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八年级英语上册 Unit 5 Do you want to watch a game show Section A 1 1a-2d同步练习(新版)人教新目标版

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Unit5 Do you want to watch a game show?同步练习

SevtionA1 (1a-2d)


1. 认为____________ 2. 向。。。学习___________ 3.查明;弄清楚____________

4.谈话节目__________ 5. 发生;继续___________ 6. 世界各地_______________

7. 打算干某事________ 8. 盼望做某事___________:

II. 单项选择。

( ) 1. --------What do you want __________?. ------ Soap opera, I like them.

A. watch B. watches C. to watch D. watched ( )2.Lin Hui thinks she can learn______from sitcoms. A. a lot of B. lots of C.many D.a lot

( )3.She plans _____ Days of Our Past once a year.

A. watch B.watches C. to watch D. watched. ( )4.I hope _____you again some day. : A. to see B. sees C. saw D. see

( )5.The news ____ important to me.

A. is B. are : C. to be D.be.

( )6.I _____say anything about it. A. ever B.never C.hard D. also ( )7.China is famous______the Great Wall.

A. as B. in C. with D. for

三.按要求进行句型转换。: 1. They enjoyed that movie very much.(变为一般问句)

___________they_________that movie very much?

2. She often watches TV play in the evening.(变为否定句) She __________often __________TV play in the evening. 3."Modern English"is very interesting.(变为感叹句) : __________ _________"Modern English"___________! 4.I can't stand soap operas.(对划线部分提问) __________do you_________ _________soap operas? 5.He read the story last night. (对划线部分提问) _________ _________he _______the story? : 6.They enjoyed themselves watching the match.(改写句子,句意不变) They _______ _________ _________ _________watching the match.

7.How do you like talk shows?(改写句子,句意不变) : _________do you ________ _________talk shows?



I. 1. think of 2. learn from 3. find out 4. talk shows

5. go on 6. around the world 7. plan yo do sth 8. expect to do srh

II. 1. C : 2. D 3. C 4. A:

5. A 6. B 7. D:

III. 1.Do; enjoy: 2. doesn’t ;watch 3. How interesting;is 4. What; think of

5. When; did read 6. had a great time 7. What; think of

: 2

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