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主 I you he she it we they

宾 形容词性 me my you your him his her her it its us our them their

名词性 反身代词 mine myself yours yourself his himself hers herself its itself ours ourselves theirs themselves

话题一:个人情况,家庭、朋 友与周围的人(1)
Personal Information个人信息

family people father mother sister brother teacher doctor driver hospital school name age student but

家庭 人们 父亲 母亲 姐、妹 兄、弟 教师 医生 驾驶员 医院 学校 姓名 年龄 学生 但是

or have has play run like watch read sing work address E-mail birthday passport personal

或者 有 有(三单) 玩 跑 喜欢 看,观看 看,读 唱,唱歌 工作 地址 电子邮件 生日 护照 个人的

age name


grandmother Family data


Personal data E-mail school

… …

Personal information


school data grade class …

Jobs and career

Interests and hobbies student

like doing

Answer these questions: What’s your name, please? My name is Lin Lin. Where are you from? I’m from China. How old are you? I’m fifteen. What's your occupation? I’m a student. What’s your hobby? My hobby is singing.

表示目前存在 的状态,性质 用be动词的一 般现在时。

Answer these questions:
How many people are there in your family? Three. What are they? They are my father, mother and I. What does your father do? 表示经常发生 He is a worker. He works in a factory. 的动作或存在 What does your mother do? 状态 ,用一般 She is a doctor. She works in a hospital. 现在时,注意 What do your parents like doing in their free 第三人称单数 time? My father likes watching TV. My mother likes listening to music.

1. Peter, be, an American boy(2007年中考题) Peter is an American boy. 2.he, like, travelling(2007年中考题) He likes travelling. 3.李明的哥哥喜欢打篮球和游泳,但不喜欢跑步。 Li Ming’s brother likes playing basketball and swimming, but he doesn’t like running. 注意: but, or, and 的用法和like doing

假如你是李新。根据所给的英文提示词,给你在美国的笔 友Bob写一封E-mail,谈谈你自己、你的家庭。周末活动 (可以根据自己的情况发挥)。 E-mail的开头已经给出。 注意:1、词数60 ~ 80左右。 2、提示词语必须都用上。 15 years old, live with parents, in Beijing, like pop music and drawing, doctor, teacher, good at cooking, enjoy fishing, …
Dear Bob, I’m happy to have you as my pen friend. ____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________


要 求 要 点

2、词数60 - 80左右。 3、提示词语必须都用上。
1、谈谈你自己 2、你的家庭 3、周末活动

分析要点 1、谈谈你自己

要 点

介绍自己的名字, 年龄等基

本资料。 (参考前面的回 答问题)
介绍家庭成员的 年龄职业和爱好 等(参考前面的 回答问题) 介绍全家人的活 动。



live with parents, in Beijing, 15 years old, like pop music and drawing, doctor, teacher, good at cooking, enjoy fishing, …


要 点




15 years old, live with parents, in Beijing,

like pop music and drawing,
My name is Li Xin. I’m 15 years old.

I live with my parents.
I like pop music and drawing.

doctor, teacher, good at cooking, enjoy fishing,
My mother is a doctor and my father is a teacher. Mother is good at cooking.

Father enjoys fishing.

At weekends I often … . My mother often… .

My father usually … .
My parents usually …..

? ? ? ? ? 接下来呢?谈论自己的兴趣爱好。 建议开头句;My hobby is __. My hobby is playing basketball. My favorite activity is to go roller skating. I usually play computer games with my roommates. ? I can surf on the internet all day. ? I am good at playing Chinese chess. ? I am interested in English writing and reading.

Task2 :书面表达。 (2009 大兴第一学期期末考试)
假如你叫李刚,寒假期间想要参加社会实践活动,请根据 广告中的内容和要求,写一封e-mail, 介绍你的个人情 况、兴趣爱好及对这件应聘工作的认识。 Students Wanted for Winter Camp Boys and girls aged 12---15. Are you good with children? Happy Kids Winter Camp--- Needs help with: ? computers ? Sports ? Music Come and join us! Send your personal information to hkwc@163.com To: hkwc @163.com From: Ligang@ sina.com Subject: personal information

Dear sir or madam,
______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ _____________________ Yours sincerely Li Gang

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