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2013年八年级英语上册 Unit 5 Do you want to watch a game show Section A-2d课件 (新版)人教新目标版

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Unit 5

Do you want to watch a game show?


don’t mind don’t like can’t stand (不介意, 不反对)


2d Role-play the conversation.
Grace: What did you do in class today, Sarah?

Sarah: We had a discussion about TV shows.
My classmates like game shows and

sports shows.
Grace: Oh, I can’t stand them. I

love soap operas. I like to
follow the story and see what happens next.

Sarah: Well, I don’t mind soap operas. But my favorite TV shows are the news and talk shows.

Grace: They’re boring!
Sarah: Well, they may not be very exciting, but

you can expect to learn a lot from them.
I hope to be a TV reporter one day.

Language Points
1.Do you plan to watch the news tonight? 你今晚打算看新闻吗? plan vt. & vi.计划, 打算,常用搭配为

plan to do sth 计划做某事 plan 还可作名词,如:make plans 制定计划 according to plan 根据计划。 例如: I plan to go swimming tomorrow. It is better for you to make plan for your future.

2. Do you want to join me? 你想要加入我吗? 1) want vt. 意为“需要;想要”。

want + n 想要……
I want a sweater. 我需要一件毛衣。

The boy wants to go to Taiyuan.

want to do sth 想要做某事
e.g. If you want to be respected, please learn to
respect others first. 如果你想别人尊重你,就请先尊重别人。

want sb to do sth 想让某人干某事……
I want her to go to a movie with me. 我想让她和我去看电影。

3. What do you think of game shows?

1) What do you think of ...? “你认为·· ·· ··
怎么样?” 谈论对某事物的喜好程度, 可选择的回答有: I like it./I don't mind it./I don't like it./ I can't stand it./I like it very much./I love it./ It's beautiful./They're fantastic.

2) think “想, 考虑, 思索”(v. 动词) 可以和许多

介词搭配, 组成新的意思。
think of “考虑”; “有··的看法”, 有时等同于 ·· ··

think about.
e.g. What does he think of Beijing Opera?

My mother always thinks of everything!


think highly of sb. /sth. 对某人或某物评价甚高 e.g. Mr. Black thinks highly of his son. 布莱克先生对他儿子评价甚高。

think about “考虑” (指计划, 观念, 看它是否

e.g. He is thinking about going to China.

4. I don’t mind them.


mind: 介意; 在乎; 反对。其后接名词或v-ing 形式或从句作宾语,常用于疑问句、否定句、 条件句中。 (表示请求或征求意见) Would you mind doing …? e.g. Would you mind opening the door? Do you mind …? e.g. Do you mind my dog?

5. I can’t stand it! 我不能忍受它/我受不了它!
stand 1)“站, 站立” e.g. Stand up! 起立

2) “顺利接受; 忍耐、忍受” (多用于
否定句、疑问句) , 后可接动名词。

e.g. I can’t s

tand the movie! It is too boring!
Mary couldn't stand the hot weather.

Can you stand the pain? 你忍受得了疼吗?
I can’t stand waiting any longer.

I can’t stand your being treated like that.

? ? ? ? 1. A: What ____ your brother think of the bike? B: He likes it. A. does B. do C. is 2. A: What do they think ___ the movie. B: They like it very much. A. to B. of C. for

? ?

? ? ? ? ? ?

3. A: What do you think of sitcoms? B: Oh, I _________ mind them. A. can’t B. don’t C. am not 4. A: What does she think of the scarf? B: She ________ stand them. A. isn’t B. doesn’t C. can’t

? 5. She enjoys _________.
? ? ? A. swim A. right B. swimming B. left C. swims

? 6. You have no _______ to say so.
C. wrong B. ten-years old

? 7. Mary, a ____ girl, is a new student.
A. ten years old


C. ten-year-old

? 8. Thanks for _______ me ? A. invite B. inviting C. invites

? 1). --- What _______ you think of soap operas? ? --- I _______ stand _______. ? 2). --- What _______ your classmates think of sports shows? ? --- They _______ mind _______. ? 3). --- What _______ she think of my new shirt? ? --- She _______ like _______. ? 4). --- What_______ Tony think of the food? ? --- He likes _______. ? 5). --- What _______ they think of the cat? ? --- They love _______.

? 1). --- What do you think of soap operas? ? --- I can’t stand them. ? 2). --- What do your classmates think of sports shows? ? --- They don’t mind them. ? 3). --- What does she think of my new shirt? ? --- She doesn’t like it. ? 4). --- What does Tony think of the food? ? --- He likes it. ? 5). --- What do they think of the cat? ? --- They love it.

1. 了解中央电视台有关的电视栏目名称。 搜集自己喜欢的电视节目的相关资料。 (包括电视栏目名称,主持人以及播出时间) 2. Write down your report.

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