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( ) 1.(2009·湖北武汉)

—What should I do here?

—Just put all the things they were.

A. where B. when C. whose D. which

【答案】 A

( ) 2.(2009·山东烟台)

______ well you drive, you must drive carefully.

A. No matter where B. In order that

C. No matter how D. As soon as

【答案】 C

( ) 3.(2009·山东烟台)

Don’t laugh at her. She is ______ any of the students in your class.

A. as clever a student as B. as a clever student as

C. so clever a student as D. so a clever student like

【答案】 A

( ) 1.(2009·湖北孝感)

— Tommy, do you know if Frank ______ to the zoo this Sunday if it _______? — Sorry, I have no idea.

A. will go; is fine B. goes; is fine

C. will go; is going to be fine D. goes; will be fine

【答案】 A

( ) 2.(2009·河南)

It’s quite common in Britain to say ―Thank you‖ to the drivers people get off the bus.

A. after B. since C. until D. when

【答案】 D

( ) 3.(2009·湖北孝感)

_____ Switzerland is very small, _____ it is the land of watch and it is very rich.

A. Though; but B. Because; so C. Because; / D. Though; /

【答案】 D

( ) 4.(2009·陕西绥德)

I will call you as soon as I ______ the ticket to the football match.

A. will get B. get C. got D. am getting

【答案】 B

( ) 5.(2009.北京)

If I find his phone number, I ______ you.

A. tell B. told C. will tell D. have told

【答案】 C

( ) 1.(2009·吉林通化)

I bet Mrs. Black will come to help us with the celebration if she ______ too busy tomorrow.

A. is B. will be C. won’t be D. isn’t

【答案】 D

( ) 2.(2009·深圳)

---It’s raining, Daisy.Please________ an umbrella with you.

---Thanks. I’ll return it to you when I______ next week.

A. take, come B. take, will come C. bring,come D. bring, will come

【答案】 A

( ) 3.(2009·深圳)

—David, turn off the TV________ no one is watching it.

—But it_______ off already!The music is from the radio.

A. so that , has been turned

C. if, has been turned

【答案】 C

B. when, has turned D. because, has turned


( ) 1.(2009·甘肃兰州)

I like the teacher__________ classes are very interesting and creative.

A. which B. who C. what D. whose

【答案】 D

( ) 2.(2009·山东淄博)

I don’t know the teacher is talking with Miss Wang.

A. what B. whom C, which D. who

【答案】 D

( ) 3.(2009·河北)

Sorry, we don’t have the coat ______ you need.

A. what B. who C. whom D. which

【答案】 D

( ) 4.(2009·山东烟台)

I’ve found some pictures of the most interesting places ______ you can visit during the winter holidays.

A. where B. which C. what D. that

【答案】 D

( ) 5.(2009·四川成都)

The girl ______ I just talked with is Ben’s mother.]

A. whom B. which C. she

【答案】 A

( ) 1.(2009·河南)

It’s time to say goodbye to my school. I’ll always remember the people have helped me.

A. who B. what C. which D. where

【答案】 A

( ) 2.(2009·湖北孝感)

The skirt _________ is made of silk is very expensive. I can’t afford it.

A. what B. / C. that D. it

【答案】 C

( ) 3.(2009·陕西绥德)

I love people ______ are friendly to others.

A. which B. whose C. what D. who

【答案】 D

( ) 4.(2009.福建漳州)

---Could you tell me something about Zheng He?

---Sure. He was a Ming Dynasty explorer ______ the Chinese people are proud of?

A. which B. whose C. whom D. where

【答案】 C

( ) 1.(2009·哈尔滨)

Ten months has passed, but Chinese people still remember those exciting days_______ they spent during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

A.that B.who C.when

【答案】 A

( ) 2.(2009·吉林通化)

Jim dislikes people ______ talk much but never do anything.

A. whom B. when C. whose

【答案】 D

( ) 3.(2009·辽宁锦州)

—Is everything _____ we need to do _______?

—Yes. You needn’t worry about it.

A. which; has done B. which; doing

C. that; has done D. that; done

【答案】 D

( ) 4.(2009·深圳)

---Do you know the boy_________ is sitting next to Peter?

---Yes.He is Peter’s friend.They are celebrating this______ birthday.

A. who, ninth B. that, nineth C,/, nineth D. which, ninth

【答案】 A

( ) 5.(2009·山东德州)

This is the novel________ is written by Guo Jingming.

