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( ) 1. A. In order to save Earth, we should protect the environment as much as we


B. In order to save the environment, we should protect Earth as much as we


C. In order to protect the environment, we should save Earth as much as we


( ) 2. A. Although the trip was short, they had a great time in Hong Kong.

B. Although the trip was short, we had a great time in Hong Kong.

C. Although the trip was short, we had a great time in Taiwan.

( ) 3. A. I was watching TV when my sister was playing the piano.

B. I was playing the piano while my sister was watching TV.

C. I was watching TV while my sister was playing the piano.



( ) 1. A. She was too old to look after herself.

B. She was not old enough to look after herself.

C. Though she was young, she could look after herself.

( ) 2. A. Mike always likes buying toys with his pocket money.

B. Toys always cost Mike all his pocket money.

C. Mike always uses his pocket money to buy toys.



1. ___________________________________________________________________

2. ___________________________________________________________________

3. ___________________________________________________________________ IV.听短文回答问题。(下面短文和问题都念两遍。)(共3小题,每题1分)

1. ___________________________________________________________________

2. ___________________________________________________________________

3. ___________________________________________________________________ V.请用英语描述下图,要求六句话以上。(4分)





( A. supported B. praised C. chosen D. found

( A. often B. always C. sometimes D. rarely

( A. take in B. get back C. take out D. move away

( ways.

A. besides B. except C. instead of D. as well as

( A. went into B. went past C. went across D. went through ii. 选择最佳答案(10%)

1. If you use an English word more often, of course you ________ it better.

A. remember B. remembering

C. will remember D. remembered

2. ______ he retired from work, _____ he was concerned about his company.

A. Though, but B. Although, /

C. /, though D. /, /

3. I’m searching for the clues for the accident. Please tell me what ________ at this time last night.

A. were you doing B. you did

C. you were doing D. you have done

4. Dr. Wang called me to ask when the plane would _______.

A. turn off B. take off

C. set off D. fly off

5. Mar Twain was a famous American writer in ___________.

A. the 1830s’ B. 1830s

C. the 1830’s D. the 1830s

6. There are many places of ____ in China, many foreign visitors enjoy doing ____ sightseeing here.

A. interests, many B. interest, much

C. interests, much D. interest, many

7. Tomas Edison ______ a lab for himself when he was young.

A. set out B. set free

C. set up D. set in

8. While my mother was busy ______, I ______ TV.

A. cooking, watched B. cooking, watching

C. to cook, was watching D. cooking, was watching

9. Mr. Black went to see a doctor this morning since it was difficult for him _______ asleep at night.

A. to fall B. falling

C. fell D. to falling

10. My mother is strict _____ me, but I am still grateful _____ her.

A. with, with B. to, to

C. with, to D. to, with


When I was three years old, just before my sister was born, my mom asked me what we

should name the new baby. I said, “Let’s call Gravy(肉汁)!”

You know, we pour gravy over meat and it tastes ! My parents found my .

Having a sister changed my life. When my sister and I played together, we often got into fights and got angry with each other if we did wrong. It sometimes drove our parents crazy. at the same time, we learned to share our things and to forgive(原谅) each other when we got angry.

In North America, there are many kinds of families, but most families a boy and a girl. Of course, some have three or more. In China, most children don’t have brothers sisters, and they have to learn those things in ways, which is more difficult.

When I moved away to university, my sister wished that I still lived at home. She wasn’t used to getting all the attention from my parents. But Chinese children get all the attention for all their life!

Some middle school students in China wish they had a brother or you are one of them, I have a good idea for you. Treat(对待)your friends and

classmates your brothers and sisters!

A. her B. him C. me 11.

A. fine 12.

A. in place of 13.

A. something 14.

A. But 15.

A. have 16.

A. and 17.

A. another 18.

A. Though 19.

A. instead of 20.

B. good B. in place B. everything B. So B. has B. but B. the other B. If B. for

C. well C. instead C. anything C. Or C. had C. with C. other C. When C. as

D. them D. kind D. instead of D. nothing D. Though D. are having D. or D. any other D. Because D. like


English names and Chinese names are quite different, but it’s not hard for us to know.

