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( )1.I am going on a picnic _____ many friends. A. for B. and C. of D. with

( )2.He _____ French fries.

A. isn’t like B. don’t likes C. doesn’t like D. doesn’t likes

( )3. 一Good evening, Eric. 一_________, Cindy.

A. Good morning B. Good afternoon C. Good evening

( )4.一Good morning! 一_____ A.Thank you B.Good morning! C.Hello!

( )5.一Hello! 一_________ A.Hello! B.Thank you C.I’m fine

( )6.一Sit down,P1ease. 一_________. A.I’m fine B.OK C.Thank you

( )7.---Colin,what’s this in English? ---_____. A.This is a pen B.It’s a pen C.It’s pen

( )8.It’s _______ black.It’s ____ black ruler. A.a;/ B./;a C.a;a

( )9. ---________ is that quilt? —It’s black. A..How color B.What color C.What’s color

( )10. 一What’s this in English? 一It’s ________ orange. A. an B. a C./

( )11. My name’s ____. I am an English boy.

A. Green Gina B. Gina Green C. Brown John D. John Brown

( )12. My father is a teacher. ________ phone number is 546807. A. He B. His C. She D. Her ( )13. ________ name is Tony and ________ name is Lucy.

A. Her, his B. His, her C. Her, her D. His, his

( )14. -What’s your car number? -______ 665488. A. I’m B. I am C. It’s D. My car ( )15.. Her name is Amy Green. Her last name is _________.

A. Amy B. Green C. Amy Green D. Green Amy

( )16. How _______ your sister? A. are B. is C. am D. be ( )17 Is your name Brown? ______ A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, I am. C. Yes, I’m. D. No, I’m no. ( )18. -My name is Mary Brown. -What’s your _______ name?

-Brown. A. first B. full C. family D. nick ( )19. In English, last name is ________ name. A. full B. first C. family D. given ( )20. -Good morning, Miss Yang. How are you? -________

A. I’m good. B. I’m fine, thank you. C. How are you? D. Good afternoon.

( )21. -How do you do? -___ A. Hello. B. How are you? C. How do you do? D. I’m fine, thank you. ( )22. -Hi Mary, Nice to meet you. -______

A. Hello, Jenny. Nice to meet you. B. I’m fine. C. Good morning. D. How are you? ( )23.Is your photo in the drawer? ________.

A.Yes, I am B.No,it is C.Yes,it is D.No,I’m not

( )24.___ my baseball? It’s under the chair. A.Where B.Where’s C.Where’re D.Where are ( )25.____ under the tree? No,they aren’t. A.Where are B.What is C.Are they D.Is it ( )26.Where are your brothers? ________.

A.He is at home B.He is in his room C.Yes,they are D.I don’t know ( )27.There ________ a computer on the desk. A.are B.have C.has D.is ( )28.Lucy and Lily ________ a new bike. A.have B.has C.there is D.there are ( )29.There ____ an orange and two apples on the table. A.are B.has C.is D.have ( )30. What’s that _______ Chinese? A. with B. of C. to D. in ( )31. This is not _________ watch. I think it’s _____________ watch.

A. you, he B. she, my C. his, her D. me, his

( )32. It is _______________. A. pen B. my a pen C. a my pen D. my pen 1

( )33. Is this ______ English car? A. you B. I C. your D. a

( )34. —What’s this in English? —_____ a pencil case. A. This’s B. This is C. Its D. It’s

( )35. —Your ring is nice. —_____________________.

A. Thank you B. OK C. Sorry D. It’s not nice

( )36. —What’s that?—It’s ____________ ID card. A. my a B. an C. the D. a

( )37. Is that your pencil _______ the lost and found case? A. in B. at C. on D. of

( )38. Please call Mike _________ 235-0285. A. for B. at C. to D. in

( )39. A set of __________ on the table A. key is B. keys is C. keys are D. key are

( )40. There is ____________―R‖in―red‖. A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )41. —Is this her baseball? —________. A. Yes, it isn’t B. No, it is C. Yes, it is D. No, she isn’t

( )42. ____ Tom. This is _____ book. A. I am, my B. I am, I C. He is, he D. He is, her

( )43. _____________ are good students.

