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( )1. It isn’t ______ ring. It’s ________ eraser.

A. an, an B. a, an C. an, a D. a, a

( )2. –____ you have a ping-pong ball? –Yes, I ______.

A. Are, am B. Do, are C. Do, do D. Are , do ( )3.He only _____ them on TV.

A. watchs B. to watch C. watch D. watches ( )4.—Your pen is very nice.—________________.

A. OK B. No, it isn’t C. Thank you D. Yes, it is.

( )5.—_________is your pen? – It’s in my room.

A. What B. Where C. How D. Who ( )6. That’s Bob White. We can call him .

A. Mr. Bob B. Mr. White C. White D. Ms Bob

( )7.—Please _____ your homework to school tomorrow. –OK , Miss Gao.

A. bring B. have C. take D. let ( )8.—Let’s ______ tennis. –That _____ interesting.

A. play, sounds B. play, sound C. plays, sounds D. playing, sounds ( )9.—Are _______ Kate’s _______? –Yes, they are.

A. this, book B. that, book C. these ,book D. those, books

( )10. -- ? –Yes. W-A-T-C-H watch.

A. Is it a watch B. Can you spell watch

C. How do you spell watch D. He can spell watch

二、完型填空。(10分) Look at the girl. She is 1 good friend. She is 2 English girl. 3 name is Kate. 4 twelve. My 5 is Fangfang. 6 a Chinese girl. I’m eleven. Kate 7 a small sports collection. She has 8 tennis racket, three basketballs, and five baseballs, but I only 9 a soccer ball. Kate and I both (都) 10 sports every day.

1、A. his B. her C. your D. my

2、A. a B. an C. the D. \

3、A. His B. She C. Her D. She’s

4、A. She B. She’s C. Her D. Her’s

5、A. name B. book C. friend D. bag

6、A. I B. I’m C. She D. She’s

7、A. have B. has C. doesn’t have D. don’t have

8、A. one B. two C. three D. four

9、A. has B. have C. doesn’t have D. don’t have

10、A. plays B. play C. playing D. to play



It’s five o’clock in the afternoon. Lucy and Lily get home from school. Mr King, their father is busy packing.

Lucy: Hello, Dad. Are you going out?

Dad: Yes. I’m going to Suzhou.

Lily: It’s in Jiangsu, near Shanghai. Do you know Shanghai? Lucy: Yes, I know. It’s a big city.

Dad: Suzhou is not very big. It’s small but very beautiful. Lily: Dad, can we go with you? We have no classes tomorrow. Dad: Yes, I know. It’s weekend. Everyone is at home.

Twins: So, can we go to Suzhou with you?

Dad: Yes, and your mother, too.

Twins: Great! Thanks, Dad.

Dad: Now, could you help me, please? I want to put these things in the car.

Twins: Certainly,Dad.

( )1.What’s their father doing when Lucy and Lily get home from school?

A. Their father is cooking supper.

B. He is doing some housework.

C. He is packing.

D. He is doing nothing.

( )2. Where is Mr King going? He is going to____.

A. Suzhou B. Shanghai C. Jiangsu D. the Park

( )3. What does Suzhou look like? It’s______.

A. big and old B. small but new

C. old but beautiful D. small but beautiful

( )4. How many of them are going?

A. Two of them. B. Three of them.

C. Dad and the twins. D. All of them.

( )5. How are they going there? They are going there______.

A. by train B. on foot

C. in their car D. by bus

( )4. How does the man wash the dishes at last?

A. He asks someone to wash them.

B. He washes them in a river.

C. Many people come to help him.

D. He washes them with the falling rain.

( )5. Which of the following sentence is NOT right?

A. The man’s house is not big.

B. The man can drive.

C. The man doesn’t know how to cook.

D. The man is clever.

( B )

1. John is a middle school student. He lives near the park. He often leaves home for school at 6:45 bus and get to school at 7: 40. Today he gets up late. When he gets to the bus stop, bus 2 just passes by. Could you tell me how hong John has to wait for the next bus?


2. When does Bus 2 arrive at the Bookshop stop?


3. Where does Bus 5 arrives at 7:46?


4. Which bus gets to the Computer city stop at seven fifty-five? _______________________________________________________

5. When does Bus 3 gets to the Hospital stop?




1.favorite(名词) _______ ___ 2.long(反义词) _____ _____

3.hi(同义词)_______ ___ 4.what’s(完全形式)______

5.this(复数) _________ _ 6. yes(反义词) _________ _ 7 is (复数) ________ __ 8.before (反义词)________ _

9. it is(缩写形式) _____ ____ 10.CD(全称) ________ __


1. 五把铅笔刀 2.An eye for an eye.

3. 她的名字 4. It’s time for lunch.

5. 一些牛奶 6.How tall is he?

7. 黑色的长发 8. black sheep

9. 他的钢笔 10. She has 5 watches.

五、按要求改写句子(10 分)

1. Is this your watch?(变为复数形式)

_______________________________ your _________ ?

2.We play soccer every day(改为祈使句)

________us play soccer every day.

3、----What can I do for you?

----I want to buy a pink and purple coat for my sister. (英译汉)




______________________________________________ ?

5、like, he, ice cream,very mnch(连词成句,需增添适当的单词)




(你可能用到的词汇:tree树 cut down 砍伐 bird 鸟 sun 太阳 desert沙

漠 plant植物 种植 green 绿色的 earth地球 environment 环境

protect保护 leaf树叶)

____________________________________________ _______ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ _________________________________________________ _________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______








A)1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

B) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

五、按要求改写句子(10 分)

1. _______________________________ your _________ ?

2. ________us play soccer every day.

3. _______________________________________________

____________________________________ __________

4.______________________________________________ ?

5.______________ __________________________?


____________________________________________ _______ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ _________________________________________________ _________ ____________________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______



6~10BAAD B二、完型填空






1.Ten minutes





, 1. .favorite 2.short 3.hello 4. what is 5. these 6 no 7. are 8. after 9. it’s 10 compact disc


1. five pencil sharpners 2. 以牙还牙以眼还眼3. her name 4 . 该吃午饭了 5 . some milk

6 . 他有多高? 7. long black hair 8 . 败家子 ,败类,害群之马 9 . his pen 10 5一块手表


1.Are these your watches?

2. Let

3.我能为您干点什么吗? 我帮(为)我的姐姐想买一件粉红色和紫色的大衣。

4.Do you know what Tom ate for breakfast?

5.He likes eating ice-cream very mnch.


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