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江苏省如皋市石庄初级中学八年级英语下册 同步练习4

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江苏省如皋市石庄初级中学八年级英语下册 同步练习4(无答案)



一、 根据句意、首字母或中文提示写出单词

1.We can see the red maple l (枫叶) in the Frangrant Hills in the autumn. 2. We usually ride a b to school . 3.Now we can go from one place to another in Nanjing by u . 4.Can you feel the (美丽)of the city? 5.I’ll show you around the city (中心)next time.

6.It was a great day,but they didn’t enjoy it at the (开始).

7.I like my city, but I don’t like the busy (交通).


1.My school is not far away from my house, I usually ride a to school. 2.It takes about nine hours to get to Beijing from Nanjing by .

3.You can take a around the centre of Nanjing to learn more about new Nanjing .It’s a little expensive but fast. 4.Nantong is a beautiful city, we can take a there, it takes about 40 minutes.


( )1.In spring, everything begins to grow.It’s a good time to go .

A swimming B. skiing C. skating D hiking ( )2.A (An) is a place for kings. It’s a good place to visit.

A.flat B. office C. house D palace ( ) 3.When comes, most leaves turn yellow. And then many of them


A. spring B.autumn C. summer D.winter ( )4. --- Is Gulou Square one of in Nanjing?

--- Yes, I think so.

A. biggest square B. the biggest square

C.the biggest squares D. biggest squares ( )5.I think travelling is the most comfortable .And it’s fast as


A. by a train B. on a train

C. on foot D. in a train



Sam is a bus driver in a city. All day he drives a bus through busy streets. Driving a big bus is a very 1 job. It makes some drivers unhappy. But not Sam! Sam is always happy. And the people who ride on his bus seem to be happy, too. This story shows 2 . Early one morning, Sam started his big green and yellow bus. He went off on 3 work. “Oh, What a beautiful morning!” he sang. “What a fine day!” At the first stop, a man was 4 . “Good morning, Mr James,” said Sam with a big smile. “How are you?” “Fine, thank you,Sam,” said Mr James. “How are you?” “Wonderful!”Sam answered. Mr James smiled. He took a seat. As he looked 5 the 1

window, he was still smiling. At 6 stop a man came running up. “I have to catch the train at seven,”

he said. “Can you make get there on time?” “Now just sit down and rest,” said

Sam. “I’ll drive a little 7 .We will be there in time. Then you won’t have to 8 again.” As he drove on, Sam 9 talking again. “It is now ten minutes past seven,”

Sam called out. “The sky is blue. It will not rain today. We all like sunshine,

don’t we?” He began to sing, “I love you, Mr Sunshine. In all the world I love

you best.”

“What is that song,Sam?” A girl asked.

“It’s my song.” he said. “I made it up. I like to sing. It makes 10 people

want to sing, too.” Sam was right! The man behind him also started to sing!

( ) 1. A. easy B. great C. interesting D. hard

( ) 2. A. what B. why C. when D.


( ) 3. A. today’s B. day’s C. the day’s

D. the day

( ) 4. A. waiting B. talking C. laughing D.

driving ( ) 5. A. into B. out of C. at D.

up ( ) 6. A. the first B. the last C. the other

D. the next

( ) 7. A. faster B. slower C. quicker D.


( ) 8. A. sing B. drive C. run D.


( ) 9. A. liked B. started C. enjoyed D.


( ) 10. A. another B. the others C. others D.



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