A. I and Tony B. Tony and I C. Me and Tony D. Tony and me

( )44 Is that your _______? A. an old bike B. a old bike C. old bikes D. old bike ( )45.-Who(谁)is that boy? -He is my ______ . A. father B. mother C. brother D. sister

( ) 46. This is _____ teacher, Mr Green. A. I B. my C. me D. we

( ) 47. ___ are my books. Those are ___ books. A. It, my B. It, your C. These, you D. These, your

( ) 48. _____ are my good friend. A. Your B. He C. They D. You

( ) 49. -______? -It’s a bag.

A. What’s your name B. How are you C. What’s that D. How old are you

( ) 50. These ____ her brothers. This ____ her sister. A. are, is B. is, are C. are, am D. is, is

( ) 51. -_____ that your grandmother? A. Are, it is B. Is, it is C.Is, he is D. Are, she is

( ) 52. Thanks ____the photo of your family. A. at B. for C. you D. your

( ) 53. - _____ those your grandparents? -No, _____.

A. Is, they are B. Are, they are not C. Is ,it is D. Are, it isn’t

( ) 54. _____ is my anut and _____ is her uncle. A. He, she B. It, she C. He, it D. She, he

( ) 55. ______his uncle and cousin. A. This is B. These is C. That is D. Those are

( ) 56. Her _____are Paul and Teresa. A. mother B. friend C. brother D. friends

( ) 57. -Is he Guo peng? -Yes ,____ . A. it is B. he’s C. he is D. it’s

( ) 58. -Good morning,Miss Lu! - _____ .

A. OK B. Fine, thank you C. Good morning,Bill D. Yes, please

( ) 59. -What’s this? -______. A. Yes, it’s B. Yes, it is C. It’s a map D. Is a map

( ) 60. -What color is your coat? - ____ .

A. It’s an orange B. It’s orange C. It’s a blue D. It’s the green


A. 用am, is, are, do, does, don’t, doesn’t, isn’t填空。

1. My daughter _______ like strawberries. Oranges _______ her favorite.

2. _______ they know English? Sorry, I _______ know.

3. _______ your brother love sports? Yes, he ________.

4. Look! What _______ those? They _______ bananas.

5. _______ that boy your cousin? No, he _______.

6. I _______ Li Jingjing. What _______ your name.


1. Is this ______ eraser?(he) 2. Is _____(her) Mrs Li? Yes.

3. That’s _____(I) pencil. 4. Is that ____(you) book?

5. Jenny is a girl. ____ family name is green. (she)


6. This is a boy. _____ name is wang Gang. (he)

7. ____ that your book? (be) 8. It is ____ pencil.(she)

9. This isn’t ____ school ID card. (I) 10. ___ am an English boy.(my)

11. Found: a set of ____. (key) 12. Is ______ (her) your sister?

13. Is _____ (his) your grandfather? 14. These _____ (be not) his brothers.

15. My ______ (parent) are my father and mother.

16. These are ____ good (friend). 17. _____(that )boys are Chinese.

18. My ______ (brother) name is Li Hong.

19. Lucy and I ______(be) good friends.

20. _____(thank) for the photo of your family.

21. –She is _____ friend. ---_______ name is Amy. (her, my)

22. –Is this ____ uncle? ---Yes, _____ is. _____ name is Wang Jun.

23. I have two ____, you can have one. (racket)

24. We _____ any balls under the desks (not have)

25. –Does Jenny have four sisters and brothers? –No, she ______(not).

26.Let’s ____ ping-pong , OK? (play)

27. ---Let’s watch TV. ---That ____(sound) great.

28. ---_____ your brother ____ a baseball? ---Yes, he ____two(have).

29. Lily _____ (not play) sports. 30. Are ____(this) your books?

31. ---_____ your mothe ____ TV? --Yes, she _____ TV every day. (watch)

32. Jim and I _____ (not have) any computers.

33. Look at the lovely giel. Do you like____ (she)?

34. Sandra _____( like) volleyball and basketball.

35. _____ his sister _____ (play) sports every morning?

