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一、 看图说出下列物品的英语单词。

basketball soccer ball volleyball


ping-pong bat baseball bat ping-pong ball



let’s 1. let us (缩写) _______ 2. do not (缩写) _______ don’t has 3. have (第三人称单数形式) _______ 4. we (宾格) _______ us under 5. on (反义词) _______ 6. we (形容词性物主代词) _______ our ping-pong bat 7. 乒乓球拍 _____________

baseball bat 8. 棒球拍 __________ 9. 让我们走吧。 Let’s go. ___________ 10. 我们迟到了。 ___________ We’re late. 11. 让我去拿它。 _____________ Let me get it. 12. 贝尔有个排球。 Bill has a volleyball. __________________

Ask and answer.
A: Do you have a basketball?

B: Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. A: Does she have a soccer ball?
B: Yes, she does. / No, she doesn’t.

Grammar Focus
一、重点句型 Do have 1. 你有一个棒球吗?____ you _____ a baseball? Yes No don’t 2. 是的。____, I do 不,没有。____, I ______. ___. 3. 你有一个乒乓拍吗? ____ you _____ a ping-pong ____? Do have bat 4. 没有。我有一个乒乓球。 No don’t ___, I ______. I _____ a ping-pong ____. have ball Does have 5. 她有一个网球吗? _____ she _____ a tennis?

6. 是,她有。 _____, she _____. Yes does 7. 没有。她有一个棒球。 No doesn’t has baseball ____, she _______. She ____ a ________. 8. 他有一个足球吗?_____ he _____ a Does have ______ ball? soccer 9. 没有。他有两个乒乓球拍。 has ____, he _______. He ____ two ping-pong No doesn’t _____. bats 10. 他们有一个篮球吗?___ they _____ a Do have basketball?

11. 是的,有。 Yes, _____ _____. they do

12. 没有。他们有一个排球。
No don’t have volleyball ____, they _____. They _____ a _________. 写出下列表达方式的缩写形式

1. do not = ______ don’t
3. we are = ______ we’re

2. does not = _______ doesn’t let’s 4. let us = _____

一、英语中的人称和数(在一般现在时态中) 在英语句子中,谓语动词的形式要与句子 主语的人称和数相对应。 1. 第一人称单数:I (我) be → am, have → 原形have I’m a girl. 我是一名女孩。 I have a volleyball. 我有一个足球。 2. 第一人称复数:we (我们) be → are; have → 原形have We’re good friends. 我们是好朋友。 We have two baseball bats. 我有两个棒球拍。

3. 第二人称单(复)数:you (你/你们) be → are; have → 原形have You are my cousin. 你是我的表弟。 You have three ping-pong pats. 你(们)有三只乒乓球拍。 4. 第三人称单数:he (他), she (她),it (它), Ms Wu (吴女士),Mike (迈克)等。 be → is; have → 第三人称单数形式 has Linda is in her parents’ room. 琳达在她父母的房间里。 Ms Miller has two daughters. 米勒女士有两个女儿。

5. 第三人称复数:they (他们),Mike and Tom


,his parents (他的父母亲),
two baseballs (两个棒球)等。

be → are;

have → 原形have

Three basketballs are in the box.

They have four volleyballs and two tennis ball. 他们有四个排球和二个网球。

二、句型“Do you have…?” “表示你有…… 吗?”,用于询问物品的所属关系。这是 实义动词的一般疑问句结构。 1. 当主语是第一人称/第二人称/第三人称复数 时, 句型结构为:Do + you/they/we/… + 动词 原形 + …? 不管用什么动词,它的回答是固 定的。 肯定回答:Yes, I do./ Yes, we do. / Yes, they do. 否定回答:No, I don’t /we don’t. /No, they don’t.

— Do they like basketball?
他们喜欢打 篮球吗? — Yes, they do. 是的,他们喜欢。 — No, they don’t. 不,他们不喜欢。

2. 当主语为第三人称单数时,句子结构改为: Does + he / she / it … + 动词原形 + …? 肯定回答:Yes, he does./Yes, she does./Yes, it does. 否定回答:No, he doesn’t./No, she doesn’t / No, it doesn’t. — Does Jane have a new book? 简有一本新书吗? — Yes, she does. 是的,她有。 — No, she doesn’t. 不,她没有。

Write each word in the correct place in the chart.

