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重庆市云阳盛保初级中学八年级英语下册 Unit6 topic3 section B 导学案

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重庆市云阳盛保初级中学八年级英语下册 Unit6 topic3 section B

导学案(无答案) 仁爱版



warn, motorcycle, trouble


If we ride at night, we should use bike lights or wear light-colored clothes. If we break the traffic rules, we will get a fine and even be in danger.


1.Many people around the world use bicycles for work or pleasure.全世界的许多人骑自行车上班或把骑自行车当作一种休闲方式.

2. Cars often cost one hundred times as much as bicycles. 汽车的价格通常是自行车的100 倍.

A is twice ( three times/four times …) as …as B.A是B的2,3,4…倍、. He runs twice as fast as I. 他跑步是我的两倍快.

3. In China millions of people have cars,but hundreds of millions of people have bicycles. 在中国,成百万的人有汽车,但是数亿人有自行车.

当 Hundred, thousand, million, billion 等和of 连用时,必须用复数形式.

Hundreds of people 数以百计的人

Hundreds of thousands of people. 几十万人

但如果Hundred, thousand, million, billion 等词前有具体数字,须用单数形式.如 1

Six million children


Traffic rules are made to keep order on the road. They also help to keep people 1 . The pedestrian has as many rules to 2 as the driver of car. You should walk at the sidewalk or at the 3 of the road. Always look carefully before you walk across the street.If you ride a bike, don’t ride in the middle of the road or run 4 red traffic lights. When you ride a bike with a friend, don’t look around to talk. If you drive, you should 5 at the traffic lights. You must always 6 a seat belt(安全带).

Without belts 7 the driver and the passengers may be badly hurt in a sudden accident. Someone may be thrown out through the window.You may not need to drive a bus, but 8 if you have to travel in one. Get in or get off a bus only when it has come to a 9 . When it is full, don’t try to get inside 10 you may fall off.


1.horse __________ 2.Qilin ______________________

3.Lion __________ 4.Xiezhi ___________________

5.Camel___________ 6.Elephant _______________


1.My sister is glad ___________ (receive) birthday presents.

2.I couldn’t help ____________ (think) of my hometown when I saw the bright moon in the sky.

3.How about ____________ (go) shopping?

4.Listen! How hard it ________ (rain) !

5.I’m looking forward to _______ (meet) him again.



2、完成 同步练习与测试Unit 6 Topic 3 Section B练习




III. 学后总结







______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 重要句子

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