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Why don’t you get her a scarf review

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Why don’t you get her a scarf?

Review(一) 导学案

复习目标:1.复习巩固section A-B中的单词、短语和重点句子,以及所设计到的知识点。


复习重点: 能熟练运用提建议的方式。

自我检测: 这些短语你记住了吗?

(1)给某人买某物 (2)?怎么样? (3)好主意

(4)听起来很好 (5)不够友好 (6)在他六岁生日时

(7)做一顿特殊的饭 (8)不够特别 (9)太个人化了

(10)容易照顾 (11)太?以致不能? (12)一只叫康妮的大肚猪

(13)一个80岁的老奶奶 (14)养这样一只宠物的优点和缺点


( )1.A. How about a scarf ? B. On her birthday C. She is very happy.

( ) 2.A. Yes, I do. B. They are gold. C. I like gold fish very much.

( ) 3.A. That’s sounds good. B. To the beach. C. That’s expensive.

( ) 4.A. By bus B. To the beach. C. With my friends

( ) 5.A. She is very well. B. On weekends. D. Once a week


6. A. in the morning B. in the afternoon C. in the evening

7. A. the man B. the woman C. both

8. A. to have a drink B. to have a meal C. to have a walk

9. A. It’s very expensive. B. It’s not expensive. C. It’s very cheap.

10.A. It’s bad. B. It’s just so-so. C. It’s good.



1、 。如:Let’s go out for a walk.咱们出去散散步吧!

2、 ?如:Shall we meet outside the school gate?我们在校门外见面好吗?

3、 如:(1)What about this one?这个怎么样?(2)How

about playing fooball?踢足球怎么样?

4、 。如:(1)You’d better take a bus. 你最好乘公共汽车。

(2)You’d better not talk in class.你最好不要在课堂上说话。

5、 或 如:

(1)Why not make it earlier?为什么不定得早一些呢?

(2)Why don’t you come with us?你为什么不和我们一起来呢?

6、 ?如:Would you like a cup of tea?你想要一杯茶吗?


1、 同意对方的建议,回答时常用:

2、 不同意对方的建议,回答时常用:

2.enough的用法:enough修饰名词放在名词的,修饰形容词或副词放在形容词或副词的 。如: 足够的钱 不够有创意

3. 这个箱子太重了,我搬不动。(请用三种方法)

1. The box is me 2.The box is heavy carry 用法归纳:1.

4. 这个相机花了我500元。(3种)

1.The camera 500 yuan.

2. I 500 yuan the camera.

3. I 500 yuan the camera.

“花费(金钱)”的用法归纳:cost :

pay :

spend :目标检测: 选择:

1. Did you buy any gifts her birthday ?A. at B. of C. for D. to

2.Larry five dollars on that toy dog. A. cost B. paid C. took D. spent

3.The sound is wonderful .

A. to listen B. to listen to C. listen to D. listening to

4.The woman has boy.

A. a eight-year-old B. an eight-years-old C. an eight-year-old D. an eight years old


A. Yes, I would B. Yes, I’d love to C. No, I wouldn’t D. No, I don’t go

6. -Why not come and join us in the game ?

, but I must go to meet Mr Smith at the airport .

A. I’d love to B. Let’s go C. Yes ,please. D. It’s a pleasure.

A. Good idea B. No, I won’t C. Thanks D. Yes, please

B. I like C. I do D. I’d like to

9.The girl was too busy her friends.

A. to write B. to write to C. write to D. wrote

10.They can’t walk .

A. enough fast B. fast enough C. quick enough D. enough quick

收获分享: 你学到了什么?还有什么困惑?

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