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绝大多数形容词有三种形式,原级,比较级和最高级, 以表示形容词说明的性质在程度上的不同。

形容词的原级: 形容词的原级形式就是词典中出现的形容词的原形。 例如: poor tall great glad bad

形容词的比较级和最高级: 形容词的比较级和最高级形式是在形容词的原级形式的基础上变化的。 分为规则变化和不规则变化。


1) 单音节形容词的比较级和最高级形式是在词尾加 -er 和 -est 构成。 great (原级) (比较级) (最高级)

2) 以 -e 结尾的单音节形容词的比较级和最高级是在词尾加 -r 和 -st 构成。

wide (原级) (比较级) (最高级)

3)少数以-y, -er, -ow, -ble结尾的双音节形容词的比较级和最高级是在词尾加-er 和-est 构成。

clever(原级) (比较级) (最高级)

4) 以 -y 结尾,但 -y 前是辅音字母的形容词的比较级和最高级是把 -y 去掉,加上 -ier 和-est 构成.

happy (原形) (比较级) (最高级)

5) 以一个辅音字母结尾其前面的元音字母发短元音的形容词的比较级和最高级是双写该辅音字母然后再加-er和-est。

big (原级) (比较级) (最高级)

6) 双音节和多音节形容词的比较级和最高级需用more 和 most 加在形容词前面来构成。

beautiful (原级) (比较级) (最高级)

difficult (原级) (最高级)







far------farther, further------farthest, furthest

形容词前如加 less 和 least 则表示"较不"和"最不"

important 重要 less important 较不重要 least important 最不重要 形容词比较级的用法:


主语+谓语(系动词)+ 形容词比较级+than+ 对比成分。 也就是, 含有形容词比较级的主句+than+从句。注意从句常常省去意义上和主句相同的部分, 而只剩


Our teacher is we are. 我们老师的个子比我们的高。

It is today than it was yesterday. 今天的天气比昨天暖和。 This picture is than that one. 这张照片比那张照片漂亮。 This meeting is than that one. 这次会议不如那次会议重要。 The sun is than the moon. 太阳比月亮大得多。


形容词最高级用于两个以上的人和物进行比较, 其结构形式为:

主语+谓语(系动词)+the+形容词最高级+名词+表示范围的短语或从句。 She is student her class. 她是班上最好的学生。

Shanghai is one of cities China. 上海是中国最大城市之一

This is apple I have ever met. 这是我见到的最大的苹果。

Tom is boy in his basketball team. 汤姆是他们篮球队中个子最高的孩子。

1. This box is___ that one.

A. heavy than B. so heavy than C. heavier as D. as heavy as

2. When we speak to people, we should be ' .

A. as polite as possible B. as polite as possibly

C. as politely as possible D. as politely as possibly

3. This book is____ that one, but____ than that one.

A. as difficult as; expensive

B. as more difficult as; more expensive

C. as difficult as; more expensive

D. more difficult as; as expensive

4. I think the story is not so ___ as that one.

A. interesting B. interested C. more interesting D. most interesting

5. His father began to work____ he was seven years old.

A. as old as B. as early as C. since D. while

( )1. I think science is _ than Japanese.

A. much important B. important C. much more important D. more much important

( ) 2 This pencil is___ than that one.

A. longest B. long C. longer D. as long

( ) 3 My mother is no ___ young.

A. shorter B. longer C. little D. few

( ) 4 These children are ____ this year than they were last year.

A. more tall B. more taller C. very taller D. much taller

( ) 5 It was very hot yesterday, but it is___ today.

A. even hotter B. more hotter C. much more hot D. much hot

6. Mrs Black has got____ instead of getting any better.

more bad B. a little worse C. much badly D. a lot of worse

1. When we arrived, we found the meeting room crowded with___ students.

A. quite a few B. only a few C. few D. a few quite

2. The house is small for a family of six.

A. much too B. too much C. very much D.so

3. Through the window we can see nothing but ____ buildings.

A. tall very many B. very many tall C. very tall many D. many very tall

4. -What's your brother like?

-He is___.

A. a driver B. very tall C. my friend D. at school

5. The jacket was so___ that he decided to buy it.

A. much B. little C. expensive D. cheapl

6. Our classroom is____ larger than theirs.

A. more B. quite C. very D. much

( ) 1. The earth is about____ as the moon.

A. as fifty time big B. fifty times as big C. as big fifty times D. fifty as times big

( ) 2. Your room is mine.

A. twice as large than B. twice the size of C. bigger twice than

D. as twice large as

( ) 3. Your room is ___ than mine.

A. three time big B. three times big C. three times bigger D. bigger three times

( ) 4. His father is____than his mother. ;A. older four years B. as four years older C. four years older D. bigger four years

( ) 1. Maths is more popular than____.

A. any other subject B. all the subjects C. any subject D. other subject

( ) 2. China is larger than ____ in Africa.

A. any other country B. other countries C. the other country J 1%D. any country

( ) 3. Tom is stronger than ___ in his class.

A. any other boy B. any boys C. any boy D. other boy

) 1. When spring comes, it gets____.

A. warm and warm B. colder and colder

C. warmer and warmer D. shorter and shorter

( ) 2. By and by, ____ students in our class came to like English.

A. more and more B. much and much C. many and many D. less and least

( ) 3. At last he began to cry ___.

A. hard and hard B. more hard and more hard

C. harder and harder D. less hard and less harder

( ) 4. When spring comes the days get ____ and nights ____.

A. short; long B. long; short C. longer; shorter D. shorter; longer

1. ___ I look at the picture, ____ I like it.

A. The best; the more B. The more; the less

C. The more; less D. More; the more

2. ___ he read the book, ____ he got in it.

A. The more; the more interesting

B. The less; the more interesting

C. The more; the more interested

D. More; more interested

3. ___ you come back, _____ it will be.

A, The quicker; the best B. The sooner; the better

C. Faster; the better D. The sooner; better

( )1. I like___ one of the two books.

A. the older B. oldest C. the oldest D. older

( )2. Which is___country, China or Japan?

A. the large B. the larger C. larger D. largest

( ) 3. Of the two cups, he bought .

A. the smaller B. the smallest C. small D: smaller

( ) 1. Which do you like ___, tea or coffee?

A. well B. better C. best D. most

( ) 2. This work is ____ for me than for you.

A. difficult B. most difficult C. much difficult D. more difficult

( ) 3. Which do you think tastes ____, the chicken or the fish?

A. good B. better C. best D. well

( ) 4. The Great Pyramid is about 137 metres high today, but it was once

A. higher B. highest C. high too D. more high

( ) 5. Don't you think it ______ not to write the letter?

A. well , B. better C. best D. good


1 . 1-5 D A C A B 2. 1-6 C C B D A B

3. 1-6 A A D B D D 4. 1-4 B B C C

5. 1-3 A D A 6. 1-4 D A C C

7. 1-3 B C B 8. 1-3 A B A 9 .1-5 B D B A B

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