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Unit 3辅音音标

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Unit 2: Consonants


[p]: 双唇紧闭,然后快速张开,让气流冲 出口腔,发出爆破音,声带不振动。
?Clap, clap, if you’re happy, please clap your hand. ?Stamp, stamp, if you’re angry, please stamp your feet. ?Weep, weep, if you’re sad, don’t weep. ?Peek, peek, that’s not good.

[b]:双唇紧闭,然后快速张开,让气流冲 出口腔,发出爆破音,声带振动。

?Bob has a big blue bag, ?A blue school bag. ?But he can’t carry the bag,

[t]: 舌尖抵上齿龈,然后突然弹开舌尖,将 气送出,声带不振动。
?Garfield Cat is a fat cat. ?But he wants to keep fit. ?He is on a diet, ?And has sport. ?He turns left, and he turns right, ?He runs everywhere till midnight.

[d]: 舌尖抵上齿龈,然后突然弹开舌尖, 将气送出,声带振动。
?Monday, Tuesday, sunny day, go to work with daddy. ?Wednesday, Thursday, it’s windy, make a great painting. ?Friday, rainy day, stay at home and dance. ?Saturday, good day, let’s dust the house. ?Sunday, a free day, walk with my dog in the yard!

[k]: 舌后部抵住软腭,然后突然离开,将气 送出,声带不振动。
?C发[k]: ?cat cop cut cake cote cute clap ?K发[k]: ?back deck sick rock ?Keep king task kept kick park ?qu发[kw]: ?quake quick quarter quarrel question

[g]: 舌后部抵住软腭,然后突然离开,将 气送出,声带振动。

?g ?gap, game, tag, glove, grass ?gh ?ghost, ghoul, ghast,

[f]: 上齿轻轻接触下唇,然后吹起,让气流 从唇齿间通过,形成摩擦音。声带不振动。

?f ?fan, face, half, safe, flag, free ?gh ?laugh, tough, enough, rough, telephone, phoenix

[v]: 上齿轻轻接触下唇,然后吹起,让气流 从唇齿间通过,形成摩擦音。声带振动。

?I love coffee I love tea, ?I want honey to be with me. ?I love driving I love van, ?I want to drive a van.

?[θ]:上下齿轻轻咬住舌尖,送气,声带 不振动. ?[e]: 上下齿轻轻咬住舌尖,送气,声带 振动.

?That is mother, kind and dear. ?This is father, standing near. ?That is brother, very tall. ?This is sister, not so tall. ?These are my family, one and all. ?Take off clothes and have a bath. ?Rinse your mouth and brush your teeth. ?Kiss mom good night, ?And have a good sleep.

[s]: 双唇微张,上下齿轻轻闭合,向外吹气, 不振动声带。
?I see a saw. ?I saw a saw. ?A saw saws a saw. ?I saw a saw saws a saw. ?Of all the saws I ever saw, ?I never saw a saw saws like this saw saws.

[z]:双唇微张,上下齿轻轻闭合,向外吹 气,不振动声带。

?z ?zip, lazy, buzz, zero, size, fuzz ?s ?Confuse, refuse, use, wise, rise

[?]: 双唇翘起向前突出,舌头微微上卷, 舌尖上扬,向外吹气,不振动声带。
?sh ?shadow, shell, ship, shop, shut ?ch ?Champagne

Tongue twister

?She sells sea shells by the sea shore. ?If she sells sea shells by the sea shore. ?Where are the sea shells she sells by the sea shore?

[?]: 双唇翘起向前突出,舌头微微上卷,舌 尖上扬,向外吹气,振动声带。

?s ?pleasure, decision, exposure ?g ?garage

[h]: 嘴巴自然张开,自然呵气,不振动声 带
?Happy Henry has honey in his hat. ?Heavy Holly has ham in her hair. ?They even hide a hot-dog in their clothes. ?Hand in hand, give these to the bee in the hive.

[t?]: 双唇翘起向前突出,舌头上扬接近上 颚,然后憋气,再用力吐气,不振动声带。

?ch ?chat, cherry, chick, change, child, choose ?tch ?Catch, watch, witch, kitchen

[d?]: 双唇翘起向前突出,舌头上扬接近上 颚,然后憋气,再用力吐气,振动声带。
?j ?Jam, judge, jade, jeep, joke ?g ?huge, large, orange, giant, ginger, gym

[m]: 双唇紧闭,舌头平放,气流从鼻腔送 出,振动声带。在元音前后读音不同。

?Men and women, ?Drop your mask, ?And give me a smile, ?Smile to one and all. ?It costs nothing. ?So smooth away the trouble with your smile.

[n]: 双唇微张,舌尖上扬轻抵上齿龈,振 动身带,气息由鼻腔出来。

?元音前 ?neck, nick, nod, nail, need, nine, note ?元音后 ?can, ten, in, fond, pain, bean, line, tone

[?]: 双唇微张,舌头平放,舌后根上扬, 抵住软腭,振动声带,气流由鼻腔出来。

?nk ?Ink, link, think, tank, pink, thank ?ng ?Wing, ring,king, bring, bang, hang, song, long

[l]: 双唇张大些,舌尖上扬抵住上齿龈,振 动声带,气流从舌头两侧出来。

?元音前 ?last, lead, list, lose, lunch ?元音后 ?cool, doll, file, belt, nail, milk

[r]: 双唇张开并微微撅起,舌尖上扬并稍稍 卷起,振动声带,气流由舌头两侧出来。
?元音前 ?rat, red, rich, rob, rush, radio, read, rice, row, rule ?元音后 ?bear, chair, pear, fair, deer, tear, beer, clear

[w]: 双唇缩小并向前突出,舌后部抬起, 嘴慢慢向两边滑开,振动声带。
?w ?West, will, wash, week, wide, work ?wh ?What, when, why, where, which, whale, wheat, wheel, while, whisper

[j]: 双唇微开,舌尖轻轻抵住下齿龈,舌头 中部上扬,振动声带。
?y ?yellow, you, yard, young, year

[tr]: 双唇收圆向前突出,舌尖翘起抵住上 颚,不振动声带。
?World traveler, your train is coming! ?This train travels to the next strange city. ?Try to give us a call, ?Try to send us a mail. ?And wish you a good trip!

[dr]: 双唇收圆向前突出,舌尖翘起抵住上 颚,振动声带 .
?drink, drive, Andrew, draft

[ts]: 双唇微张,舌尖抵住上齿龈,用力吐 气,不振动声带。
?cats, wastes, writes

[dz]: 双唇微张,舌尖抵住上齿龈,用力吐 气,振动声带。
?Friends, goods, cards


?[ w ]
wine went west

vine vent vest

?[ z ]
use expose

?[ ? ]
usual exposure

?[ s ]
sink mouse pass

? [θ]
think mouth path

?[ l ]
light lead late

?[ r ]
right read rate

?[ z ]
closing breeze bays

?[ e ]
clothing breathe bathes

? [n]
sin thin ran

? [?]
sing thing rang

?[ s ]
sea same sell

? [∫]
she shame shell

?[ f ]
fine leaf life

? [v]
vine leave alive

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