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Unit 7


1. tired 累的 tiring 令人疲惫的

bored 讨厌 boring 令人厌烦/讨厌的

excited 兴奋的 exciting 令人兴奋/激动的

amazed 惊讶的 amazing 令人惊讶的

2. education n. 教育 educational 有教育意义的

3. 想要做?:would like to do; 想要?:would like sth.

4. go on vacation 去度假; go on a trip 去旅行; go on a picnic 去野炊

5. hope to do 希望做某事

hope (that) + 从句 希望?.

6. I love places where the people are friendly. 我喜欢人们友好的地方。

7. 不定代词 形容词必须放在不定代词、不定副词的后面

8. consider doing考虑做某事

9. cost (sb.) 钱、时间 sth.cost sb. Some money

10. in general 一般来说, 大体上, 通常

11. be supposed to do 应该做?. = should

12. take a trip 去旅行

13. provide sb. with sth 供应某人某物= provide sth for sb.

Offer sb. Sth.=offer sth. To sb.供应某人某物

14. how far 问路程 多远(20 kilometers , five munites’ walk) how old 问年龄 多少岁(13 years old)

how long 问时间 多久;多长(since, for)

how often 问频率 多久一次(sometimes, often, 3 times a day, every day)

15. be away 离开

Be far away from 远离

16. inexpensive adj. 不贵的 反义词 expensive adj. 贵的

17.let sb. do 让某人做某事

let sb. not do 让某人不要做某

18. in the future 将来

19. 用to 表示 “的”有: answers to question 问题的答案

the key to the door 这扇门的钥匙

20. as soon as possible 尽可能的快

21. continue doing == go on doing 继续做某事 如:

22. according to 根据

23. be willing to do 愿意做某事

24. On the one hand ,on the other hand一方面, 另一方面

25. hold on to sth. 保持,不要放弃

26. come true 实现

27.through 穿过 (含有“in”的意思) across 横过 ( 含有“on”的意思)

28. Some day=someday 只指将来某一天

one day 既可指将来某一天,也可指过去某一天。

28. Plan 计划打算(1) plan to do sth

(2) 跟名词或者代词 plan sth./pron.

(3) plan for 为?做计划

29.强调句型:It is(was)?that (who ,whom)?

30.在英语中,有although 不能有but;有because 不能有so

31.go on vacation 去度假;

32.trek through the jungle 徒步穿越丛林

33.some day 有朝一日;

34.one of the liveliest cities 最有活力的城市之一

35.pack light clothes 打包薄衣服

36.take a trip 去旅行;

37.according to 根据。按照;

38.work as tour guides 做导游的工作

39.dream of 梦想,想到;

40.less realistic dreams 不现实的梦想

41.be willing to do sth. 愿意干。

42.achieve one’s dreams 实现梦想

43.sail across the pacific 横渡太平洋;

44.hold on to 保持,不要放弃(卖掉)

45.take it easy 从容 轻松 不紧张;

46.Niagara Falls 尼亚加拉大瀑布

47.Eiffel Tower 艾菲尔铁塔;

48.Notre Dame Cathedral 巴黎圣母院

49.this time of year 一年中的这个时候;

50.in general 通常 ,大体上, 一般而言

51.where would you like to go on vacation?

I’d like to trek through the jungle.

52.l like places where the weather is always warm.

53.I like to go somewhere relaxing 我喜欢去休闲的地方

54.For your next vacation, why not consider visiting Paris?


55.Traveling around Paris by taxi can cost a lot of money.


56.So unless you speak French yourself, it’s best to travel with someone who can translate things for you.因此,除非你自己会讲法语,否则最好与一个能为你翻译的人


57. We’d like to be away for three weeks.我们大约要去三个星期.

58.Could you please give me some suggestions for vacation spots? 你能给我一些有关度假地的建议吗?

59.You need to pack some warm clothes if you go there. 你如果去那里,需要带一些暖和的衣服。

60.I’d love to sail across the Pacific.我想横渡太平洋。

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