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八年级英语下册 Unit 5《If you go to the party,you’ll have a great time》Period学案3 人教新目标版

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河南省南乐县张果屯乡中学八年级英语下册Unit 5《If you go to the

party,you’ll have a great time》Period 2 人教新目标版 Period 3

Step 1 Revision

Translate the following sentences into English.


If I’m flee tomorrow,I will go to my grandma’s.


If I study hard,I will be able to catch up with my classmates.


If l make lots of money, will travel around the world.


If you don’t come , we’ll ask Li Lei instead.


If you are late for class,you should say sorry to your teacher.

Step 2 Practice

Talk about the topic:

Do you like sports? Do you want to become a professional athlete? Who is your favorites sport star?

What do you want to be in the future? Why do you want to do that? Tell its advantages and disadvantages.

Step 3 Finish Part 1 and part 2

Step 4 Doing exercises


1.Mike wanted the soccer team agent to help him to be a football player.

2.If I have lots of money.I’11 travel around the world.

3.China is famous for its silk and china.

4.At last Jim realized his mistakes.He said sorry to his mother.

5.There are lots of coats here.Which one would you like to choose?


6.Yesterday Peter fell off his bike and hurt his leg.

7.Liu Xiang first passed the finishing line.He was the champion.

8.Bill Gates is a model for us.We should learn from him.

9.Ten years ago Mr Zhang made a living as a bookseller.

10.Lots of famous professional athletes can make billions of dollars a year. Ⅱ.单项选择

( )1.If you _____the Lions,you’11 become a great soccer player.

A.join B.take part in C.come in D.go into

( )2.You _____take these books with you;they are too heavy.

A.needn’t B.mustn’t C.shouldn’t D.may not

( )3.I like reading,so I spend lots of money books.

A.in B.buy C.to buy D.buying

( )4.There are students in this school.

A. two thousands B.thousand of

C.two thousands of D.thousands of

( )5.They solve these problems with Mr Wang’s help.

A.will can B. will able to

C.will be able to D.can be able to

( )6.Bill Gates often helps people who are not_____ himself.

A.as luck as B.so lucky as C.as luckily as D.as lucky so

( )7.If it _____tomorrow,we’11 go for a picnic.

A.is rainy B.won’t rain C.aren’t rain D.doesn’t rain

( )8.They all look _____him as their leader(领袖).

A.up B.up to C.up and down D.up at

( )9.Please don’t others when they are in trouble.

A.smile to B.smile at C.laugh at D.laugh at

( )10.These clothes are expensive.

A.much too B.too much C.too more D.too many


1.职业运动员professional athlete


2.赚钱make money

3.遍布全世界all over the world

4.谋生make a living.尊敬look up to

6.一直,总是 all the time

7.踢(足球)还是不踢to play or not to play

8.上大学go to college

3 5

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