A. who B. what C. that

【答案】 C

( ) 6.(2009·湖南长沙)

---What are you looking for?

---I’m looking for the pen ______ I bought yesterday.

A. who B. which C. whose

【答案】 B

( ) 7.(2009·朝阳) D. who D. /

---What kind of music do you like?

---I like music ______ I can sing along with.

A. who B. where C. that D. when

【答案】 C

( ) 8.(2009·福建莆田)

The place ______ interested me most was Jiuzhaigou.

A. which B. where C. what

【答案】 A


( ) 1.(2009·甘肃兰州)

— Excuse me!

— _____

— How can I get to the nearest post office?

A. Yes? B. That’s OK. C. What’s wrong? D. Pardon?

【答案】 A

( ) 2.(2009·甘肃兰州)

---- Would you like some more soup?

---- _______. It is delicious, but I’ve had enough.

A. Yes, please B. No, thank you C. Nothing more D. I’d like some

【答案】 B

( ) 3.(2009·广州)

—What can I do for you?

—A. Yes, you can give a skirt to me

B. I'd like a skirt

C. No, I can do it myself

D. I can do what I want

【答案】 B

( ) 4.(2009·山东淄博)

—Shall we go to play football?

— . Let’s go!

A. Sounds boring B. That’s a good idea C. I’m afraid not

【答案】 B

( ) 5.(2009·湖北武汉)

—Would you please lend me your bike?

— .

A. Sure B. No, thanks C. Never mind D. It was a pleasure

【答案】 A

( ) 6.(2009·湖北武汉)

—How are you doing, Daisy ?

— ,thank you. D. Thank you

A. I'm OK B. I'm a teacher C. I'd love to D. I'm coming

【答案】 A

( ) 7.(2009·湖北武汉)

—Hi, Sunny. Your new flat is so nice!

—Thanks, .

A. don't mention it B. my pleasure

C. help yourself D. make yourself at home

【答案】 D

( ) 8.(2009·山东威海)

---Would you please help me to take these books downstairs?

---_______ .

A. Yes, please B. No problem C. That’s right D. Let’s go

【答案】 B

( ) 9.(2009·山东烟台)

---Will you please take a message for Mike?

---______ .

A. Yes, the message is important B. That’s very nice

C. Thanks for telling me D. I’ll be glad to

【答案】 D

( ) 10.(2009·四川成都)

---Would you mind putting out the cigarette?

---________ .

A. Yes, I do B. No, it doesn’t matter C. Sorry, I’ll do it soon

【答案】 C

( ) 11.(2009·江西)

---Could I borrow your bike?

---______, but please return it by Saturday.

A. I’m sorry B. Of course C. Let me see D. No, thanks

【答案】 B

( ) 12.(2009·江西)

---I can’t go with you today. There will be a test tomorrow.

---______. Maybe next time.

A. It doesn’t matter B. My pleasure

C. I don’t think so D. Sorry to hear that

【答案】 A

( ) 13.(2009·江苏南京)

---Shall I give you a ride as you look so tired?

---Thank you. ______

A. It’s your duty

C. Do as you like

【答案】 D

B. Don’t mention it D. It couldn’t be better

( ) 14.(2009·江苏南京)

---Thank you for your coffee and tasty snacks. I’m afraid I have to go now. ---OK. _______.

A. Go slowly B. All right C. Sounds great D. See you

【答案】 D

( ) 1.(2009·湖北宜昌)

---Would you mind putting out your cigarette ?

---___________.I forget it’s No-smoking Day.

A. Not at all B. It doesn’t matter

C. Yes, please D. Just a little

【答案】 A

( ) 2.(2009·湖北宜昌)

---I’m happy to be here for my six-month English course.

---___________.Cal me if you have any trouble.

A. Help yourself B. Thanks a lot

C. Be careful D. Enjoy your stay

【答案】 D

( ) 3.(2009·湖北宜昌)

---Can you imagine that we’ve translated 30% of the long article today? ---___________.You’re so smart and quick!

A. It’s a pleasure B. I don’t mind

C. That’s it D. I can’t believe it

【答案】 D

( ) 4.(2009·湖北宜昌)

---I’m sorry I’ve broken the alarm clock.

---___________. I’ll have it repaired in a moment.

