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September 12th ,2009

Dear peter ,

It’s a long time since we met last . How are you ?

I am writing to tell you something about my new school. life now . I am in Class 9 Senior Grade I . There are 56 students in our class, most of whom come from the countryside ,. They are friendly and work hared , Mr Yang is our head teacher . he teachers us physics . He is very strict with us but his classes are so interesting that we are impressed with them .As a result , physics had become one of my favourite subjects. Our teachers often use computer in the classroom when we are having classes, which makes our class more lively .

Every afternoon we have many kinds of wonderful after—class activities. And I am a member of our school football team . next week we are going to have a match with some students from another school . I am looking forward to it .

How do you like your new school ? Are you satisfied with your new school life ?

I am looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes.

二 范文欣赏:

A Foreign Teacher

Alice white , a girl born in October , 1985,comes from America , she graduated from a university in 2006, and then came to China to work in 2008. She has been working as a teacher of English at No. 10 Middle school since then .

She loves teaching and is strict in her work , when the students have difficulties ,she is always ready to help them . Though she is very young , she tires to make her classes lively and interesting . So she is popular with her students. She often gives students advice on how to learn English well . With her help , her students have made great progress in English.


Sunday ,1st .October Fine

Today , I , with my foreign friend Mary, visited some places of interest in Qingdao .Early in the morning, we started off by car ,. We first went to the attractive seaside , where we took some photos , walked on the sands and swam in the sea as much as we liked , Then we visited the famous Beer Castle ,At noon , we ate much delicious seafood and barbecue there , drinking the well-known Qingdao Beer , From which we learned more about this modern city . After lunch we drove to Mountain Lao. It is a most beautiful place for travellers to visit , and on the mountain we enjoyed the wonderful scenery of green trees and white clouds .Time passed quickly . At about five o’clock , we drove back home delightedly. We were both completely exhausted , but we felt very happy . because we spent an unforgettable :”National Day “

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