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Unit 5 Reading

玩叫做“不招待就使坏”的游戏 play a game called/ named “trick or treat”

花一些时间制作有面具的帽子 spend some time making hats/ caps with masks

敲李先生家的门 knock on Mr Li’s door

在中秋节赏满月enjoy/ watch the full moon on Mid-Autumn Day/ at the Mid-Autumn Festival 祝你们所有人圣诞快乐 Merry Christmas to all of you

招待我们吃美食(3)give us some nice food as a treat = give us a treat of some nice food = treat us with some nice food

喜欢捉弄他的同学 like playing tricks on his classmates


When the special day comes, we get together.

我们的生活充满故事。 Our lives are full of stories./ Our life is full of stories.


Children have much fun on that day. = That day is much fun for children.

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