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八年级英语上册 Unit 8 How was your school trip Period 3 Section B 1a-2c导学案

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黑龙江省黑河市爱辉镇中学八年级英语上册 Unit 8 How was your school trip Period 3 Section B 1a-2c导学案(无答案) 人教新


班级:__________ 姓名:__________

教师寄语——Practice makes perfect. (熟能生巧!)

导学内容:Period 3 Section B 1a---2c


Phrases: sleep late , take a class , go for a drive

Target Language: On my next day off, I don`t want to go for a drive.

Sounds like a busy day off.

Practing: 1、谈论假期里你最不喜欢的活动


【Important points】 能运用本课词汇 及句型进行自由交际对话.


I.课前导学Task 1. 自主学习 (1a)

睡过头 开车去兜风 上课

帮助爸爸和妈妈 和朋友一起看电视 休息日 在海滩

听起来无聊 努力为数学学习

II.课堂导学Task 2. 合作学习(1b)谈论假期里你最不喜欢的活动

活动设计: (1)个人迅速朗读对话,并理解汉语意思


(3)用1a的短语,模仿1b编对话,并在组内交流 A: On my next day off, I don't want to That sounds really B: Oh, really ? I think that sounds


(1)go for a drive: 开车去兜风

去散步____________________ 去游泳______________________

(2)sound boring 听起来无聊 sound 为系动词,后面跟形容词。又如:

觉得身体好______________ 看起来高兴___________

变得疲劳 _________

Task 3. 听力训练 (2a、2b)


(2)理解句子,听第二遍,在相应的句子后,在 Tony 或 Tina上标上对号

Task 4.合作学习 (理解下列对话,并做仿照练习)

A: How was your day off, Tina? B: It was awful. A: What happened?

B: We went camping and the weather was terrible. It rained and rained all day . A: Sounds terrible.


B: How about your day off , Tony?

A: I studied very hard for my math exam last week , so I slept late.

B: What did you do ?

A: I helped my mom adn dad clean the yard.

B: Sounds like a busy day off!

III.老师引导,学生自我小结Task5. 写出下列词的过去式:

play-- decide -- like -- live-- make--

study -- plan-- have-- take -- teach--

think-- eat -- sleep-- leave-- meet-- IV.课后练习Task6. [Test]


1. Jane ______a new dress every month when she was in Shanghai.

A. buys B. is buying C. bought

2. He _____ to school about an hour________ .

A. go, before B. goes, before C. went, before D. went , ago

3. —Where ___ Uncle Zhag two days ago? — He _____ in Korea.

A. is, is B. does, is C. was , were D. was ,was

4. He wanted Lucy ________ yesterday.

A. came B. come C. comes D. to come

5. It ______ all day the day before yesterday.

A. rains B. raining C. to rain D. rained

6. He often ______his homework after supper , but yesterday evening he______ TV.

A. does ,watches B. did ,watched

C. did ,watches D. does ,watched

7. Did you have fun ______fishing by the lake?

A.go B.goes C.to go D.going

8. I'm going to the aquarium ________ my next day off.

A. on B. in C. with D. at

二、按要求完成下列题目 1. Last Sunday they played basketball.(对划线部分提问)


2. There were some pears in the bag.(改为一般疑问句)


3. They did their homework after supper .(改为否定句)


4. Everyone has a good time.(用last Sunday 改写句子)


5. I went to the aquarium last weekend.(改为一般疑问句)





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