Unlike Chinese, most English people three names. One is their family name, both of

names are given names. Their family name given name. They use Mr, Mrs or Miss the given name, but they never . a man named James we can’t call him Mr James or Mr Allan. People usually use James. Jim is short for James because easy to remember.But Chinese names are the opposite.A girl named Han meimei puts her family name Han first. Of course, she Ah Mei for short in China if you wish.

B. had C. have D. owns 21.A . has 22.A . another

23. A. are

A. with 24. A. theirs 25.

A. call 26.

A. so 27.

A. instead of 28.

B. other B. is

B. for B. their B. ask B. or B. for

C. others C. was C. of C. them C. write C. but C. with C. it

D. the other D. were D. to D. it D. say D. and D. of D. its’

A. its B. it’s 29.

30. A. can call B. calls


C. can be called D. called


In Britain, people often invite friends for a meal, a party or just coffee. People

who know each other very well—close friends, family or neighbors—visit each other’s houses without an invitation, but usually an invitation is needed. When people invite someone to their homes, they often say: “Would you like to come for dinner on Saturday?” Answers are: “Thanks. We’d love to. What time?” or “I’m sorry. We’d love to but we have tickets for the concert.” However, it is not polite to say “No, we wouldn’t”!

Sometimes, the British use expressions that sound like invitations. For example: “You must come over for a drink sometime.” or “Let’s go out for a meal one of these days.” These are usually just polite ways of ending a talk. They are not real invitations because they don’t mention an exact time or day. They just show that the person is trying to be friendly and the answers are: “Yes, that would be nice.” or “OK, yes, thanks.” So next time, you hear what sounds like an invitation, listen carefully. Is it a real invitation or is the person just being friendly?

31.It’s always necessary for ______ to visit each other’s houses with an invitation.

A. close friends B. family members

C. neighbours D. new friends

32.It is not polite to answer the real invitation by saying “_________”

A. Sorry, we’d love to but we have tickets for the concert.

B. Thanks. We’d love to. What time?

C. Sure. We’d like to, thanks a lot.

D. No, we wouldn’t!

33.If the British just want to end a talk politely, they may say, “_________”

A. Would you like to come for dinner on Saturday?

B. Let’s go out for a meal one of these days.

C. Let’s go out for a meal on Saturday.

D. Shall we go for a drink this afternoon?

34.The British often use “________” to answer the invitations that are not real.

A. Yes, what time?

B. No, that’s not a real invitation.

C. OK, yes, thanks.

D. No, you just want to be friendly.

35.Which is the best title for the passage?

A. Britain B. Invitations in Britain

C. A talk with friends D. A Dinner


In Singapore,many middle school students spend a lot of their time on their studies. Good education is often regarded as a ticket to success in their future.So,many of these students try their best to get a good mark in their examinations.They have a lot of homework every day and exams are a big headache.Sometimes,some of them are even made to go to remedial(补习的)classes after schoo1.

Schools run programmes outside school hours.The students can take part in sports and games,music and dance,hiking and rock—climbing,etc.They are also very active in community service(社区服务).In their spare time,most students like to listen to pop music.Hollywood blockbusters(大片),Hong Kong and Singapore movies are very popular among them.They understand IT very well.Some of them also spend their free time surfing the Internet,e—mailing their friends,playing computer and video games.They sometimes go to cafes,fast—food restaurants,shopping centers and big bookstores.So,it looks like life as a middle school student in Singapore is not easy but it is rich and colorful.

36.Many students want to get good education to be _____ in the future.

A.popular B.successful

C.comfortable D.generous

37._____ go to remedial classes after school in Singapore

A.A11 of the students

B.Few of the students

C.Not all the students

D.Most of the students

38.In the school,the students can’t ______ outside school hours.

A.have sports


C.go hiking

D.go to a restaurant

39.According to the passage,most students in Singapore like ______.

A.Hollywood blockbusters

B.writing to their friends

C.talking to their friends

D.having exams

40.The meaning of the underlined sentence in the passage is ________.

A.the middle schoo1 students’ life in Singapore is easy

B.the middle school students’ life in Singapore is amazing (疯狂的)

C.the middle school students’ life in Singapore is boring

D.the middle school students’ life in Singapore is hard,but it’s interesting


Mr. Zhang is on business in France. Here is the hotel card for him. According to the information on the card, choose the right answers.