36. My mother ______(not like) broddoli.

37. There are five ______(tomato) on the table.

38. I have some _____(chicken) and ______(tomato) for lunch.

39. The three boys are all_____(run).

40. Kate has lots of _________(strawberry) in her bag.

41. _____(be) these all _____ (health) food?

42. my sister ______(not like) villeyball but I _____(like) it.


1. I have a soccer ball (用Tony 代替I )

2.He has a baseball bat (改为否定句)

3. Gina doesn’t play golf every day (改为肯定句)

4. Do you have tennis rackets? (改为肯定句)

5. It’s Monday tomrrow (对划线部分提问)

6.We are in Beijing. (就划线部分提问) ________ ________ we?

7.Can you bring the ruler to me? (作出否定回答) No, ________ ________.

8.I draw pictures on the wall. (变为否定句) I ________ ________ pictures on the wall.

9.We have two new students in our class. (变为同义句) ________ ________ two new students in our class.

10.There’s an English book in the desk. (变为复数句)________ ________ English ________ in the desks.

11.I have some baseball bats?(改为一般疑问句,并作肯定回答) __________________________________

12.We have a big TV in our house? (改为否定句) ________________________________

13.She has many things to do today.(改为一般疑问句,并作否定回答) ______________________________

14.Kate has some money in her pocket.(改为否定句) ______________________________________ 3

15.My parents have five good friends.(就划线部分提问) ___________________________________

16.Can you bring the ruler to me? (作出否定回答) No, ________ ________.


1. This is a photo of my f_______. 2. This is a girl. I don't know ____ name.

3. –Where ____ my math books? ---I _____ know. Are they on the sofa?

4. Thanks _____ your photo. 5. Please call Mary _____ 495-3539.

6. The ______ tape is on the table. 7. where is the n_____? It’s on the bed.

8. Please t____ these things to your brother.

9. Can you bring s_______ things to school?

10. Your _____ ______(闹钟) is on the table. 11. I ______(需要) my pen.

12. Can you _____(带来) your book here. 13. Jim has two ________(字典).

14. Tom’s notebook is on the ____(地板). 15. The cat is u_____ the bed.

16. The books are in the b_________. 17. T_____ for your CDs.

18. I don’t ______(no的同音词). 19. Michael Jordan plays b_____ well.

20. I have a tennis r______, but I don’t have a tennis ball.

21. We need a baseball b_____ to play baseball.

22. Let’s p______ ping-pong. 23. This is an i______ computer game.

24. my siste w_____ TV every day. 25. tom h___ a nice cat.

26. Basketball is b______. I don’t like it.

27. I like many f______, such as(象) bananas, apples and strawberries.

28. I don’t like meat(肉). I like v___________.

29. Jim like ice c_______ very much. 30. Do you like F_______ f_______?

31. L____ have some bananas, OK?

31. There is some f______ in the fridge(冰箱), such as(象) eggs and bananas.

32. My brother likes h_________. He eats them for breakfast every day.

33. what does Lily h_____ for lunch?

34. An o______ is orange. 35. I like g_______ apples.

36. This is ___________________________(Miker的父亲的电脑).

37. Is that ________________________(一串钥匙).

38. I have a _________________________(一本英语词典).

39. What’s that in the ____________________(失物招领) case?

40. Is this your _________(笔记本)? He likes ______________(电脑游戏).

41. I’m Kate. This is my father. I’m his _________.

42. I’m Tony. Yhis my mother. I’m only _______.

43. Your father’s mother is your______. Your mother’s father’s is your ______.

44. Mother’s brother is _____. Father’s brother is _____, too.

45. Parents are _____ and _______. 46. Your father’s sister is your ________.

47. dave is my son. I’m not his father. I am his ________.

48. your uncle’s daughter is your ________.

49. My bag is next to(在……旁边) the ________( 梳妆台).

50. He h____ a soccer ball. 51. We have a sports _______(俱乐部).

52. I think(认为) math is very ____________(困难的).


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