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1.What clothes would she like (穿).

2.I want 购物)on this weekend with my brothers.

3.What kind of (天气)would you like?

4.Our teacher is very 友好)to us. We like her very much.

5.I enjoy the articles in the school (杂志).


6.There are three in our city. We can buy food, vegetables and other things from them.

and often makes us laugh(大笑).

10. He works in a TV station. He is a r .



A.英语句子的首词;数词 B.国家名称;缩略词

C.月份名词;星期名词 D.职务名词;单词I

12.. 书写上没有错误又合乎英语表达习惯的句子是_________。

A. yes, I am. B. This's my computer.

C. I'm in Two Grade. D. What's this in English?

13. _________ are all in Class Eight.

A. You, I and she B. I, you and she C. She, you and he

D. You, she and I

14. I have _________ orange coat. It is in my _________ room.

A. an; / B. an; the C. a; a D. the; a

15. I can see only some _________ and _________ on the table.

A. potato; cabbages B. juices; dumplings C. potatoes; beef

D. beefs; cabbages

16. Lisa is a _________ girl. She is _________ years old this year.

A. good; twenty-two B. fine; twenty and two

C. nice; twenty two D. well; 22

17. These socks are _________, but the coats are his two _________.

A. Brad; cousin B. Brad's; cousins's C. Brad; cousins

D. Brad's; cousins'


18. My sister is only three years old. But she can _________ story books and

_________ TV.

A. see; see B. read; watch C. reads; watches

D. see; watch

19.She lunch at home last night.

A. hadn’t B.didn’t have C.doesn’t have D. didn’t has

20.---Why do you want action movies?

---Because they’re A. see;exciting B.to see;exciting C. see;excited

D. to see;excited

21.This animal is very fun. She usually lives in the sea. She’s a bird, but she

can’t fly. She’s a _A dolphin B giraffe C penguin D bingo

22.----Is Tim like his father? ----_______.

A. Yes, he likes his father B. Yes, he does C. No, he isn’t

D. No, he isn’t like.

23. — _________ — They are $60.

A. How much is it? B. How old are they?

C. What're their numbers? D. How much are they?

24. —Have a good day! —_________

A. The same to you. B. How do you do?

C. Fine, thank you. D. Nice to meet you, too.

25. (1) What color are they?

(2) No, they are sheep.

(3) What’re those over there? Are they dogs?

(4) They’re white.


A. (1)(2)(3)(4) B. (1)(4)(3)(2) C. (3) (4)(1)(2) D. (3)(2)(1)(4)


A wolf (狼)went to a farm. It ate the farmer(农场主)’s . The farmer was angry(生气). He had a gun(枪杀死 He helped the wolf and let it hide(藏) his bag. “Did you see a wolf?”

Mr Bell answered:“Yes,it ran to the mountain just now.”

跳) out of the Mr Bell cried:“I saved(救)you, wolf!” 2

At this time,the farmer the gun came. He killed the wolf and saved Mr Bell. knew that he did wrong(做错) (不要对敌人仁慈).”

( )26. A. fish B. vegetables C. sheep D. fruit

( )27. A. want B. wanted C. wants D. to want

( )28. A. run B. running C. ran D. runs

( )29. A. help B. sheep C. money D. gun

( )30 A. angry B .happy C. clever D. kind

( )31 A. on B. in C. under D. near

( )32. A. don’t B. doesn’t C. didn’t D. did

( )33. A. Before B. When C. With D. After

( )34. A. bag B. mountain C. farm D. trees

( )35. A. and B. so C. but D. because

( )36. A. good B. bad C. clever D. friendly

( )37. A. with B. had C. has D. bring

( )38. A. angry B. kind C. happy D. unhappy

( )39. A. the farmer B. Mr. Bell C. Sheep D. the wolf

( )40. A. told B. tells C. telling D. to tell



BILL:Welcome to Spell It Right!I'm your host,Bill Wilson.What's your name, PlayerOne?

CLARE:My name is Clare


BILL:Nice to meet you,Clare.

CLARE:Nice to meet you,too,


BILL:Where are you from ,


CLARE:I'm from London.

BILL:And what do you do in


CLARE:I'm a bus driver.

BILL:Well,welcome to the show.


BILL:Are you ready(准备好)for Word



CLARE:Yes,I am .

