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Where’s my schoolbag?


/e?/ _____ ______ ______ ______

/i:/ _____ _____ ______ _____ _____ _____
_____ _____ ______

/e/ _____ ______ ______ ______ _______
_____ ______

/a?/ ____ _____

/ju:/ ______ ______ _____

/k/ ______ _______ ______ /s/ ______ _____ _____ /d?/_____ ______ /d/ ______ ______ ______

/e?/ Aa Hh Jj
/i:/ Bb Tt

Ee Gg Pp

Cc Vv Ll Yy Uu Qq

Dd Zz

/e/ Ff /a?/ Ii /ju:/ Qq /k/ Kk

Mm Nn

Ss Xx


Ww Xx

/s/ Cc



/d?/ Gg Jj

/d/ Dd Ww


在哪里 桌子 床 书架 沙发 椅子 在…上 在…下 来,来到 快点儿

where table bed bookcase sofa chair on under come come on

desk 书桌 认为,想,思考 think room 房间 他(她.它)们的 their hat 帽子 head 头 yeah 是的,对 know 知道;了解

radio 收音机 clock 时钟 tape 磁带 player 播放机 tape player 录音机 model 模型 plane 飞机 飞机模型 model plane tidy 整洁的 but 但是 our 我们的 处处,到处 everywhere always 总是

a room key

What can you see in my room?

sofa baseball

table chair



My new room:

chair alarm clock



dresser bed








What’s in my new room? a table a desk a dresser a drawer a bookcase a sofa a chair a bed a plant a picture an alarm clock keys bags hats books CDs schoolbags

2b Listen . Find the things from 2a and number them in the picture [1-6]. 1
1 2 3 4

5 6

6 4 5



I’m Tom.

Where’s Tom? It’s in the case.

where’s = where is

Where’s Tom? It’s on the case.

Where’s Tom?
It’s under the case.

Where is Tom?




Where’s the…?

It’s in/on/under the…

Where are the pencils?
They’re in the book.
They’re on the book.

They’re under the book.

Where’re the ……? They are in/ on /under the…..

Pair work:
backpack Where’s the _________? on It’s ___ the ____. bed

are Where ___ the books ?

bookcase They’re in the ________. _______

plant Where’s the _____? under It’s _____ the _____. table

are Where ___ the books ?
drawer They’re _______ in the ______.

plant Where’s the _____?
chair It’s ___ the ____. on

Where ___ the keys ? are _______ ______ the They’re under pencil case.

Wall, wall, on the wall; Sofa, sofa, on the sofa; Dresser, dresser, on the dresser; Table, table, under the table; Chair, chair, under the chair. Drawer, drawer, in the drawer; Bookcase, bookcase, in the bookcase; Backpack, backpack, in the backpack;

Where’s the plant

Guessing game:

A: Is the plant on the sofa? B: No, it isn’t. A: Is the plant in the dresser? B: No, it isn’t A: Is the plant under the table? B: Yes, it is

Where’s the bag
Is the bag on/in/under the …? …… No, it isn’t. Yes, it is. It’s on the sofa.

Where’s the watch Is the watch on/in/under the …? …… No, it isn’t. Yes, it is. It’s in the drawer.

Where are the cats
Are the cats on

/in/under/the …? ……

No, they aren’t. Yes, they are
They’re on the bed.

Where are the books
Are the books on/in/under the …? ……

No, they aren’t. Yes, they are
They’re under the chair.

Where’s the baseball?

It’s in the schoolbag.
Where are the books? They’re on the sofa. Where’s the schoolbag? It’s under the table.

Read together Where is the schoolbag? It’s under the table. Where is the clock? It’s on the wall. wall 墙 Where are the books? They’re in the bookcase. Where are the keys? They are on the desk.


Listen and circle the things Tom wants from his room.听录音,圈出汤米想要 的房间里的东西。

English book clock notebook model plane

tape player ruler tape radio

Listen again. Where are Tommy’s 1d things? Write notes. 再听一遍录音。 汤米的东西在哪里?记录下来。

The English book are under the radio. The ruler is on the bed.
The notebook is under the plane in the bookcase.

The tape is in the tape player.

请根据图片提示完成对话,每空一词 (含缩写)。 1. A: Where’s your computer? _______ B: It’s __________ . on the desk 2. A: ____ the baseball on the table? Is B: No. It’s ______________ . under the table

3. A:Where’s the cat? _______ It under B:____ is _______ the tree.

4. A: _______ are her Where dictionaries? B: They are on the chair ___________ .

5. 请根据图片提示用介词on, under或in完成短文。

in Look at the picture! A desk is ___ it. on What’s on the desk? Oh, a ball is ___ it. Look! A cat is _____ the desk. Where is under in the bag? Oh, it’s ___ the desk.

1.The baseball is under the chair.(改成一般疑问句) Is the baseball ____ ____ ________ under the chair ? 2.The keys are on the table.(改成一般疑问句) Are the keys ____ ____ ____ on the table ? 3.Are the pencils in the schoolbag?(否定回答) No they aren’t ____,____ _____ 4.The backpack is under the table .(对划线部分提 问) Where is ______ _____ the schoolbag ?

二.根据图片内容完成对话。 Where are 1._____ _____ the books ?
They are on ______ _____ ____ the bookcase . Are the pencils on the bookcase? Yes they are _____, _____ ____.

Where is 2.______ ____ the baseball ? under the chair It’s _______ _____ _____. Is the pencil box in the drawer ? it isn’t on the chair No, ____ _____. It’s ____ ___ _____ .

Thank you!

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