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2013年八年级英语上册 Unit 5 Do you want to watch a game show单元综合试卷 (新版)人教新目标版

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Unit5 Do you want to watch a game show?试卷及答案

一.根据首字母提示补全单词。(10x1=10) 1. The movie Kong Fansen is very e ,we can learn a lot from it. 2. The story h on July1,1937,older people will never forget it. 3. Why are you late for school again?Tell me the r . 4. Jason was ill, so Mike took his p to take part in the competition. 5. Billgates is a very s man,I want to succeed like him,too.

6. Before having the listening test,our English teacher asked,"Are you r ?"

7.He asked me to meet him at the park at 7:00,I waited for a long time,but he didn't a . 8. China is f for the Great Wall,every year many travelers come to see


9.Writing new words again and again is m ,you still don't know how

to use them. 10.People can't s staying under water for a long time.

二.用所给词的适当形式填空。(10x1=10) 1.My parents hope (I) have a dream job in 10 years. 2.Our teachers expect us (study)harder and harder. 3.Do you mind (open) the window?It's too hot in the room. 4.Americans enjoy (plan) to do things before doing them. 5.How long can you stand (not sleep)? 6.Sun Cinema is (comfortable) in town. 7.Wu Kui is (clever) and Cao Qiuyue is (hard-working) in our class. 8..He was always ready _______(help ) others before

9.What is as ________(famous) as the Michey Mouse.10.E (educational) plays a role in our development(发展)in China.


( )1. What _________exciting news! We are all very excited about it.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )2. If you plan ________a movie, choose Mulan.

A. watch B. to watch C. watching D. watched

( )3. We hope ________good grades.

A. get B. to get C. getting D. got

( )4. I hope you ________a nice weekend.

A. have B. to have C. having D. had

( )5. Can you ________when the train will arrive?

A. look B. look at C. find D. find


( )6. Hi, Jean! You look unhappy. ____________?

A. What did you happen B. What you happened C. What happened to you D. Did

you happen what


( )7. I didn’t expect ________anything enjoyable at all.

A. saw B. see C. seeing D. to see

( )8. Walt Disney was famous _______his cartoons.

A. like B. as C. at D. for

( )9. I don’t mind _________soap operas.

A. watch B. to watch C. watching D. watched

( )10. We waited an hour for Jack, but he didn’t ________.

A. appear B. get C. arrived D. disappear

( )11.The sitcom is very interesting, I ___________ it. A. like B. don’t like C. don’t mind D. can’t stand

( )12.I __________ soap operas. They are boring.

A. can’t stand B. like C. love D. don’t mind

( )13. In summer, we should ________cool clothes.

A. put on B. wear C. dress D. dress up

( )14. She ________and went to the party.

A. wore B. put on C. dressed D. dressed up

( )15. She learns a lot _________the educational movie.

A. in B. at C. to D. from

( )16. You can ask me ________question at ________time.

A. some, some B. some, any C. any, some D. any, any

( )17. Great changes happened in China _________.

A. in the 1980s B. in the 1980 C. in 1980s D. on the 1980

( )18. They arrived ________Beijing _________the morning of May 10.

A. at, in B. at, on C. in, in D. in, on

( )19. _________July 12,2009, he went to Shanghai for the first time _________a plane.

A. On, on B. On, by C. In, on D. In, by

( )20. Don’t worry. I’ll try my best ________you.

A. help B. helping C. helps D. to help


Mr Green is an old man. He is very kind, and he has many friends. But there is __1__ wrong

with his eyes. So he can’t see clearly.

One day he went to New York 2 train. He went there to visit his best friend. 2

After he got there 3 the evening, he found his friend 4 at home. So he 5 find a hotel to live in.

The next day, his friend didn’t come back. In the afternoon he went to buy two bottles of wine(酒).

When he came back to his room in the hotel, he found a fly(苍蝇) was on the wall. But

he thought it was a snail(钉子), so he put the bottles on 6 . Of course, the fly came down to the floor and the bottles were broken. He had to buy 7 two bottles. The waitress in the hotel knew this, then she put a 8 into the wall.When he came back, he

looked up at the wall and found the “fly” was there again. So he walked 9 and hit(敲) it

hard with his hands. At once (立刻)he cried 10 .

( )1. A. something B. everything C. nothing D. anything

( )2. A. in B. on C. by D. at

( )3. A. at B. in C. on D. for

( )4. A. was B. wasn’t C. did D. didn’t be

( )5. A. could B. would C. must D. had to

( )6. A. it B. them C. that D. this

( )7. A. other B. the other C. more D. another

( )8. A. fly B. snail C. bottle D. friend

( )9. A. quickly B. fast C. careful D. quietly

( )10. A. loudly B. happily C. quickly D. clearly


TV Programs

Channel 1 Channel 2

18:00 Around China 17:45 computer today

18:30 Children’s programs 18:10 Foreign arts

19:00 News 18:30 English classroom

19:30 Weather report 19:00 Animal world

19:40 Around the world 19:25 China 99

20:10 TV play: sisters 20:20 Sports

21:00 English for today 21:00 TV play: Guo Lanying

21:15 Popular music 21:45 English news

21:55 Talk show 22:05 On TV next week

( ) 1. If you want to watch a football game the best program for you would be _____

A. TV play B. Sports C. Around the world D. Talk show

( )2. The program of _____ will let you know much about western(西方的) countries.

