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2013年八年级英语上册 Unit 5 Do you want to watch a game show单元综合测试 (新版)人教新目标版

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Unit5 Do you want to watch a game show?测试题


1.I can’t s the music. Please turn off the player. 2.Did you hear the n —three boys died in a river this summer? 3.Jenny is very funny. He often tells j . 4.Chen Jingrun is very f scientist on China. 5.He often d up like a girl. 6.He is very r but his brother is very poor.

7.Shaolin Temple(少林寺) is an a movie. 8.We had a d about TV show in class meeting today. 9.I never go to watch the game show because it is m . 10.The actor did a good j in the movie.


1.I can’t stand (listen) to the noisy music. 2.There (be) some exciting news in today’s newspaper. 3.Would you mind (open) the window? 4.Did you watch (sport) show on TV yesterday? 5.Where do you plan (go) this Sunday? 6.Do you want (watch) the news? 7.Sally thinks soap operas are (educational) than sitcoms. 8.I hope (watch) the action movie one day. 9.Yao Ming is a (success) player in NBA. 10.I think Xi Yangyang is as (famous) as Mikey Mouse.


1.我希望某一天能当一名电视台记着。 I a TV reporter .

2.它是第一部带有声音和音乐的卡通。 It was the first cartoon sound and music.

3.雷锋总是乐于助人。 Lei Feng was always help others.

4.在二十世纪八十代,他就成了一名医生。 ,he became a doctor.

5.我认为这个女演员把木兰角色扮演得很好。 I think the actress Mulan’s well.

6.她装扮得像个男孩。 She like a boy.

7.今天他代替王先生给我们上课。 He Mr Wang’s to teach us.

8.这部电影展示了她对家庭、朋友、国家的热爱。 The movie her love her family,friends and country.

9.今天人们希望看到的不只是小老鼠打败坏家伙。 People today expect to see little mouse fighting bad guys.


10.He had many problems (例如)making friends,losing jobs. IV、句型转换(10分)

1.I hope to find out what’s happening around the world.(同义句)

I hope to find out what’s around the world.

2.They may not be very excited.(同义句) they very excited.

3.Do you want to watch the news?(同义句) you to watch the news? 4.He never wants to watch a game show, ?(完成反意问句)

5.John wants to watch talk shows because they’re enjoyable.(对划线部分提问) John to watch talk show?

6.Over 80 years ago,he first appeared in the cartoon Steamboat While.(同义句) 80 years ago,he first appeared in the cartoon Steamboat While.

7.What do you think of talk show?(同义句) do you talk show?

8.The other cartoons are not as famous as Mickey?(同义句) Mickey is the other cartoons.

Mickey is the other cartoons. Mickey is of all the cartoons.


( )1.I don’t mind you with your English.

A.help B.to help C.helping D.helps

( )2.I can’t stand the terrible TV show.

A.watch B.watching C.to watch D.watched ( )3. That magazine every Monday.

A.comes out B.comes up C.comes over D.comes true ( )4.we should Lei Feng.

A.learn from B.learn with C.learn to D.learn after

( )5.Let’s here,let him there.

A.sit,stand B.to sit, to stand C.to sit,stand D.sit,to stand ( )6.She often plans something to help others.

A.to do B.does C.do D.doing

( )7.—What happened you yesterday?

—I happened meet my old friend,Lucy.

A.to,to B.with, to C.to,with D.with,with ( )8.They are trying what is going on around the world.

A.look for B.to look for C.to find out D.find out ( )9.Does John want talk show?

A.to watch B.watch C.watches D.watchs ( )10. November 18,1978,Mickey became foumas.

A.In B.At C.On D.Of ( )11. ,he made 87 cartoons with Mickey.

A.In 1930s B.In the 1930’s C.In the 1930 D.On the 1930s ( )12.Walt Disney made 87 cartoons ,he became .


A.successful,successful B.successfully,successfully

C.successful, successfully D.successfully,successful ( )13.I saw two an apple when I came by.

A.mice,eating B.mouses,eating C.mice,ate D.mouses,ate ( )14.Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon sound and music.

A.and B.with C.in D.of ( )15.He always tries to face any and met some things.

A.danger,dangerous B.danger,danger

C.dangerous,dangerous D.dangerous, danger ( )16.We should eat many fruits apples and oranges.

A.for example B.such as C.so as D.such like

( )17.There isn’t in today’s newspaper.

A.something new B.new something

C.anything new D.new anything

( )18.Mr Wang didn’t come,so Mrs Wang .

