gifts. After that, I read a boring book and watched TV about Chinese culture. After lunch, my parents wanted 47 for a drive, so I went with them. However, that wasn’t interesting, 48 .In the evening, my best friend 49 me to watch an interesting movie 50 animals. But I found it wasn’t interesting at all.

Please write to me soon!

Yours, Lily ( )41. A. enjoy B. spend C. have D. had ( )42. A. of B. off C. away D. far

( )43. A. exciting B. happy C. bad D. wonderful ( )44 .A. food B. breakfast C. coat D. weather ( )45. A. wanted B. must C. liked D. had

( )46. A. lots of B. so much C. a lot D. a little ( )47. A. go B. to go C. going D. goes ( )48. A. too B. also C. neither D. either ( )49. A. invited B. said C. made D. let ( )50. A. with B. about C. for D. in

第三部分,阅读理解(25分) (A)



The earth moves round(围着。。。转动) the sun, and the moon moves round the earth. The sun is much bigger than the moon. But sometimes the moon looks bigger than the sun, because it’s much nearer to the earth. The sun is very bright (明亮的). It gives out very strong light(强光). The moon looks quite bright, too. But it doesn’t give out any light at all. The moon looks much bigger and brighter than the stars. But in fact, the stars are much bigger and brighter than the moon. They look smaller than the moon because they’re much farther(远)away from us.

A. Maria B. Mike C. Sally D. Lucy ( )60. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Lucy plays table tennis after dinner. B. Mike has meat and rice for lunch. C. Sally plays basketball after lunch. D. Maria has hamburgers and juice for lunch. ( C )

根据短文内容判断正误,正确的写T,错误的写F.(5分) ( )51. The moon moves round the earth.

( )52. The moon is much smaller than the sun.

( )53. The moon is much bigger and brighter than the stars. ( )54. The stars are much smaller than the moon.

( )55. The stars are much farther away from us than the moon.

( )56.Who have rice for dinner? _____

A. Sally and Mike B.Lucy and Mike C. Maria and Mike D. Sally and Maria ( )57. What does Maria do after lunch?________

A. Play volleyball B. Play basketball C. Play football D. Play the guitar ( )58. What does Mike have for dinner?______

A. Meat and rice B. Chicken and dumplings C. Bread and vegetable D. Hamburgers and juice ( )59.Who swims after dinner?____

family’s birthday. Yesterday afternoon he remembered it was his wife’s birthday. He loved his wife. He wanted to give her a present. On his way home from his hospital he bought some beautiful flowers and said,“Happy birthday to you, dear! It’s September 28 today. I remember your birthday this year.”Mrs Clark laughed and said ,“My birthday was the day before yesterday. But thank you all the same. Better late than never!” 根据短文内容选择正确答案(10分) ( )61. Dr Clark ________.

A. was a free man B. was often very busy C. didn’t like his work D. worked in a factory. ( )62. He often forget ___________.

A. when to work B. how to work

C. his family’s birthday D. which shop to go to ( )63.He bought some ________ in a shop on his way home.

A. books B. apples C. a birthday cake D. flowers ( )64. Mrs Clark was________ to get his present.

A. not happy B. happy C. sad D. angry ( )65.Which of the following is right?_______

A. Dr Clark loved his wife

B. He often gave his wife presents on her birthday C. He remembered his wife’s birthday this year. D. Mrs. Clark’s birthday was on September 28th.



第一节. 用所给词的适当形式填空(5分)

66.There are a lot of new ____________ in Kunming now.(build).

67. Mary sings so well and I think she sings_________ than Lisa.(well) 68. I ________ to the beach with my family last month.(go) 69. We decided _________ the train to my friend’s farm.(take) 70. I like writing and I want to be a _________(write)

第二节.根据句意,把句中的汉语部分译成英语,注意词的适当形式。(5分) 71. I__________(几乎不)play tennis with my friends. 72. He eats _________(垃圾食品)three times a week.

73. _________(才艺表演)are getting more and more popular. 74. My friend Li Ming likes _________(动作片)very much. 75. ________(实际上), I’m quieter than my sister. 第三节.书面表达(10分)

请以My friend and I 为题写一篇短文,介绍你和你的朋友在外貌、性格、爱


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