A. Excuse me B. Never mind

C. What a pity D. No problem

【答案】 B

( ) 5.(2009·江苏宿迁)

–Mike hurt his leg while playing football yesterday.


A. That’s nothing B. That’s all right

C. Never mind D. I’m sorry to hear that

【答案】 D

( ) 6.(2009·湖北孝感)

— Can you stay here longer?

— _________. But I have to be back tomorrow.

A. I’d love to B. I’m afraid not

C. I’m sorry, I can’t D. No, thank you

【答案】 A

( ) 7.(2009·江苏无锡)

---Excuse me, sir. Is the swimming pool open all day?

---______ . Only from 6.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.

A. Yes, of course B. That’s right

C. Sorry, I’m not sure D. Sorry, I’m afraid not

【答案】 D

( ) 8.(2009.安徽)

---Mum, I have got the first prize in the speech competition.

---_________ !

A. Good luck B. Come on C. Good idea D. Congratulations

【答案】 D

( ) 9.(2009.安徽)

---Will you join us to play basketball on Saturday afternoon?

---______ , but I promised to go swimming with Eric.

A. Never mind B. Many thanks C. Take it easy D. My pleasure

【答案】 B

( ) 10.(2009.福建漳州)

---I was busy with my homework while you were away tonight, Dad. ---______ The TV set is hot.

A. I believe it. B. I think so. C. You’re kidding D. You’re excellent.

【答案】 C

( ) 11.(2009.福建漳州)

---Let’s eat out this evening.

---______ Have you got the first prize in the speech competition?

A. Why not? B. What for? C. Yes, I’d love to D. Thank you very much

【答案】 B

( ) 1.(2009·吉林通化)

--- It’s sunny today. How about going skiing in Ying Yue Park?

--- _______! Let’s ask the twins to go with us.

A. Sounds great B. Best wishes C. Good luck D. That’s OK

【答案】 A

( ) 2.(2009·江苏常州)

—Simon, I’m going to Beijing with my parents tomorrow.


A. Have fun B. Best wishes C. Never mind D. Cheer up

【答案】 A

( ) 3.(2009·辽宁锦州)


--Not bad.

A.How old are they?

B.Judy doesn't like thrillers at a11.

C.Where do you have breakfast?

D.What do you think of the salad?

【答案】 D

( ) 4.(2009·辽宁锦州)


--No.What terrible weather!

--Yeah.Rain again.

A.Not very nice weather, is it?

B.How are you today?

C.What's the weather like today?

D.Is it terrible weather

【答案】 A

( ) 5.(2009·辽宁锦州)

--Would you like all ice—cream? Or some bread perhaps?


--Just a minute.

A.I choose neither B.Ice-cream C.Thanks D.Bring me bread

【答案】 B

( ) 6.(2009·辽宁锦州)

--This suitcase is really heavy, and my back is giving me a lot of trouble! --That's very kind of you.

A.You're welcome. B.Never mind.

C.Certainly. D.Shall I carry it?

【答案】 D

( ) 7.(2009·辽宁锦州)

--I’m not sure what to do this evening.Any ideas?

--Good idea.

A.How about going to the cinema? B.I agree.

C.You never go shopping. D.You mustn't go to the park.

【答案】 A

( ) 8.(2009·扬州)

—Excuse me, may I have your name?


A. All right B. Of course C. Yes, please D. Call me Andy, please


( ) 9.(2009·湖北恩施)

–It’s raining heavily. Let’s stand under that big tree.

–______________. It’s very dangerous to do so in such weather.

A. We don’t have to B. Let’s go

C. All right D. We’d better not

【答案】 D

( ) 10.(2009·湖北恩施)

–Who’s that speaking?

– _______________.

A. I’m Michael B. That’s Michael speaking

C. It’s me D. This is Michael

【答案】 D

( ) 11.(2009·新疆阜康)

—Hi, John. What are you going to do this Sunday?

—_______. Do you have any ideas?

A. Nothing serious. B. Nothing much. C. No problem D. Thank you.

【答案】 B

( ) 12.(2009·福建莆田)

---May I speak to Mr. Brown?

---__________ . I’ll go and get him.

A. Speaking B. Wrong number C. Hold on, please

【答案】 C


( ) 1.(2009·山东烟台)

---Don’t play with the knife, ______ you’ll cut your hand.

---Sorry, I ______ .

