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2013版外研版八年级英语上册配套课件:Module 9 PopulationUnit 2

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Module 9 Population
Unit 2

Arnwick was a city with 200,000 people.

Look at the pictures and say the problems in the pictures.

crowded traffic


too much traffic

crowded people(too many people)

1. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions. Use the

words in the box to help you.
countryside field flat hospital





1. Why do people move to cities? 2. What are the problems of big cities?

3. Check (√ ) the true sentences.

1.Parkville was a quiet village. ( √ )
2.Arnwick was a city with 200,000 people. ( √ ) 3.Parkville now has a population of more than one million. (√ )

4.The local school in Parkville has 2,000 pupils. ( × )

5.Big cities need more money for public services. ( √ )

4. Complete the passage with the correct form of the words in the box. flat local pollution rubbish service thousand Many towns and cities have the same problems as local Arnwick. People need places to live, so the(1)_____ flats government has to build more (2)______. People need services better bus and train(3)_______.They also produce rubbish more(4)_________, so the government has to make pollution more efforts to protect the city against (5)_________. As thousand we say, a hundred people make a (6)________ problems!

Language points
a quiet village 一个安静的村庄 靠近 搬到…… 不再 关闭

close to
move to not any more close down have to pay for in fact



Language points

1.They needed places to live. 他们需要住的地方。 动词不定式to live作定语,修饰名词places。 2.It was expensive to live in the city centre. 住在市中心很昂贵。

1. 北京的人口是多少? the ___________ of What’s _____ population _____ Beijing? 2. 到学校要花费周一个小时的时间,这增加了车流量 和污染。 to get to It _____ Jo an hour _____ _____ _____ school, and takes this _____ _____the traffic and pollution. adds to

3. 管理一个大城市,保护人们不受犯罪侵害是很难

difficult to It’s very _________ _____ run a big city, and to

protect people from crime.
4. 并且由于小汽车、卡车和公共汽车太多,所以有 大量的交通问题。 because of too many And _________ _____ _____ _______ cars, trucks and buses, there are a great number of traffic problems.

Write down your suggestions to improve the situation for the first three most important


Adversity makes a man wise, not rich. 逆境出人才。

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