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Unit 7 Period 4

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Oxford English


Module 4

School life


Period 4
Speaking Culture corner

Show time
Talk about how to improve your memory.

Talk time
Read the following words.

A1 Practise saying these words.

A2 Read these sentences.

Practise the dialogue in pairs.

S1: Hello, Simon. Long time no see.

S2: Hello, Joe. Good to see you again.
S1: Have you left school? S2: Yes. I have had a job for the last two years.

S1: What time do you usually get up at the weekend?
S2: I usually get up at half past ten at the weekend. S1: When did you use to get up when you were a student? S2: I used to get up at half past seven. I often went climbing at the weekend. S1: That sounds great! S2: Yes, that was the best time of my life!

Culture corner
Read the article on page 112 and answer the questions.

How good is your memory? Look at these numbers for one minute. Then close your eyes. How many did you remember correctly? How did you remember them?

Speak up
Do you have any special methods for remembering English words? Do they work? In pairs, talk about your experience. Follow the example.

S1: Do you have any special methods for remembering
English words? S2: Yes. You can ... S1: Can you give me an example? S2: If you want to remember the word ...

S1: That’s a good idea.

1. 两人一组,讨论“如何巧背英语文章”。 2. 完成《练习册》第104页Speaking的练习。

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