BILL:OK.Word One is window.Please spell window.


BILL:That's right!Very good!Word Two is briefcase.Please spell briefcase. CLARE:B-R-E-I-F-C-A-S-E.

BILL:Ohhhh.I'm sorry.That's wrong.Player Two,are you ready?... 根据图片及对话内容选择最佳答案。(答案涂在答题纸上)

41.The name of the show is________ .

A.What's Your Name B.Stand Up C.Spell It Right D.Are You Ready

42.Clare is________.

A.Player One. B.American C.a teacher D.the host

43.You can watch the show at________.

A.8am B.10am C.4pm D.11pm

44.Does Player Two spell it correctly(正确地)?

A.Yes,he does. B.No,he doesn't. C.No,she isn't.D.We don't know.


A.主人 B.主持人 C.客人 D.嘉宾


I like fishing.Every Sunday I get up early and go to a river by bike.

This morning my wife wants to go with me.We go by car first and then walk to the river.After we get there,we sit down and I start to fish.In two hours(两个小时后),I catch(抓住) nothing.

“All right,Let me have a try.(试试)”she says.She catches six big fish in half an hour.“I’ll go home and I’m going to cook them for lunch.You can take the bus home,”she says.

I stay by the river but catch only an old shoe.I feel a little angry with myself.Who is the fisherman in the family?My wife or I?

46.Every Sunday the man goes fishing_______.

A.by car B.by bike C.by boat

D.by bus

47.His wife watches him fish by the river_______.

A.for two hours B.for two and a half hours

C.for half an hour D.all day

48.Why does the wife want to go fishing with her husband?

A.Because she wants to eat fish. B.Because she likes fishing very much.

C.Because she is good at fishing. D.We don’t know.

49.The man goes back home with_______.


A.six big fish B.an old shoe

C.only a small fish D.nothing

50.What do you think of the man?

五. 任务型阅读。(10分) 根据Jimmy的时间和活动安排,完成他的日记,每空一词。

Day: Friday

Date: (51)_________ (52)_________

Today is May Day(五·一劳动节). I don't have classes. At 7:00 in the (53)_________, I have breakfast. I like to(54)_________ basketball. So I decide to go to the Health Center in the city. After breakfast I go there by (55)_________. There are many people in the center. I play (56)_________ for about two hours. Then I have (57)_________ in a restaurant. After lunch I go to (58)_________. The (59)_________ of the movie is Sleepless Night. It's very exciting. Then I

(60)_________ to my grandma's at about 2 o'clock in the afternoon.


Sue has a cat. She likes playing (61)_________ it at home. But she's seven now and her father tells her to go to school. The teacher does not let her 62)_________ the cat into the classroom. She has to leave it at home, (63)_________ she isn't happy. She doesn't want to go to school and listen to (64)_________ teacher.

Now Class Three (65)_________ studying math. Mr Green sees that Sue is looking out of the (66)_________. He asks Sue, “What's two and two, Sue?”

Sue stands up, but she (67)_________ answer.

“If your mother gives you two pencils,” Mr Green says, “and I give you

(68)_________, how many pencils do you have?”

“Five, Mr Green.”

“You're (69)_________,” Mr Green says. “You have four.”


“I (70)_________ think so,” Sue says. “I already (已经) have one in my pencilcase!”



(参考词汇:保护protect, 砍下cut down, 森林 forest, 杀害 kill )



一、(计10分)1-5 to wear, to shopping/to go shopping, weather, friendly, magazine 6-10 stores, dangerous, little, jokes, reporter

二、单项选择题(计15分)11-15 C, D, D, A, C 16-20 A, D, B, B, B 21-25 C, C, D, A, D 三、完形填空(15分)26-30 C, B, C, A, D 31-35 B, C, D, A, C 36-40 B, A, C, B, B 四.(20分)41-45 C A C D B 46-50 BADD

五(10分)51. May 52. 1st 53. morning54. play 55. bus 56. basketball 57. lunch 58. movies 59. name 60. walk

六.(10分)61. with 62. take 63. so 64. her 65. are 66. window 67. can't 68. two69. wrong 70. don't




班级: 姓名: 得分:

1.2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.10.

选择题部分(50分) 说明:答案选项必须涂成黑色,打钩、叉号、划线条这一律零分


51.52. 69.70.作文(20分)


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