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八年级英语上册 Unit 5 Do you want to watch a game show Section A-1a-1c课件 (新版)人教新目标版

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Unit 5

Do you want to watch a game show?

Survey: Do you like watching TV?

Do you want to watch a game

What are these TV shows?

game show


Evening News


Sports News


Tell it like it is


World’s Report


Weather Report



Around the World

Law today

Man and Nature

Animal World

Culture China

Same Song

News Report

Around China

cartoon show

talk show

sports show

soap opera

sitcom = situation comedies

fashion shows


中央电视台新闻 晚间新闻 世界报道 天气预报 体育新闻 实话实说 连续剧 人与自然 情景喜剧

CCTV News Evening News World’s Report Weather Report

Sports News
Tell it like it is

Soap Opera
Man and Nature Sitcom

Talk about preferences; Make plans

What do you think of English?

What do you think of English?
I like it . I love it . / I don’t like it. /I don’t love it.

I don’t mind it.(不介意,不反对)

I can’t stand it.(无法忍受) A:I like it.
B:I agree.(同意)

1a Match the TV shows with the pictures [a-g].
1.talk show____ e

2.soap opera____ d
3.sports show____ b c 4. sitcom _______ 5.game show_____ a g 6.talent show_____ 7.news ________ f

1b Listen and number the shows [1-4] in the order you hear them.

2 ____talent show 4 ____soccer game

____talk show 1 3 ____ news

? ?
? ?

Jack: What do you think of soap
operas, Mark?

Mark: I don’t like them.
Jack: What do you think of game

Mark: I love them.

? ? ?

Jack: What do you think of sitcoms?
Mark: Sitcoms? Mmm. I don’t mind them. Jack: What do you think of sports shows?

? ?

Mark: I like them.
Jack: What do you think of talk

Mark: Talk shows?! I can’t stand them.

1c Practice the conversation. Then make your own conversations. A: What do you want to watch? B: What do you think of talk shows? A: They’re Ok. I don’t mind them. B: Then let’s watch a talk show.

Ⅰ. Fill in the blanks.
1. My grandfather likes wearing fashion clothes. doesn’t mind He ____________ what young people think of ________ (认为)him. can’t stand 2. The old men ____________ rock music. They think it’s too noisy. loves 3. Her sister _______ soap opera. That’s her favorite. don’t like 4. I __________ to go shopping with Mother. It’s crowded in the store.

5. --What _____ you think of soap operas? do can’t them --I ______ stand ______.

do 6. --What _____ your classmates think of sports shows?
don’t them --They _____ mind ______. 7. --What _____ she think of my new shirt? does doesn’t it -- She _______ like _____. does 8. --What ______ Tony think of the food? --He likes _____. it do 9. --What _____ they think of the cat? it --They love _____.

Ⅱ. 中译英
1. 你觉得肥皂剧怎么样? 我受不了。 What think of soap ______? ________ do you ______ ___ _____ operas I ____

__ ________ _______. can’t stand them

2. 他不喜欢情景喜剧。 doesn’t like _______. He _______ _____ sitcoms 3. Tina对运动节目不在乎。 doesn’t mind sports shows Tina _______ ______ ______ ______.

4. Tony认为谈话节目怎么样? 他很喜爱它。 does talk show --What ______Tony think of _____ _____? loves -- He ________ it. 5. 我哥哥喜欢体育世界而我姐姐喜欢情景喜剧。 likes while My brother ______ Sports World _______ my sitcom sister likes ________.

6. 你认为这条裙怎么样? 我无法忍受它的颜色。 --What do you think of this skirt? --I can’t stand its color. 7. 你妈妈喜欢访谈节目吗? 非常喜欢, 因为她认为它们很有趣。 --Does your mother like talk shows? --Yes, she does. She thinks they’re interesting.

Ⅲ. 句型转换
1. She loves soap operas. (变成一般疑问句, 并作 否定回答) --Does she love soap operas?

--No, she doesn’t. 2. Sally went to bed early last night. (变成否定句) Sally didn’t go to bed early last night . 3. Dick doesn‘t mind talk show. (变成 what 引导 的问句) What does Dick think of talk show?

4. Rick's mother loves sitcoms. (变成否定句) Rick's mother doesn’t love sitcoms. 5. I wear colorful clothes because I want to be young and beautiful. (就划线部分提问) Why do you wear colorful clothes?

Don’t watch TV too much! It’s bad for your health and study

1. 了解中央电视台有关的电视栏目名称。 搜集自己喜欢的电视节目的相关资料。 (包括电视栏目名称,主持人以及播出时间) 2. Write down your report.

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