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重庆市云阳盛保初级中学八年级英语下册 Unit5 topic3 section B 导学案

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重庆市云阳盛保初级中学八年级英语下册 Unit5 topic3 section B

导学案(无答案) 仁爱版


一. 读1a,完成1b



7.在回家的路上________9.对我们的健康有坏处___________ 11.生病在床________ 合作探究:


1.When someone is ill, he or she should try to smile at life. 译____________________________.

点拨:ill---生病(形) 同义词______ 区别:_____只能做表语;_____既能做表语又能做定语

练习(1)He is ___/___, so he has to see a doctor. (2) He went to see his _____ uncle yesterday.

2.If we are in a bad mood, it will be bad for our health. 译_______________________________.

点拨: be bad for---对?有害处 链接:对?有好处 ___________________


3.You are going to take part in a soccer game, but you are ill. 译:_______________________.

思考: take part in可以换做_____________

总结:(1)join + sb. (2) join + 组织(3)join in + 活动 = take part in + 活动 1

4 You see a snake lying on the road. 译:_________________________________________.

点拨:see sb. doing sth.---看见某人正在做某事。强调事件,行动正在进行。

对比:see sb. do sth.---看见某人做某事。表示看见整个事件,行动的全过程,动作已经结束。


b.昨天这个时候我看见她在跳舞。___________________________________________ 思考:与之类似的动词还有:听见__________ 发现__________ 观看__________

5. You need to give a speech in front of all your classmates. 译:________________________

回顾:in front of和in the front of两个短语有什么区别呢?填空并总结

练习:a.There is a new computer ____________ our classroom.

b.We have a big beautiful garden_________ our house.

5 . 语法--- if 所引导的条件状语从句。

If everyone obeys the traffic rules, the roads will be much safer. 译:__________________总结: 主句为一般将来时,从句的时态为一般现在时。我们简称为“主将从现。”

(1) 如果有空,我们周四来看你。__________________________________________

(2) 如果我们都去保护环境,我们的家园将越来越美丽。_____________________


1. How to reassure your friend?

Don’t worry. /You’ll get well soon./Don’t be afraid! /Be brave!/Take it easy. /We can help you.

2. 1. Illness usually makes us sad, worried and frightened. make + n. + adj./n./v.

3. If we are usually in a good mood, we may become healthier. in a good mood 心情好/in a bad mood 心情糟糕/in good health 健康状况良好 e.g. He is in good health all the time. 他身体状况一直很好。

4.smile at life 笑对人生 We should smile at life. 5.On the/ one’s way (to)+ 地点:(在去某地的路上)当地点是副词(如home),不用to. On the/his way to school, he had a traffic accident.

6. We can put on a short play, just as we often do at the English corner. 我们可以上演一部短剧, 就像我们在英语角上做的那样。 (1) put on 在这里是 “上演”的意思, 还有 “穿上,带上”的意思。

(2) play 在这是名词, “戏剧,短剧”, 它还可以做动词, 意思为“ 打, 踢, 玩, 弹”。 如:play basketball 打篮球/ football 踢足球/ the piano 弹钢琴


球类名词前不加the, 乐器名词前加the。

7.get along (well) with 与? 相处好:I get along with my classmates.


1.Our headmaster told us how to ____a good mood, so we can study in high spirits.

A. keep B. kept C. keeping D. keeps

2.It makes me so ____ to see children being treated ____.

A. angrily; badly B. angry; bad C. angrily; bad D. angry; badly

3.Mr. Li is ill. Let Mr. Wang ____ us instead of him.

A. to teach B. teach C. teaches D. taught

4.—Do you think it’s important to ____ your family?

—Yes, I think so.

A. get along on B. get along C. get along of D. get along with

5.I saw a snake lying across the road ____.

A. on the way to home B. on the way hom C. in the way to home D. in the

way home

6.—Shall we ____ a short play for Ann’s birthday party?

—Sounds great.

A. put up B. put down C. put on D. put off

课后反思 3

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