A. so, can’t B. and, won’t C. but, mustn’t D. or, won’t

【答案】 D

( ) 2.(2009·山东烟台)

---After reading the story about Jin Jing, I was very ______.

---______ . She’s really brave.

A. relaxed, So was I B. Impressing, So did I

C. impressed, So was I D. relaxing, So I did

【答案】 C

( ) 3.(2009·山东烟台)

She couldn’t ______ her words ______ by the students.

A. get, understanding B. get, understood

C. make, to understand D. make, understand

【答案】 B

( ) 4.(2009·甘肃兰州)

If people ________ cutting down the forest, they will have nowhere _______.

A. keep, to live in B. will keep, to live in

C. keep, to live D. will keep, to live

【答案】 C

( ) 5.(2009·四川成都)

---_______ do you want ________ for a party?

---Let’s ask Peter for advice. He knows all the parks in this city.

A. What, to buy B. Where, to go C. How, to start

【答案】 A

( ) 1.(2009·江苏宿迁)

–Can I park my car here?

–No, look at the sign.

Which sign does the second speaker refer to(指)?


【答案】 D

( ) 2.(2009·江苏宿迁)

The global financial crisis(金融危机) has made many people_____ their money.

A. to care for B. took care of C. be careful with D. to be cared about

【答案】 C

( ) 3.(2009·江苏宿迁)

–Mum, can I have something________?

–Oh, dear. You can only drink some water. There is________ in the kitchen.

A. to drink; nothing else B. drinking; something else

C. to eat; something else D. eating; nothing else

【答案】 A

( ) 4.(2009·湖北孝感)

— Emma, who are you taking _________ of at home?

— My grandma, she got hurt in an accident.

A. place B. part C. seat D. care

【答案】 D

( ) 5.(2009·湖北孝感)

— Tommy, do you know if Frank ______ to the zoo this Sunday if it _______?

— Sorry, I have no idea.

A. will go; is fine B. goes; is fine

C. will go; is going to be fine D. goes; will be fine

【答案】 A

( ) 1.(2009·哈尔滨)

---It’s not just the government’s duty to protect the______.

---I agree.My grandpa often_________ up garbage for recycling and takes good care of animals and plants.He is a good example to US.

A.environment;picked B.environments;pick C.environment;picks

【答案】 C

( ) 2.(2009·哈尔滨)

If you stay in your room when an earthquake(地震)happens,you ought to_______.

①hide yourself under the table

②Stay in the safe place until the shaking stops

③keep yourself under the seat in the bus

④stay away from glass,windows,and anything that could fall

make sure the lights are on and find all your valuable things

A.①②③ B.②④⑤ c.①②④

【答案】 C

( ) 3.(2009·哈尔滨)

The picture shows what Nu Fei does on Sundays.He spends 9.6 hours sleeping and________ hours doing sports a day.

A.3 B.6 C.7

【答案】 B

( ) 4.(2009·哈尔滨)

Which word of the following has a different stress from the others?

A.Afford. B.Honest. C.Prepare.

【答案】 B

( ) 5.(2009·辽宁锦州)

--May I put my car here?

--Sorry, you mustn't. Look at the sign,it says―_______‖.



【答案】 B

( ) 6.(2009·深圳)

---Do you know the boy_________ is sitting next to Peter?

---Yes.He is Peter’s friend.They are celebrating this______ birthday.

A. who, ninth B. that, nineth C,/, nineth D. which, ninth

【答案】 A

( ) 7.(2009·深圳)

---Dad.why should I stop__________ computer games?

---For your health, my boy, I’m afraid you_________

A.to play, must B。playing, have to C.to play, can D.playing, may

【答案】 B

( ) 8.(2009·深圳)

---I phoned you at six last night , but______ answered.

---I _________a walk in the park at that time.

A. no one, was having B. anyone,was having

C. nobody, had D. somebody, had

【答案】 A

( ) 9.(2009·山东德州)

Which sign means ―rainy‖



【答案】 C

( ) 10.(2009·湖北恩施)

– Do you know the boy _______ is playing soccer there? – Certainly. He is a friend of my ________.

A. who; brother’s B. who; brother

C. whom; brother’s D. whose; brother

【答案】 A

( ) 11.(2009·新疆阜康)

—What does the sign mean?

—It means ________.

A. Plant trees. B. Be careful. C. Save water.

【答案】 C

D. Take care of the earth

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