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Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball?

Section A (2d—3c)

? 1.掌握单词和短语 let, us, Let’s=Let us, go, we, late, has, get, great, play, sound. ? 2.掌握提建议的句型Let‘s…

New Words
? ? ? ? ? ? hey 嘿;喂 late 迟到 let 允许;让 has 有(have的单三) us(we的宾格) get 去取;得到 Let’s =Let us 让我们 great 美妙的;伟大的 go 去;走 play 玩耍;参加 we 我们 sound听起来好像

Translate and write them down.
1. - 你有网球吗? - 是的,我有。 - Do you have a tennis ball?

- Yes, I do.
2. - 他有乒乓球拍吗? - 不,他没有。 - Does he have a ping-pong bat?

- No, he doesn’t.

has 1 . Michael ______(have) a computer
a computer? .3 Her brother has a ball.(改为一般疑 问句) _____ her brother _____ a ball? have Does 4 My sister has a computer game.(改为 否定句) doesn’t have My sister _____ _______ a computer game.
2. Does your father _______(have) have

用 have or has 填空。 1. I ______ three friends in England. have 2. They_____ a big room in China. have 3. Harry has two cats. ____ have 4. Jeff and Jean ______ a son. 5. She ____ a big apple. has 6.Do you______ a bag ? have has 7.Bob’s brother _____a nice watch.

Revision Do you have books?

Yes, I do.

Does Mary have a computer? No, she doesn’t.

Revision Do they have tennis rackets? Yes, they do.

A: Does Jane have a/an … ? B: Yes, she does. / No, she doesn’t.

Jane’s father A: Does Jane’s father have a … ?

B: Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t.

Jane’s brother A: Does Jane’s brother have a … ?

B: Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t.

Jane’s parents A: Do Jane’s parents have a … ?

B: Yes, they do. / No, they don’t.

A: Do you have a soccer ball, Paul? B: No, I don’t. A: Does your brother Alan have one? B: Yes, he does.

A: Hi, Mike. B: Hi, John. A: I want to play basketball. Do you have a basketball? B: Yes, I do. A: Great!

A: Hi, Sally. B: Hi, Jane. A: Sally, this is my friend, Anna. B: Hi, Anna. Nice to meet you. C: Nice to meet you, Sally. B: Let’s play tennis. Do you have a tennis racket, Jane? A: Sorry, I don’t.

A: Do you have a volleyball, Dale? B: No, I don’t. But my brother does. Let’s go and find him. has a volleyball

Make a conversation about the sports you want to play.

Listen and fill

in the blanks

Cindy: Hey,Helen,______! We are late. Let’s go! Helen:OK. Cindy: Do you have _______________? the baseball Helen:Yes,I do. ____________________. It’s in my bag. Cindy: And Where’s ________________? our baseball bat Helen:Bill has it. Cindy:Oh,yeah.And do you have ____________? your jacket Helen:Oh,no,I don’t.It’s ____________.Let me get it. on the chair your hat Cindy: And _________,too! Let’s go Helen:I have my jacket and hat._______.


Hey,Helen,Let’s go! Let’s 是Let us的缩写形式.它是祈使



对该祈使句所表示的建议一般 用:“OK.”, “All right.”, “That sounds good.”, “A good idea.”
不同意则用“Sorry, I …”, 或“No, Let’s …”,等来回答。

eg:—Let’s play basketball.

—Let’s go shpping. —Sorry,I can’t.

2.We are late!

我们迟到了! 3.让我去取它吧!
Let me get it. get作及物动词,意为”去取; 得到.

Role-play the conversation

2d Role-play the conversation.

3a Write each word in the correct place in the chart. I he they you
we she do I they we you it Eric does he she Eric it

have 和 has的用法

I We She He



The boy


Tony and Jenny


可见,主语为第三人称单数时用has, 其余人称都用have。

3b Fill in the blanks with do or does. Then practice the conversations with your partner. Do A: _________ you have a baseball? do B: Yes, I _________.
A: Great! I have a bat. Let’s play.

Does A: _________ John have a soccer ball? doesn’t B: No, he _____________. Does A:_____________ he have a pingpong bat? B: Yes, he ___________. I think he does has a ping-pong ball, too.

A: Hmm … Let’s ask.

Do A: ___________ your friends have a basketball? B: Yes, they _______. They have do two basketballs. A: Well, let’s play basketball. B: That sounds good.

句中的sound 为连系动词,其后接形 容词作表语。 意为“听起来怎么样”.
与sound用法一样的感官动词还有: look看起来;smell闻起来; feel摸起来;taste尝起来

3c Remember the things in Bob’s room. Then close your books and ask and answer questions with a partner.

A: Does Bob have a soccer ball? B: Yes, he does.

一、选择题。 1. Gina has ____, but she doesn’t have ___. A. watch, balls
C. clock, a ball

B. a clock, watch
D. a watch, a baseball bat

2. Kate has ___, but she doesn’t have ___. A. a watch, ball B. ball, a clock

C. book, CDs

D. a clock, a watch

3. Li Lei _____ lunch at home. A. hasn’t B. haven’t C. don’t have D. doesn’t have

4. Jim likes to play ____ football and was on
____ school team. A. the; the B. /; / C. /; the D. a; a


1. 咱们去踢足球吧。 Let’s play soccer. 2. 你有棒球吗? Do you have a baseball? 3. 我的朋友没有电脑游戏。 My friend doesn’t have a computer game.

5. Does your son like sports?

你儿子喜欢运动吗? 6. That sounds good. 那听起来不错。 7. He watches TV every day. 他每天看电视。


1. Recite 2d
2、完成同步练习册SectionA 第二课时

A: Let’s play soccer. B: I don’t have a soccer ball. A: Well, let’s play volleyball. B: That sounds good interesting fun boring difficult relaxing.

A: Let’s play soccer. B: I don’t have a soccer ball. A: Well, let’s play volleyball. B: That sounds good

Think it over
If you want someone to play ping pong with yo

u. What can you say?

Let’s play ping-pong. Shall we play ping-pong? What / How about playing ping pong? Why not play ping pong with me? Why don’t you play ping pong with me? Do you want to play ping pong with me? Would you like to play ping pong with me? Would you mind playing ping pong with me?

Do you have a soccer ball ? I . Yes, I do. No,I don’t.

一人称变二人称 I ----you

Do you have a baseball .? I Do you have a jacket .? I ? Do you have a ping-pong bat. I Do you have a ring. ? I Do

OK! English book. you have an I ?

Do They have baseball bats ? . D Tom and Mike have books? . o your D My parents have 2 TV ? . o your D My sisters have a ball . ? o


Does he have a soccer ball . ? He has Yes, he does. No, he doesn’t.

加了助动词(does), 动词(has)变原形(have).

Does She has a TV? she have . Does He have a volleyball ? he has .
Does Mike have a ping pong? has . Does Tony have a baseball ? has . Does Kim have a soccer ball ? has .


Does Anna have a basketball? has . Does Helen have a tennis racket? has .

I don’t have a soccer ball . Youdon’t have a soccer ball. They don’t have a soccer ball.


He doesn’t have a soccer ball. has She doesn’t have a basketball. has

加了助动词(does), 动词(has)变原形(have).

Write numbers in the boxes to make the conversation.

□Yes,I do. Do you have a 5 ball?

□ Let’s play soccer 1

4 □ That sounds good. Do you have a tennis racket? 2 □ No, it’s boring.
□ Let’s play tennis. 3 □ Yes, I do. I have a 6 basketball.

□(silence)… 7

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