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Unit 8 Period 6

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Oxford English


Module 4

School life


English Week
Period 6
Speaking Project

Notice display
Share your notices.

Talk time
Read the following phrases.

Read the following phrases after the recording.

A1 Say these words in pairs.

A2 Read these sentences. Link the words where indicated and pay attention to the loss of plosion.

Speak up
Brainstorm how to improve your spoken English.

Use the following sentence patterns in your speech.

Make an outline.

How to improve your spoken English
Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 The importance of spoken English Several ways of improving your spoken English · First, ... · Second, ... · Third, ... Conclusion

Paragraph 3

You are going to take part in a speaking competition during English Week. The topic is “How to improve your spoken English”. Prepare a two-minute speech and give a presentation to your classmates.

A In groups of five, decide on the topic for your speech. You may choose one from the topics below.


English Week


educational exchanges great inventions
encyclopaedias memory

stories from ancient

B Each group should brainstorm ideas for the topic. Here is an example.

C Divide the work among the group members.

D Write your speech. Use the outline and the example below to help you.

E Student 5 of each group should give the speech to the class. Then as a class, decide on the best group to take part in the school’s speaking competition during English Week.




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