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Unit 6 Period 3

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Oxford English

Unit Module 3 Culture and history


Ancient stories
Period 3
Listening Talk time

Retell the story
Retell the story of the Trojan horse according to the pictures.

When you listen to the recording, you will hear the following names.

Look and learn
Look at the pictures and learn some new words.

Here are some tips for doing an ordering exercise using pictures.

Listen and complete
A How did the Trojan War start? Listen to the story and put the pictures in the correct order. Write the numbers 1–6 in the boxes.

B Listen to the recording again and complete the answers to the questions below. Write one word in each blank.

1 What did Paris, the prince of Troy, decide to do one day? He decided to _____________ the Greek city of Sparta. 2 What happened at the dinner? Queen Helen and Paris _________ ___________ ___________ with each other. 3 Why was the King of Sparta very angry? Because Paris _____________ Helen to his ship and his men also stole a lot of _____________ from Sparta. 4 What did the King of Sparta do in the end? He asked many of the other Greek kings to help him _________ Troy and punish the Trojans.

Think and answer
Look at the pictures again and answer the questions.


Think and answer
Look at the pictures again and answer the questions.

Retell the story
Retell the story using the pictures as a guide.

Talk time

A1 Say these words. Make the underlined vowels strong. Make the dotted vowels weak.

A2 Say these words. Mark the strong and weak vowels as in A1.

A3 Listen to these sentences. Pay attention to the rhythm of each sentence.

A4 Listen to the poem below. Pay attention to the rhythm.

1. 抄写单词和短语:prince,queen,steal, punish, in the end等。 2. 用一般过去时复述特洛伊战争的起因。 3. 朗读Talk time部分练习A4的小诗。 4. 完成《练习册》第86至87页Listening和第88 页Speaking A1,A2的练习。

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