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2013年八年级英语上册 Unit 5 Do you want to a game show综合测试(无答案)(新版)人教新目标版

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Unit 5 Do you want to a game show 综合测试题


1. This is Jay’s new CDs. What do you think____them?

A. at B. of C. on D. to

2. My mother told me ____more water.

A. drinking B.drank C.to drink D.drink

3. Each of the students __a new dictionary, and they each __a new pen, too.

A. has ;has B.has; have C. have; has D.have; have

4. -I’m sorry to trouble you, Miss Hu.


A. Fine, thank you. B. All right.

C. It’s very kind of you. D. It does’t matter.

5. I want ____a new bike. ____ you?

A. buying; How about B.to buy; What for

C.to buy; How about D.buying; What about

6. She____ her photos ____us yesterday.

A.showed ;for B.shows; to C.shows; with D.showed; to

7. There are some trees on ____the road.

A.each side of B.every side of C.both side of D.each side on

8. I like soap operas, she likes____, too.

A.it B.they C.them D.the ones

9. Do you mind ____the windows?

A.to open B.opens C.opening D.opened

10.-____going shopping this weekend?

-That sounds great.

A. Why don’t you B. Please C. Let’s D. What about

11. Tell him ____the window.

A.to close not B.not to close C.to not close D.not close

12. You’d better the story in Japanese.

A.say B.speak C.tell D.talk

13. -I usually go there by train.

-Why not____ by boat for a change?

A.to try going B.trying to go C.to try and go D.try going

14. She is very ill. Let’s ____a doctor at once.

A.to wake up B.send for C.to pay for D.pay for

15. I want ____a teacher when I grow up.

A.to be B.to C.be D.being



1. Tom doesn’t like s____ shows.

2. -What does your best fiend think of the song?

-He can’t s____ it because it is too long and fast.

3. The movie Spiderman is very exciting and we all e___ it very much. 1

4. We had a d____ about TV shows.

5. What do you e____ to learn from the movie?

B. 用所给的词的适当形式填空

6. The girls enjoy ____(sing)this song in English.

7. Do you mind me____ (open) the window?

8. How about ____(play)foot ball after school?

9. Do you want____ (know)about my school day.

10. I helped my parents ____(do)some housework yesterday.


1. They enjoy that movie very much.(变为一般疑问句)

____they ____that movie very much?

2. She often watches TV play in the evening.(变为否定句)

She ____often ____TV play in the evening.

3. I can’t stand soap operas.(对划线部分提问)

____do you ____ ____soap operas?

4. They enjoyed themselves watching the match.(同义句转换)

They ____ ____watching the match.

5. How do you like talk show?(同义句转换)

____do you ____ ____talk show?

Unit 5 标准测试卷

1. We should drink some hot tea ____ honey____ it. It’s good for us.

A.in,in B.with, in C.in, with D.with,with

2. Please eat more fruit,____ apples and bananas.

A.but B.as C.like D.for

3. Mr Smith gave us____ good ____ yesterday.

A.some,advice B.a, advice C.some, advices D.many, advice

4. My brother doesn’t like doing the housework because he thinks it’s____ .

A.boring B.bored C.interesting D.interested

5. I often hear him____ in the room. Listen! He____ in the room.

A.singing,is singing B.sing,singing C.sing, is singing D.singing,sings

6. -What do you____ Beijing?

-It’s very beautiful.

A.interesting in B.think C.think of D.get to

7. I have two pens. One is black;____ is red.

A. B.C.D.

8. What is the____ popular sport in China?

A.more B.most C.best D.better

9. -Have you ever read the book Harry Potter?

-Yes, and I think it’s very____ . I want to read it again.

A.boring B.exciting C.bored D.excited

10. To make your own study plan is a good way to become a student. After your plan, ____, you should correct it from time to time, and then it will be more helpful.

A.comes out B.watches out C.finds out D.writes down

11. -Whose is the pencil box?


-It ____ be Tom’s. Look at his name on the cover!

A.can B.may C.must D.need

12. -Who did you go to the movie____ ?

-Nobody. I went alone.

A. with B.about C.for D.from

13. This place is not big enough for Lucy’s birthday party. We should find a____ one.

A.big B.small C.bigger D.smaller

14. -You are relaxing yourself here.

-Yes . I feels____ to walk slowly along the river.

A.fantastic B.boring C.strange D.terrible

15. -Do you have any plans____ this weekend?

-I’m not sure. I may go climbing Mount Yuntai.

A.of B.for C.with D.on


A:Do you like the movie Harry Potter?

B:Yes, very much. It’s very (1)____among the children.

A:Yeah! I have watched it (2)____.

B:I hear that the book is also popular, isn’t it?

A:Of course! I (3)____one. And I (4)____it last Sunday morning. B:It must (5)____very interesting.


B:Please lend it to me when you finish reading.

A:No problem.


A:Hi, Susan. What movie are you watching tonight?

B: (1)____ It’s my second time watching it.

A:Man on Wire.Hmm...

B:(2) ____

A:Yeah, I do. It’s a great movie.


B:I agree.(3)____

A:Oh, I remember. And it was in New York. I love that city!

B:Me ,too.(4)____

A:I’d love to, but I have to stay at home with my mom.(5) ____

B:Sorry to hear that. Hope your mom will be better soon.

A:Thanks. Enjoy your night.


1. She thinks that film is the best film.(改为否定句)


2. Many foreigners are interested in Chinese culture.(改为一般疑问句)


3. I’m ready for the game.(改为一般疑问句)


4. My mother’s favourite movie is Titanic.(改为同义句)


5. He plays an important role in the movie as Leonardo da Vinci.(改为一般疑问句) ______________________________


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