I he they you we she it Eric

he she it Eric

I they you we

Practice 3b
Fill in the blanks with do or does. Then practice the conversations with your partner.
1. A: _____ you have a baseball? Do B: Yes, I ____. do 第一(I)、 二 (you)人 称用do

A: Great! I have a bat. Let’s play.

2. A: _____ John have a soccer ball? Does B: No, he _____. does A: _____ he have a ping-pong bat? Does does B: Yes, he ______. I think he has a ping-pong ball, too. A: Hmm … let’s ask.

第三人称 单数 (John, he) 用does

3. A: ____ your friends have a basketball? Do do B: Yes, they ____. They have two basketballs. 第三人称复数 A: Well, let’s play basketball. (your friends, B: That sounds good. they)用do。

Practice the conversations with Pairwork your partner. 1. A: Do you have a baseball? B: Yes, I do. A: Great! I have a bat. Let’s play.

2. A: Does John have a soccer ball? B: No, he does. A: Does he have a ping-pong bat? B: Yes, he does. I think he has a ping-pong ball, too. A: Hmm … let’s ask.

3. A: Do your friends have a basketball? B: Yes, they do. They have two basketballs. A: Well, let’s play basketball. B: That sounds good.


1. play basketball 意为“打篮球”,其中,play作 动词,意为“玩;娱乐;参加(运动或比赛); 打;演奏”等。如: play soccer 踢足球 play volleyball 打排球 play tennis 打网球 play ping-pong 打乒乓球 play baseball 打棒球 play games 玩游戏 Let’s play soccer after school. 放学后我们踢球吧。 They always play games on the playground. 他们总是在操场上做游戏。

2. That sounds good. 听起来不错。 sound在句中作系动

词,意为“听起来”,其 后接形容词。其三单形式为sounds。 The music sounds beautiful. 音乐听起来很美妙。 The idea sounds great. 这个主意听起来很棒。 【拓展】 sound作名词时,意为“声音”。 如: the sound of music 音乐之声


Remember the things in Bob’s room. Then close your books and ask and 3c answer questions with a partner. A: Does he have a soccer ball? B: Yes, he does./ No, he doesn’t.

volleyball basketball baseball bat baseball


tape player hat

picture dictionary

1. 根据鲍勃房间里有东西,写出五个一般疑问 句的问答句。 2. Review the Grammar Focus.

一、根据句意及汉语提示完成单词 baseball 1. Do you have a _________ (网球)? has 2. Nick _______ (有) a new ping-pong bat. go 3. Let’s _______ (去) to the teachers’ room. 4. Can Ms Smith teach _____ (我们) English? us sounds 5. That ________ (听起来) great. basketball 6. Let’s play __________ (篮球) with Mike and Jack. late 7. Don’t be _____ (迟到) again, Sun Wei.

great 8. Ms Sun is a _______ (伟大的) teacher. plays 9. My sister always ______ (玩耍) with our lovely cat. 10. There are (有) two new __________ (排球) volleyballs on the desk.
二、单项选择 B 1. — _______ you have a volleyball? — No, I _____. But my sister ____ a new one. A. Do; don’t; have B. Do; don’t; has C. Does; doesn’t; have D. Does; doesn’t; has

A 2. Hurry up (快点) , Mary! We’re _______! A. late B. great C. good D. tidy 3. — Let’s _______. — OK. C A. to play basketball B. to play the basketball C. play basketball D. play the basketball B 4. — _______ Anna _______ a ping-pong bat? — Yes, she _______. A. Do; have; do B. Does; have; does C. Do; have; has D. Does; have; has

5. — Listen! The song ______ beautiful! D — Yes. It’s great! A. hears C. listens to B. listens D. sounds

三、句型转换 1. I have a baseball bat. (改为一般疑问句) Do you have _______ _______ _______ a baseball bat? 2. My brother has a soccer ball. (改为一般疑问句) Does have _____ your brother ______ a soccer ball? 3. Do your friends have a volleyball? (作肯定回答) _______, _______ ____. Yes they do 4. Does Mr. Smith have a brother? (作否定回答) No they don’t ______, _____ _______. 5. My hat is on the chair. (对划线部分提问) _______ ______ _____ hat? Where is my

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