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重庆市云阳盛保初级中学八年级英语下册 Unit5 topic3 section D 导学案

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重庆市云阳盛保初级中学八年级英语下册 Unit5 topic3 section D

导学案(无答案) 仁爱版

Ⅰ. Aims and demands 目标要求

1. Learn some new words and phrases:

such as, spirit, magazine, think over, decision, sense, husband, wife

2. Review the usages of:

(1) make + object + adj. (2) make/let + object + v. (3) make + object +


3. Review expressions of feelings.



二. 根据汉语意思,在文中找到,划出并背诵下面的短语

1.从某人那里得到帮助________________ 2.仔细考虑___________________________

3.做一个重要的决定___________________ 4.回归到_____________________________

5.照顾我们自己_______________________ 6.你的日常活动_______________________

7.记得吃健康的食品_____________________ 8.和朋友交谈________________________ 合作探究:在文中划出下面的句子并翻译

1.It is very important for us to be in a good mood. 译:__________________________________.

思考:It 在句中充当___________,而真正的主语是___________________________

总结:It is + adj. for sb. to do sth. --- 对某人来说干?是?的

练习: a.对他来说,说谎是很正常的。_________________________________________________ b.对我们来说,和明星一起唱歌是很令人激动的。_________________________________ 注意:结构中的for sb.是逻辑主语,可以省略。

但是:当形容词为nice/ kind等 时,for要改变为of. 如:It is kind of you to help me.

2.So we must learn to take care of ourselves and stay in good spirits. 译:____________________.

点拨:我们学过的“照顾照料”的短语还有(1)_____________(2)_______________可将原句转换为(1)_________________________ (2)____________________________________

3.Exercise and relax ever day. 译:_______________________.

点拨:exercise --- 锻炼(动词) ---锻炼(不可数名词);练习(可数名词)





4.Think it over before making an important decision. 译:____________________________

点拨: think ? over --- 认真考虑,仔细盘算 think about? --- 考虑 think of? --- 想起,认为

巩固:(1)He would like more time to think everything over. __________________________

(2) Could you think about going there by plane? ______________________________

(3) She is thinking of changing her job.________________________________________

(4) What do you think of classical music?______________________________________

点拨:make an important decision - 做个重要决定 make a good/ bad decision___________

拓展:decision的动词形式为decide decide to do sth.--- 决定做某事

They decided to help Jeff deal with his problems. 译:____________________________

巩固:我决定从今往后努力学习英语。译:___________________________________________ 思考:句中的make 加ing. 是因为before在此是个_____词。

判断:Think it over before you make an important decision. 此句中的before是____词,引导了___________从句


1. If we are in good spirits, we can study or work better.

spirits 情绪,心境in good spirits 心情好in high spirits 情绪高 in low spirits 情绪低

2. Think it over before making an important decision.

think over 仔细 思考 He would like more time to think things over.



(1) 当表示“考虑”时,think about 和 think of 这两个短语通常可以互换使用。其后可以接名词(如例句A)、代词或动名词短语(如例句B)。

A. When I said that, I was not thinking about / of the weather.

B. He thought about / of spending his holiday in the countryside.

(2) 当表示“想到、记起、有??的看法”时,只能用 of(如例句C和D)。

C. What do you think of the idea? D. I can’t think of his name now.

(3) 当强调“反复、仔细地考虑”时,用短语think over。当它接名词作宾语时,名词可以放在副词前,也可以放在副词后(如例句E);当它接代词作宾语时,代词只能放在副词前 2

E. I wanted to think the plan over (think over the plan) before making my decision.

F. As for the place of the meeting, I would like to think it over.

3. Get back to your daily life. It will help you bring back a sense of happiness.

(1) daily life = everyday life 日常生活 (2) bring back 带回 (3) a sense of

happiness 快乐感


1 ______(wear) different colors of clothes can affect our feelings..

2.Sometimes rock music makes me ______(excite), and sometimes it makes me bored.

4. In fall, _____ (rain) days make farmers sad, because it’s time to harvest.

5. I saw some boys ______ (play) basketball when I passed the gym.

6. I want to go but there were no tickets left. ______.

A. What a pity! B. Sorry. C. OK.

7. --Why is he so worried? --Because he wanted us __, but we can’t now.

A. go with him B. going with him C. to go with him

课后反思 3

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