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江苏省如皋市石庄初级中学八年级英语下册 同步练习3

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江苏省如皋市石庄初级中学八年级英语下册 同步练习3(无答案) 牛津版



1.There are a lot of places of _____________ in Nanjing.

2.We didn’t know our teachers and classmates at the ____________.

3.He ___________ (邀请) me to his party, but I didn’t go.

4.There is always heavy ___________ during the rush hour.

5. We’ll take a ______________(长途汽车) to Shanghai tomorrow.

二、单项选择 ( ) 1. There are some tall trees _____________ the classroom.

A. at the back B. in the front of C. in the front D. in front of ( ) 2. I found the trip __________.

A. bore B. boring C. bored D. bores ( ) 3. The ship was made ________ metal and it was made _____ our city.

A. of; in B. in; by C. from; in D. of; at

th( ) 4. Please _________ your friends here _______ Sunday, November 7.

A. take; on B. take; in C. bring; in D. bring; on


Mr Wu and the Class 1, Grade 8 students went to the World Park in Beijing by c______ yesterday morning. The trip t______ them about two hours.They were all e_________ when they saw the models of over a hundred places of i________ from all over the world. The models look just like the r________ ones. The best part of the day was the song and dance p______.They took a lot of p__________ and Daniel put them on the I________ for everyone to look at.They really enjoyed t___________.



A 根据提示写出单词。

1. A good b_______________ is half done.

2. I was late because the __________ was so heavy.(交通)

3. Do you know a camel has two _______________?(胃)

4. It’s great fun. Let’s go and enjoy ___________________. 5. The model Eiffel Tower is made of ____________.(金属)

B根据句子意思,用括号中所给词的正确形式填空,每空填一词。 1. How many times do you brush your (tooth) every day? 2. (luck), John got back the notebook that he had lost at the cafe. 3. His (one) name is Mike. But I don’t know his family name. 4. Eat some vegetables and fruit every day because they are (health) food. 5. Please tell me the (win) telephone number, I want to interview him.

二、 语法入门

A 选择填空

( ) 1. You must send the _________ boy to hospital at once.

A. ill B. illness C. sick D. sickness

( ) 2. Many Americans like moving from __________.

A. a place to a place B. one to another place C. a place to another place D. one place to another

( ) 3. —Simon, I’m going to Beijing with my parents tomorrow.


A. Have fun B. Best wishes C. Never mind D. Cheer up

( ) 4. Millie saw ______ exciting film last night. She was very excited.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( ) 5. Lily is ______ hard-working than any other student in her class. 1

A. much B. more C. most D. the most

( ) 6. Grandma, you must feel ______after cleaning the house. Let's take a rest.

A. tired B. well C. good D. angry

B 句型转换

1. Let’s go inside and have a look.(改为反意疑问句)

Let’s go inside and have a look, _________ _________?

2. They are having a great time now.(改为感叹句)

__________ _________ great time they are having now!

3. When did you get to Shanghai?(保持句意基本不变) When did you __________ ___________ Shanghai?

4. Daniel learned how to make a home page by himself.(保持句意基本不变)

Daniel __________ _________ how to make a home page.

5. The boy is very young. The boy can speak very good English.(保持句意基本不变)

The boy is very young, _________ __________ can speak very good English.


Do you know how old Mickey Mouse is? Can you believe that the cute mouse is

already 80 years old? As the most famous mouse in the world , Mickey Mouse is likely

to be the oldest mouse in the world. If we compare him to a man, Mickey Mouse is

about the same age as a grandfather.

At Hong Kong Disneyland , Mickey Mouse's famous friends , including Donald Duck

and Snow White , celebrated his birthday, Mickey Mouse's fans also travelled from

all over the world and got together to celebrate his birthday. They were excited

about the event. They wore costumes, colorful birthday hats and took photos to

memorize the happy moment.

Mickey Mouse has already turned 80 , but there is not a gray hair on his head.

His look has gone through very few changes over the years. He is still dressed in the same clothes as the time when he was created, Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse

in the movie. Steamboat Willie. This was the first cartoon movie with sound. In this

movie, Walt Disney provided the voice for Mickey Mouse. Now, Mickey Mouse's two black round ears have become a symbol of the Disney' brand(品牌). .


1. How old is Mickey Mouse?

2.Was there a celebration for Mickey Mouse's birthday at Hong Kong Disneyland?

3. Who celebrated Mickey Mouse's birthday?

4. Is Steamboat Willie a cartoon movie or an action movie?

5.Why does the writer say there have been few changes to Mickey Mouse over the years?


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