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Unit 1 Keeping Healthy
Topic 1 You’d better go to see a


Section A
秦文先 学号:27

Aims and demands 教学目标
? 1.Learn how to talk about illnesses. cold, fever, cough, backache, sore eyes…… ? 2.Learn how to give advice with "should/shouldn’t"

What’s wrong with her?

* a cold

She has a cold.

What’s wrong with him?

* a fever

He has a fever.

What’s the matter with the woman?
* a cough

She has a cough.

What’s wrong with the girl?

* the flu

She has the flu.

What’s the matter with him?
? sore eyes

He has sore eyes.

What’s wrong with her?
* a headache

She has a headache.

What’s wrong with the girl?
* a toothache

She has a toothache.

What’s wrong with the man?
* a backache

He has a backache.

What’s the matter with the boy?

*a stomachache

He has a stomachache.

New words and phrases
have a cold toothache dentist cough sore eyes backache take a rest fever flu
stomachache headache at night coffee tea boil boiled water

a cold/a fever/a cough/ the flu I have She/He has

a toothache/a headache
a sore throat /sore eyes

back stomach + -ache tooth head

backache stomachache toothache headache



+ -ache

表示该身体部 位疼痛


Pair work

What’s wrong with him/ her?

He/She has

胃痛 1. have a stomachache ____________ 发烧 2. have a fever ______________ 3. take a rest _____________ 牙痛 4. have a toothache____________ 患感冒 5. have a cold_________________ 看病 6. see a doctor______________ shouldn’ 7. 不应该看书太久 ________ t read too long. have 8. 好好睡一觉_________ a good sleep. You’d better drink 9. 你最好多喝水_____________ more water What’s wrong with you with you What’s the matter ? 10. 你怎么啦? ________________ with you? What’s the matter What’s trouble with you What’s thewrong with you ? ?


I do ,and you guess

Listen and answer the following 1a questions.(录音1)

1. What’s wrong with him?

He has a toothache. 2. What should he do?
He should see a dentist.


Look, listen and say(录音2)

You don’t look well. What’s wrong with you? Kangkang: I have a toothache. Betty: I’m sorry to hear that. You should see a dentist. Kangkang: I think I will. Betty: I hope you’ll get well soon. Kangkang: Thank you.

1.I’m sorry to hear that. (1)Eg:对不起,我迟到了 am sorry to be I ______________ late. (2) 如果听到是好消息,则用 glad I’m ____ to hear that.

2.You should see a dentist. “ should/shouldn't ________________+动词原形”, 常用来向别人提建议或者提出告 诫。

Match the sentences
1.I have a headache. 2.I have a fever.
a.You shouldn't lift heavy things. b. You should stay in bed and have a good sleep. c. You should drink plenty of boiled water. d. You shouldn’t drink coffee or tea in the evening.

3.I can’t sleep well at night.
4.I have a backache.


Listen to the conversations and number the following pictures.

( 2)

(1 )

( 3)

Health is very important to everybody. We must keep us strong. We must try our best to keep fit, and make us study happily.

To build us up, we should do more exercise ,eat more fresh vegetables and fruits ……

A. Words and expressions
toothache, dentist, cough, fever, flu, headache, lift, at night, boiled water , take a rest, stay in bed have a cold/ toothache / backache/ astomachache/headache/sore eyes...

B . The main sentence structures What’s wrong with you/him/her? Do you have a cold ? We should + V原 You should see a dentist. We shouldn’t + V I’m sorry to原 hear that。 I hope you’ll be well soon. C . Learn to give advice:

Exercise 1. 你应当早点上床睡觉。 You _______________earlier should go to bed 2. 她得了流行性感冒. had the flu. She ___________________ 3. 他应该多喝水 should drink more water. He ____________________ 4. Peter怎么啦? What’s wrong/ the matter with Peter? ______________________

1.Recite the new words and the useful expressions. 2.Finish the EX of Section A in the textbook.

Thank you for listening
Good Bye

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