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Unit 7 Period 5

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Oxford English


Module 4

School life


Period 5

Show time
Work in pairs and present the dialogue on the topic “How can you remember the content of English articles”.

How can you remember the content of English articles

Brainstorm: What do you know about “banks”.

Match the descriptions with the pictures below.

come out

pour out wallet take out

Please give the past tense forms of these verbs.

A In pairs, discuss what happens in the pictures below. Then complete the following paragraphs. Use the verbs from the box to help you.

Predict the ending
Group work. Discuss what the boy’s father will probably do.

A special memory
Look at the pictures. Fill in the blanks.

B Complete the rest of the story. Use the words from the box to help you.

We found a basket and put all the money into the basket. Then we gave the basket of money to the bank manager. He was surprised to see so much money. They counted the amount of money. It was exactly $100,000! The manager thanked us a lot.

Read the story and choose the answer(s).

1. 以“A special memory”为题,根据教材第 108页练习C中的问题提示,写一篇作文。 2. 完成《练习册》第108页Writing的练习。

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