A. Sisters B. Around China C. Around the world D. On TV next week

( )3. If you want to know something about tigers, elephants and monkeys, the 3


program for you is _____

A. Around China B. Animal world C. TV play D. Foreign arts

( )4. English classroom is a program that ______

A. let you know something about classroom

B.tells you something about students

C.let you know something about school life

D.teaches you English

( )5. The program at the end of Channel 2 means ____ on TV next week

A. news B. program C. people D. Places

Last Sunday evening, I went to town with my mother. After we bought lots

of things, we went out of

the supermarket and found it was raining hard. But we had no umbrella. Just when we were trying to

get into a taxi, a strange old man came up to us. He was carrying a nice umbrella and he said he would

give the umbrella to us for one dollar. He said he lost his wallet and needed some money to take a taxi

to go back home.

My mother didn’t believe what he said at first, and asked him a lot of questions and then gave him a

dollar. But the man didn’t get into a taxi. We followed him and found he went into a club and bought

himself a glass of whiskey with the dollar. After he drank it, he put on his hat and took one of the many

wet umbrellas there and went off with the new one. Soon after that, he sold it again.

( ) 6.What’s the weather like that day?

A. It was windy. B. It was sunny. C. It was rainy.

( ) 7.In fact, the old man wanted to get money to ______.

A. buy a wallet B. buy some whiskey C. buy an umbrella

( ) 8.The old man got ______ from the writer’s mother.

A. one yuan B. one dollar C. two dollars

( ) 9.From the passage, we can know that the old man was ______.

A. not honest (诚实的) B. friendly C. helpful

( ) 10.The underlined word “strange” means ______ in Chinese.

A. 可怜的 B. 喝醉的 C. 陌生的

For many people of Norway(挪威),skiing(滑雪) is the best way to have fun in winter. Almost everyone can ski. Children learn to ski after they learn to walk. Long long ago in Norway ,there were no buses, trains or cars. People had to find a way to walk over the deep snow. Skis were the right answer!

Although they love winter, the people of Norway are also happy to see summer come. They enjoy the out-door activities at any time of the year. In summer they 4

swim and sunbathe near the beach. Some people go hiking and go mountain climbing. Sail-boating is also very popular during the warm sunny summer months.

The Norwegians(挪威人), like people everywhere, find many in-door ways

to have a good time. During the long winter they also enjoy movies. They like to read books from the libraries in all seasons. Family life is very important to the people of Norway.

( ) 11.In winter, ______ is the most popular sport for Norwegians to have a good time.

A. skiing. B. skating . C. swimming

( ) 12.Long long time ago, Norwegians skied for ______.

A. having fun B. crossing the deep snow C. making money

( ) 13.How many activities can you find in the passage?

A. 6 B. 7 C. 8

( )14.The writer wants to tell us about ______.

A. skiing B. the life of Norwegians C. out-door activities

( ) 15. Which sentence is right?

A. Norwegians like winter, but they don’t like summer.

B. Norwegians don’t think family life is very important.

C. Norwegians also like indoor activities.


1. They enjoyed that movie very much.(变为一般问句)

___________they_________that movie very much?

2. She often watches TV play in the evening.(变为否定句) She __________often __________TV play in the evening. 3."Modern English"is very interesting.(变为感叹句)

__________ _________"Modern English"___________! 4.I can't stand soap operas.(对划线部分提问) __________do you_________ _________soap operas? 5.He read the story last night. (对划线部分提问)

_________ _________he _______the story?

6.They enjoyed themselves watching the match.(改写句子,句意不变) They _______ _________ _________ _________watching the match.

7.How do you like talk shows?(改写句子,句意不变) _________do you ________ _________talk shows?

七.补全对话 (10x1=10) A: What do you ______1____ of Sports World?

B: I _____2______ mind ____3______. I love Animal World best. A: I do, _____4______. What do you think of the ____5_______, Zhao Zhongxiang? B:I like _____6______, especially his voice.

A: ______7______ about your parents? B: They like Law Today. And we all love the host Sa Beining.


A: What else do they ______8______?

B: Oh, my mother likes soap ______9_____, but my father can’t ____10_______ them. He loves

World News.





二.1.I 2.to study 3.opening 4.planning 5.not sleeping 6.the most comfortable

7.the cleverest/the

most hard-working 8.to help 9.famous 10.Education





七.1.think 2.don’t 3.it 4.too 5. host 6.him 7.How/What 8.like 9.operas 10.stand



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