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江苏省如皋市石庄初级中学八年级英语下册 同步练习2

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江苏省如皋市石庄初级中学八年级英语下册 同步练习2(无答案)



一、根据句意、首字母及中文提示完成单词。 1. There is a lot of _________ (movement of cars) on the roads at weekends.

2. How many places of i_________ did you visit last year?

3. We can see the _________(真的) pyramids in Eygpt.

4. We could see ____________ of over a hundred places of interest in the World Park.

5. We take a __________ (长途汽车) to Shanghai tomorrow.

6. You can search for some further information on the __________ (互联网)


( ) 1. I found the story _________ at the start.

A. bore B. boring C. bored

A. of ; in B. in; by D.bores ( ) 2. The boat was made ______ metal and it was made ______ my city. C. from; in D. of; at ( ) 3. My homework ________ me about two hours every day. A. spends B. costs C. takes D. uses

( ) 4. There are two girls in the room, one is my sister and ____is her friend. A. another B. the other C. other D. another one

( ) 5. Don’t worry. We can teach ourselves ________ a home page. A. to do B. doing C. to make D. making



1. If you want to be thinner, you need __________ as often as possible.

2. She, with her friends , _________ a trip to the World Park in the room. 3. _________ care of yourself, or you will get ill easily. 4. Who _________ the boy to the party? We all didn’t know him.

5. I’m sure she ___________ a famous dancer in the future.

6. The scarf is _________ of silk, it feels very soft.


What is a museum?A museum is a good place to keep old and beautiful things.

A museum may be a place to learn about science and a place to find out about art or people or animals.

What is inside a museum? Some museums have old cars and airplanes. Many museums have pictures and statues. Others have rocks and old bones. One museum even has a real old street inside. It has shops and people’s statues doing business. It looks so real that one might feel that he was back to the old time. Many cities have museums. Some very small towns have museums , too. Indianapolis has a children’s museum. Children do not have to pay to get in. Childrn often go to the museum . They like to look at the dinosaur bones.They see a white bear ten feet tall.


On Saturdays, Indianapolis children can hear talks about animals and trees. They

see movies.They take hikes.They even learn to make things there.

( ) 1. What is NOT true about a museum?

A. It’s a good place to do some shopping.

B. People can learn about the history of a place there.

C. People can learn about science there.

D. It’s a good place to learn about art.

( ) 2. People cannot _________ in a museum. A. see movies B.listen to talks

C. make things D. play with bears

( ) 3. In the children’s museum in Indianapolis, children like to see___________.

A. the dinosaur bones B. all old bones

C. old streets D. airplanes

( ) 4. In Indianapolis, _______________.

A.there is only one museum for children

B.it’s free for children to visit the children’s museum

C.people do not have to pay to visit the children’s museum

D.museums are all the same

( ) 5. The main idea of the passage is that __________.

A.old cars and airplanes are kept in museums B.animals and trees are found in museums

C.there are all kinds of museums D.children like museums


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