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Unit 7 Period 6

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Oxford English


Module 4

School life


Period 6
More practice

Memory test
Test your memory. Look at the pictures for one minute. How many of them can you remember?

Do you remember the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games?

More practice
Read the passage on page 109 and complete the table.

How to improve your memory
Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3 Paragraph 4 Paragraph 5
Memory is very important Topic sentence — ________________________.

How can you improve your memory Raise a question— ____________________________? exercise your brain It is important to _________________________. A healthy life _____________ can make your memory work better.

Relaxation can help your brain work well _______. Conclusion: To improve your memory, you should exercise your brain, live a healthy life ______________________________ and ___________. stay relaxed

Paragraph 6

Read the first paragraph and then answer the question.

Memory is very important. It helps you remember

who you are, where you live, what you have learnt and what you plan to do in the future.

Read the second and third paragraphs. Decide on the way of exercising your brain according to the situations in the table.

So, how can you improve your memory?

It is important to exercise your brain. For example, you can do new things and change your daily habits. If you walk a different way to school or take a different bus, you will keep your brain active. You can try to memorize something new. You can try a Maths puzzle. You can also try to learn new skills or study a foreign language. Your brain gets lots of regular exercise if you do any of these things.


Way to exercise your brain

Read the fourth paragraph and answer the question.

If you live a healthy life, your memory will work better. You must have a balanced diet. You must give your brain enough time to rest. Unless you get enough sleep every night, you will not remember things well.

Read the fifth and sixth paragraphs and decide whether the following sentences are T(True) or F(False ).

If you want your brain to work well, you also need to relax. If you get too worried, your brain will slow down, and your memory will become less sharp.
So, to improve your memory, you should exercise your brain, live a healthy life and stay relaxed.

Read the whole passage and then complete the table.

B What do you do to improve your memory? Do you have any good suggestions? Discuss these with your classmates.


1. 挑选一种提高记忆力的方法(exercise your brain,live a healthy life或stay relaxed), 结合自己学习和生活中的实例,写一段话进 行说明。 2. 选择性完成《练习册》第109至112页 Integration的练习。

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