A.took him place B.took his place

C.took of him D,became him ( )19.At the party,Lucy like a Mickey Mouse to make us .

A.dressed up, laugh B.dressed up,to laugh

C.dressed on,laugh D.dressed on,to laugh ( )20.I think the actress well.

A.did Mulan’s role B.did Mulan’s way

C.played Mulan’s role D.played Mulan’s way ( )21.The actors in the movie.

A.was good B.did a good job C.did good D.played good

( )22. —I think Boonie Bears(熊出没)isn’t as as Pleasant Goat(喜羊羊). —I agree with you. Boonie Bears is than Pleasant Goat.

A.famous,more famous B.famous,less famous

C.more famous,less famous D.less famous,more famous ( )23.Kong Fansen is educational movie,most people felt .

A.an, exciting B.an,excited C.a,exciting D.a excited

( )24.—What do you the movie?

—It is very educational.

A.think of B.like C.like of D.think ( )25.Mulan is exciting movie. It comes from old Chinese story.

A.an,an B.a,an C.an,a D.a,a


Yesterday Princess Eva(夏娃公主)was happy. She went to a carnival. The weather was sunny, and the food was 1 . There were Clowns and a band(魔杖). She had a good, 2 there was a bad magician at the party.

Princess Eva saw the magician and she laughed. The magician didn’t 3 . He touched her mouth with a wand. He said, “From now on, you can’t talk. You can’t laugh.”And Princess Eva 4 make a sound.

Princess Eva could feel, and hear, and see, and smell, and taste. But she couldn’ 3

t 5 . She couldn’t laugh. A doctor came and looked at her fingers, her 6 , her eyes, her nose, and her tongue. She wasn’t sick. But something was 7 . Even a clown couldn’t make her laugh!

But then one day, a nice man came to town. He had a band of 8 . His dog, his cat, and his horse sang for the princess. They made loud noises. They sounded 9 ! The Princess started to 10 . “Look! I can laugh! I can talk!” she cried. It was a happy day.

( )1.A.bad B.terrible C.delicious D.awful

( )2.A.Because B.But C.So D.though

( )3.A.tell B.shout C.say D.laugh

( )4.A.can’t B.mustn’t C.couldn’t D.needn’t

( )5.A.talk C.listen C.smile D.laugh

( )6.A.leg B.feet C.neck D.ears

( )7.A.right B.OK C.wrong D.nice

( )8.A.plants B.colours C.shapes D.animals

( )9.A.good B.nice C.terrible D.happy

( )10.A.cry B.walk C.laugh D.run


Helen’s eyes are not very good, so she wears glasses. But she doesn’t wear glasses when she is with her friend, Jim. When Jim comes to her house to take her out, she will take her glasses off, and when she gets back, she puts on the glasses.

One day her mother asks her, “Helen, why don’t you wear glasses when you are with Jim? He takes you to many lovely places in his car, but you can’t see anything.” Helen says, “I look more lovely to Jim when I’m not wearing my glasses and he looks better to me, too.”

( )1、Jim comes to take Helen .

A. to school B. to work C. to see lovely places D. to his home

( )2、Helen doesn’t wear glasses .

A. when Jim is with her B. when she is at home

C. when she is at school D. in the evening

( )3、Jim and Helen go out .

A. by bus B. by car C. by bikes D. by plane

( )4、Which sentence is right?

A. Helen doesn’t like Jim. B. Helen wants to look more lovely.

C. Jim doesn’t like glasses. D. Helen’s mother knows Helen very much.

( )5、Jim looks better to Helen .

A. when he sees everything clearly

.B. when she sees everything clearly.

C. when he doesn’t see things clearly.

D. when she doesn’t see things clearly.



请以“My Best Game Show”为题写一篇短文。字数80词左右。



I.1.stand 2.news 3.jokes 4.famous 5.dresses 6.rich 7.action 8.discussion

9.meaningless 10.job

II.1.listening 2.is 3.opening 4.sports 5.to go 6.to watch 7.more educational 8.to watch 9.successful 10.famous

III.1.hope to be,one day 2.with 3.ready to 4.In the 1980s 5.played ,role

6.dressed up 7.took,place 8.showed for 9.more than just 10.such as

IV. 1.going on 2.maybe,aren’t 3.Would,like 4.does,he 5.Why does,want

6.More than 7.How,like 8.more famous than,the most famous

V.1-5CBAAA 6-10AACAC 11-15BDABA 16-20BCBAC 21-25BBBAA

VI. 1.C 2.A 3.D 4.C 5.A 6.D 7.C 8.D 9.C 10.C




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