41.Mr. Zhang lives in ______.

A. Hotel Eiffel B. Hotel Concorde

C. Hotel Mapol D. Hotel Napoleon

42.The hotel is ______ .

A. on King Street near a bank

B. next to a museum

C. near a train station

D. on George Street

43._______ buses can reach the hotel.

A. Two B. Three

C. Four D. Five

44.If Mr. Zhang gets lost, he can _______.

A. take Bus 507 to the hotel

B. wait until the light is green

C. go back to the hotel to search the Internet

D. call the hotel at the phone number on the card

45.Which of the following is true?

A. Open the door when the red light is on.

B. The card can be used to open the door.

C. The card can be used for shopping.

D. Mr. Zhang can keep the card when he checks out.



46.Joyce will study in Canada as an e______ student.

47.Grandma Liang has a number of grandchildren, i_____ Peter.

48.It’s dangerous to ask a s_______ to look after your belongings(行李).

49.The student is good at all the subjects, she wins s_______ every year.

50.A car rushed to the p______ last night, some people hurt in the accident.


51. Unlike the earth, the surface of the moon is cold and ________ (life).

52. Flowers can grow well in a green house because there is enough ________


53. An ________ (education) trip is different from a common one. We can learn a lot.

54. The kind man helped us so much that we were ________ (grate) to him.

55. Have you ever been to the concert of the ________ (piano) Lang Lang?

56. ________ (west) parents educate their kids in different ways.

57. This new method seems ________ (use) to our English study.

58. You should choose the most suitable mobile phone, not the ________ (late) one.

59. What did you think of when the poor boy ________ (beg) you for money?

60. Linda says her grandparents have ________ (marry) for nearly fifty years.


B: Yes, I go to the school summer camp every year (61) ________last year.

A: Why do you take part in such an activity?

B: I think we can learn to be (62) ________and to work with others.

A: I agree. In fact, it also brings us a lot of (63) ________, doesn't it?

B: Yes, it does. Anything else?

A: Well, it can help (64) ________our health.

B: Sounds good. I'm (65) ________ you'll still take part in it this year.

A: Of course I will.


Maria: Sorry, I went to climb Wutong Mount with my parents that day.

Eric: Oh, I see. How do you like your climbing?

Maria: (67) ________

Eric: Why do you say so? Did anything happen to you?

Maria: (68) ________ They threw rubbish everywhere on the hill.

Eric: (69) ________

Maria: Although they never listened to me, I did.

Eric: That sounds a bit annoying. (70) ________

Maria: Thanks. I do hope people can drop bad habits and help protect our



林涛是学校“爱心俱乐部(Kind-Hearted Club)”的成员之一。请根据林涛的情况和图片的内容,用英语写一篇字数80字左右的文章介绍林涛。


a tall boy with thick black hair, round cheeks, small eyes, a smiling mouth, look strong and healthy,

get on well with…, get ready to help others, …


Lin Tao is a member of our school’s Kind-Hearted Club.______________________________________




第一节:单项选择1-5CBCD 6-10 BCDAC

第二节:语法填空11-15 A BCAA 16-20 A DCBC

三、完形填空(10%)21-25 CDBAC 26-30 ACABC

四、阅读理解(20%)31-35 DDDCB 36-40 BCDAD 41-45 AABDB



46. exchange 47. including 48. stranger 49. scholarship 50. pavement


51. at the age of 52. asked to get, him 53. Both, and, are, teachers 54. instead of

55.It’s easy, to draw


56. lost his memory, accident 57. keep in touch with 58. is worth reading, expensive(dear) 59. parents are delighted with 60. gets in trouble with


Lin Tao is a member of our school’s Kind-Hearted Club. He is a tall boy with thick black hair. He has round cheeks, small eyes and a smiling mouth. He looks strong and healthy. He is kind-hearted and gets on well with everyone. He always gets ready to help others. For example, he often helps his classmates with the lessons, helps old people cross the road. When he takes a bus, he often gives his seat to the people in need. To protect the environment, when he is free, he goes to the park to collect rubbish with his friends. Lin Tao is a good student. We should learn from him.

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