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黑龙江省黑河市爱辉镇中学八年级英语上册 Unit 7 How do you make a banana milk shake练习

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黑龙江省黑河市爱辉镇中学八年级英语上册 Unit 7 How do you make

a banana milk shake练习(无答案) 人教新目标版



1、两块鸡肉 2、一茶匙酸奶

3、混合在一起 4、两箱梨儿

5、喝两袋牛奶 6、好主意

7、切碎 8、制作水果沙拉

9、多少牛肉 10、多少苹果


1. He gave his daughter a large a________ of money.

2. Here’s a r________ for the super chicken sandwich.

3. You should a_____ some water to the soup.

4. We need two t_____ of honey.

5. How m______ yogurt do you want to buy?

三. 选择(15)

( ) 1. Finally, _____ all the ingredients in the blender.

A. mix up B. mixture C. bring

( ) 2. How much ____ do you want?

A. money B. shoes C. moneys

( ) 3. How many ____ are there on the table?

A. water B. cup of water C. bottles of water

( ) 4. I usually have some bread and some ____ pork for breakfast.

A. slices of B. slice of C. slices

( ) 5. We ___ peanut before we eat them.

A. eat B. hit C. peel

( ) 6. He often ____ the TV and watches the news when he comes home.

A. opens B. turns on C. turns off

( ) 7. _____ the bananas and yogurt in the blender.

A. Put B. Put in C. Take

( ) 8. How do you ___ a kite?

A. smell B. make C. taste

( ) 9. Li Mu picks ____ corn than _____.

A. much more, Jill's B. many more, Jill C. much more, Jill

( ) 10. This piece of paper is beautiful. But it's too small. Could you give me 1 姓名:__________

a big _____?

A. one B. piece C. paper

( ) 11. Lucy, I'll give you ______.

A. something different B. different something C. anything different

( ) 12. There ____ three pieces of paper on the table.

A. is B. have C. are

( ) 13. There is ____ chicken in the cupboard. Go and buy some.

A. little B. a little C. few

( ) 14. _____ milk is there in the bottle?

A. How many B. How much C. How often

( ) 15. Don't forget to ____ the light before you leave the classroom.

A. turn on B. turn off C. turn down

四、句型转换(10) 1. He knows a little about Chinese.(提问)

____ _____ does he know about Chinese? 2. Jack's mother gives him ten dollars every day.(提问)

_____ _____ ______ _____ Jack's mother give him every day? 3. There are two cups of tea on the table.(提问)

_____ _____ ____ _____ tea on the table? 4. There is an apple in the picture.(提问)

_____ ____ in the picture? 5. There is an apple in the picture.(提问)

How _____ _____ _____ there in the picture?


A:_____ do you make a chicken sandwich?

B:_____,put the mayonnaise on a slice of bread.

A:And then?

B:Cut up an onion and a tomato.Add these _____the sandwich.

A:What do you do next?

B:______ some lettuce and the chicken slices on the sandwich. Put the relish on the chicken.

A:And _____,Put another slice of bread on the top.

B:Yes,you are right.


1. We all know that it is __1__to keep healthy. But not all people know ___2__to

keep healthy. After five days' hard work, we need to have a good rest at weekends. But it seems that some don't know how to spend weekends in the right way. They enjoy ___3__ cards at night and don't go to bed until midnight or even later. 2

Some gamble (赌博) all night. They forget that to get___4__sleep is essential (必要的) for health. Some never get up early in the __5___ and take some exercise. It is true that doing exercise is very important for us to keep ___6__. Some smoke a lot. They forget that __7___ smokers are more likely (可能) to have lung cancer (肺癌) than those who don't smoke. Some drink too much wine. ____8___ too much is harmful (有害) to the body. Some eat too much rich food and get fatter and fatter. If you are much too fat, you may always ____9___ tired. Vegetables are good to the body. But some don't like eating vegetables. _____10___ is also very good to body. As a saying (谚语) goes, "An apple every day keeps the doctor away." So don't forget to eat some fruit.

( ) 1. A. important B. good C. nice D. happy

( ) 2. A. when B. how C. what D. why

( ) 3. A. to play B. play C. playing D. plays

( ) 4. A. much B. many C. a little D. enough

( ) 5. A. morning B. afternoon C. evening D. day

( ) 6. A. health B. healthy C. clear D. up

( ) 7. A. light B. heavy C. good D. strong

( ) 8. A. Drink B. Drinking C. Eat D. Smoke

( ) 9. A. are B. keep C. say D. feel

( ) 10. A. Water B. Milk C. Tea D. Fruit

七. 阅读理解(20)

1. "You are welcome to have dinner with me on Sunday," said John. "But I don't know

where your house is." said Herry.

"It's easy. You get off the bus. Then you cross the road. You take the first road on the left. You walk for five minutes. Then you come to a big tree. You take the second on the right after the tree. About one hundred meters down this road there is a big red house. You go past the big house, and after about hundred meters, you'll see a small yellow house beside a little tree. Open the door with your foot." "With my foot?" said Henry.

"Why yes," said John, "well, you won't come to my house with empty hands, will you?"

( ) 1. From the story we know that John asked Henry _______.

A. to go to the cinema B. to have supper with Jim

C. to go to the bus stop

( ) 2. "You take the first on the left" means _______.

A. go ahead on the left B. take the first bus on the left


C. take the first road on the left.

( ) 3. How far is it from the big tree to the big red house?

A. about one hundred meters away. B. five minutes' walk.

C. about five hundreds feet

( ) 4. Where was John's house? It was ____.

A. on the right after the big house B. a small yellow house

C. beside a little tree.

( ) 5. Why did John asked Henry to open the door with his foot? Because Henry


A. had no hands B. was afraid to open with his hands

C. would carry a lot of things in his hands.

2. E-mail: Party

From: 11350@csu.edu (Lisa Raster)

To: Jenny Smith@ yahoo.com (Jenny Smith)

Subject: Party!!!


Hi Jenny. Listen, I'm having a party this Friday at my house. Just a few friends will be there. Mostly they 're from the office. My boyfriend Tom will also come. He's a nice guy. I want you to meet him.

Do you want to come? We'll play games and talk. Then we'll eat dinner. Everybody will bring food or drinks. The party is this Friday. It starts at 4:00 PM. It will end at 8 or 9 PM.

We'l1 have a great time! Can you come? I hope so ! Let me know soon. Call me or send me an e-mail.


( ) 1. "Mostly they're friends from the office." What does "friends from the office" mean?

A. Lisa's co-workers. B. Living at the company. C. Tom's co--workers.

( ) 2. They will eat _______at the party.

A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner

( ) 3. Who will not go to the party?

A. All of Jenny's friends. B. Somebody's boyfriend. C. Lisa's friends..

( ) 4. What is true about the party?

A. Many people will go. B. It will last four or five hours.

C. It's on the weekend.

( ) 5. What will Jenny do first?

A. Buy food for the party. B. Call Tom. C. Send an e--mall to Lisa.




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