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Unit3 partIIHappy Halloween

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Unit 3: Happy Halloween Part II: Period II

Unit3: Happy Halloween How to make Jack-o’-lanterns?
1.Prepare a pumpkin

a story


the dead welcome… drive… away later--children treat or trick (not treat) play a trick on


2.Cut open…. Clean out … 3.Use …to draw... 4.Use…to carve…


easy? How long? some….others felt proud of…

Para 1 After class, Miss Wang was going to teach us how to make Jack-o’-lanterns.
Para 2
Before we made lanterns, Ms Holt told us a story about Halloween.

Para 3 Ms Holt helped me make a pumpkin lantern Para 4

We each made different Jack-o-lanterns and I was proud of my work.

Language points

1.It is said that the dead will return to their homes on that day.

It____________this is an interesting book. is said that

2. Miss Wang had me use a pencil to draw a ghost face on the pumpkin .
use has The teacher often ______ us _______ to look up dictionaries ______________the new words.

let sb. do sth. make sb. do sth.

ask sb. to do sth. tell sb. to do sth.

3. It took me almost an hour to finish my funny pumpkin ghost face. 他每周花两天的时间帮助我学英语。
takes him two days to help me It ________________________________with

my English every week.

4. Each pumpkin had a different face, some
were beautiful, some were lovely, and others were fantastic .

学生们在打扫教室,有的在扫地,有的在担水, 其余的在擦玻璃. The students are cleaning the classroom.

__________ are sweeping the floor, _________ Some some
others are carrying water, _________ are cleaning

the windows .


I felt proud of myself.
我们为我们的祖国感到自豪。 feel proud of We ________________ our country. are proud of

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