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浙江省温州市瓯海区实验中学七年级下册英语《Unit 2 Where is the post office》Period 1 学案

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浙江省温州市瓯海区实验中学七年级下册英语《Unit 2 Where is the

post office》Period 1 学案

Period 1

Language goals

1. New words

(1).Places: post office library restaurant bank supermarket market pay 相关以往知识:

phone park street avenue center bridge

_______________________(2) prep: near across next to between?and?

2. Key sentences _______________________1.Is there a bank near here ? Yes, there is. / No, there isn’t.

2.There is a?? in the picture. ____________________ 3.Where is the supermarket?

It’s next to the library. _____________________________________________ Ability goals

______________________________________________Ss can ask for some places and check if there are some places on the street.

Emotion & attitude goals ____________________ _______________________Learn to ask for directions through group work, and learn to help each other by telling others directions. ______________________ _______________________Teaching important points ______________________ _______________________1. Ask for if there are some places on the street.

2. Prepositions of places. “There be” structure ______________________________________________Teaching procedures and ways

_____________________ _________________ Step I Game: Finding the ball

瞬间灵感或困惑: Show a ball and some boxes. ______________________ Where’s the ball? The ball is on/next to/ behind/in front of/ _______________________个性化教学思路及改进between?and?/across from the box. Teaching the prepositions of places. 建议: Step II presentation of prepositions _____________________

1. Show pics to explain go straight, on the left, etc. ______________________________________________2. Practice: help the mouse to find the ball, Ss say out the directions.

_______________________3. Guess: show another map to tell the directions again. Ss guess what places are _____________________ on the map. _____________________________________________ StepⅢ presentation of words

_______________________1. Present post office, pay phone, hotel, etc. _______________________2. look at the pics and say the names of these places _______________________3. Look and match. Ss finish Section A 1a _____________________

Step IV presentation of sentences _________________ ______________________ 1. Show a map.

______________________ Is there a bank near here? _______________________Yes, there is. It’s on Center Street. ____________________________________________ Is there a post office near here?

_______________________No, there isn’t. ______________________ 2. Pair work _______________________Step V Listening _______________________

___________________ _____________________ 1


1.Before-listening 2a match the pics with the description. Then, check like this: T: where is the ??

S1: the ? is across from the ? where is the?

S2: the? is next to the?

S3: ?

2. Listening 2b: listen and choose the prepositions to fill in the blanks.

3. After listening: Ss draw a simple map according to the listening material

4. Pair work ---Where is the supermarket?

---It’s next to the library.

Step VI Homework


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