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人教版七年级上Unit 1-6考点精炼

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名词单数变复数规则变化: 1. 一般直接在词尾 + s: pen—pens, table--tables 2. 以s、x、sh、ch结尾的,+ es: bus—buses, watch— watches * potato—potatoes, tomato—tomatoes, hero-heroes 3. 以辅音字母 +y结尾的,把y 改 i+ es : city—cities, party--parties 4. 以 –f;-fe结尾的,把f / fe改成v+es: knife—knives, wife--wives 不规则变化: foot—feet, tooth—teeth, man—men, woman—women, child—children, mouse—mice, sheep – sheep, deer - deer

写出下列词的的复数形式 map - maps star - stars friend - friends parent – parents

key -


watch – watches
dictionary –dictionaries

knife - knives

photo - photos
man men sheep - sheep * this - these

potato - potatoes
child – children tooth – teeth * that - those

This is Dave’s room. It’s very nice(漂亮). The on computer is ___the desk. The pictures are on ___the wall(墙壁).The CDs are ___the table, on too. The baseball is ______ theunder My ____ chair. books are in the bookcase. Near(在 … 旁边) the ____ ,you can see my bed plant. _______ my red hat ? Oh, it’s behind(在…后面)the door. Where’s

Can you bring some things to … Please take these things to …

take 与 bring的区别: take 意为”带去,拿去”, bring意为”带来,拿来 take …to /take with /take away /take there bring …to/bring here

take … to…


bring … to …
carry … to…

运送 / 拿 / 提 / 背…到…

1.____ this to the bank for me, would you? Take Take 2.____this empty box away and bring _____me a full one. carried 3. She ______ her baby in her arms.

4. Please take your brother ___ over there. C
A.in B. on C. / D. to

请选择bring 或take填空 bring 1.Don’t forget to _______ your homework here tomorrow. take 2.When you go home ,________ this letter with you. take 3.__________ this empty bottle away bring and __________ me a full one. 4. Why do Chinese people like red ? Because they think it can bring them ____ good luck .

? 词汇: 球类及相关形容词
tennis, tennis racket, ping-pong, ping-pong bat, soccer, volleyball, basketball, * play soccer / volleyball / … * play the guitar / the violin/ … interesting, fun, boring, difficult relaxing,

have / has的使用
第一人称 第二人称 第三人称 I you he we you she it they

have用于第一第二人称单复数及第三人称的复数 has 用于第三人称单数

I ___(have / has ) five baseballs. Ed Smith _____(have / has ) a great sports collection. Does have _____ she _____ a TV? (有)

用 have or has 填空。


1.I ___ three friends in England.
have 2. They_____ a big room in China. has 3. Harry ____ two cats. have 4. Jeff and Jean ___ a son.


has 5. She ____ a big apple.
have 6.Do you____ a bag ? has 7.Bob’s brother ___a nice watch.

变为否定句 :
eg. I have a book.
1.You have a desk. 2.We have 6 bikes. 3

.They have a room.

I don’t have a book.
You don’t have a book. We don’t have 6 bikes. They don’t have a room.

She doesn’t have a 4.She has a notebook. notebook. 5.He has a table. He doesn’t have a table.

6.Tony has a dog. Tony doesn’t have a dog. Linda doesn’t have a cat. 7.Linda has a cat. 8.The mother has a good son.
The mother doesn’t have a good son.

Go and see. Look at the picture. Stand up,please. Let’s go. Let’s play.

Sit down,please. Please come in.=come in,please.



Let`s play





Let`s play basketball.

computer games Let’s watch TV

Let’s play soccer. 这是一个表示建议的句式. 肯定回答: All right./ OK./That sounds good/great/intersting . Yes,let’s go . 否定回答: No, let’s not./ No, it is /sounds boring.

That sounds boring.


fun interesting sound是系动词后接形容词或名词作表语.






Look 1.________! What’s that boy doing ? 2.We_______ a wonderful football match watched last night . reading 3. Do you like ________ books? Yes , I do . see 4. Can you _________ a bird in the picture ?

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