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(时间:90分钟;总分:120分 答案写在答题卡上)


1.We didn`t catch the early bus ,so we had to w______ for the next one . 2.You`d better put o_____ you coat .It`s cold outside . 3.The music is r_____ for us to listen to .

4.It was S______ yesterday we had a good time in the park . 5.How do you like the soap opera ? I don`t m_____ it . 6.Peter is t____ than me and he is the tallest in our class . 7.My friend is the s______ as me and he likes playing soccer.

8.I`m doing my homework .Will you please turn down your r______ ,please . 9.He is the best performer at the t______ show . 10.He is good at piano ,so he is a p______ . II.用所给词的适当形式填空.(10)

11.One of the main ______ (reason) is that they didn’t have enough money. 12.Just keep on______ (study) hard ,I’m sure you will get good grades. 13.Can you tell me the ______ (mean) of these words ? 14.Let’s have a ______ (discuss) about TV shows. 15.I want to be a ______ (report).

16.My best friend is ______ (difference) from me. 17.My hair is ______ (long ) than hers. 18.I eat junk food three _______ (time) a week.

19.I hope I can _________ (improvement) my spoken English in this way. 20.He wants to be a cook so he’s going to a _____(cook) school. III.单项选择:(20)

( )21. I like all kinds of cartoons, _______ example, Mickey Mouse. A. as B. for C. in

( )22 .Our math teacher was ill yesterday, so Mr Li took _______ place.

A. he B. him C. his

( )23. China is famous _________The Great Wall. A. in B. on C. for

( )24. The news _________ pretty educational. A. be B. is C. are

( )25. Mr Zhang is one of ____in our school.

A .the more popular teachers B .most popular teachers C .the most popular teachers

( )26. ---_______do you have an art festival in your school? ---Once a year.

A. How long B. How often C. How far ( )27.. It’s cold, so we decide __A. stay B. to stay C. staying

( ) 28. ---Do you often go to the gym? ---No. ______. I don’t like sports at all. A. always B. never C. sometimes

( ) 29. Which one is ________ , football or basketball? A. more popular B. popular C. popularer A. hard; hardly B. hardly; hard C hard; hard in today’s newspaper?

----- Sorry, I don’t know

A. something new B anything new C. new something ( )32. ---- Why was he late, Tom ?

A. because, because of B. because of , because C. because , because ( )33. On weekends, I have nothing to do but ________ TV.

A. to watch B. watching C. watch ( )34. Do you enjoy _________ photos.

A. to take B. take C taking

( )35.Lily’s book is ______ nicer than yours.

A. very B. quite C. much


( )36. What do you think _____ the talk show?

A. on B./ C. of

( )37.____ is important for us to learn more knowledge(知识).

A. It B. That C. this

A .long B. longer C. longest

( )39. Most students watch TV three ____four times a week. A. and B. but C. or

( )40.Do you look _______ Tom?

A. the same as B. same as C. the same


Lilei is my good friend. We are __41__ . Lilei and I are classmates. We do everything together(一起). Every morning we __42__. We eat lunch at school. We share(分享) our __43__ with each other. We help each other with our __44__ .Lilei is good at history . I do well in __45 __ . Because my father speaks English well. We spend the __46__ together. We don’t think about going to school later. We talk about __47__ . we talk about our brothers. They are so bad. We talk about our teachers ,our parents __48__ our life. We talk about the __49__ in class. We think they are funny and naughty(调皮). __50__ do some girls in our class like boys ? Because boys are funny.

( ) 41. A. workers B students C teachers ( ) 42 A go to school B go to work C go home ( ) 43 A room B food C clothes ( ) 44 A homework B job C family ( ) 45 A English B math C art ( ) 46 A weekends B Monday C Tuesday ( ) 47 A nothing B everything C anybody ( ) 48 A but B if C and ( ) 49 A boys B pets C teachers ( ) 50 A Why B Who C Where

V.补全对话:(15)(A):把正确的选项填入空格里(5) Peter: Do you know Lily ,Sue ? Sue: Yes, she is my best friend. Peter: 51._____________

Sue : Because she likes to do the same things as I do . 52.______________

Peter : Do you like playing table tennis , too?

Sue : Yes, But I am more athletic than Lily .What about you, Peter? 53.____________

Peter :My best friend is Tony . Sue : 54.___________

Peter : He is tall and has short hair . Sue : 55.__________

Peter : Yes .Some people say that we look the same .But Tony is a little heavier

(B)每空一词:(10) A: Can I help you?

B: Yes, please. Today is Mother`s Day . I want to buy a present for my ___56_ . But I don`t know what to buy .

A: Maybe you can buy her some __57____. B: Great ! But what flowers should I buy ?

A: I think carnations(康乃馨) are better . They show happiness and love . They are for mothers .

B: How _____58__ are they ?

A: Twenty yuan a bunch (束)。

B: OK. I`ll buy carnations. Here is the __59____ .


A: Thank you and best ___60__ to your mother .

VI. 阅读理解:(A, B,C, 每题一分;D每题二分) (A)

American schools begin in September after a long summer holiday. There are two terms(学期) in a school year; the first term is from September to January, and the second is from February to June. Most American children begin to go to school when they are five years old. Most students are seventeen or eighteen years old when they finish high school.

High school students take only four or five subjects each term. They usually go to the same classes every day, and they have homework for every class. After class, they do many interesting things.

After high school , many students go to college. They can go to a small one or a large one. They usually have to give a lot of money. So many college students work after class to get the money for their studies.

( )61. In America ,summer holidays begin in _______ . A. September B. July C. May ( )62. Most American children go to school at the age of____

A. Five B. Seven C. Eighteen ( )63.High school students after class

A. do their homework B. go to school C. do many interesting things ( )64.In order to ____ , many American college students work after class. A. help their parents B. get their money for their studies C .help others ( )65.After high school, many students go to ____. A. college B. work C. high school

(B )

A businessman had worked too much. He found that he couldn't sleep at night, but often fell asleep during the day. He became very worried, so he went to see his doctor.

"Can you help me, doctor?"he asked, "I slept so well, but now I sleep less than two hours at night."

The doctor looked him over carefully and asked him to work less hard, and told him to take some medicine to help him. He said he was sure that he was not

seriously ill, and that he would soon be better.

But the businessman grew worse instead of better. He slept even less than before at night and was still falling asleep in his office. He visited the doctor again and again and it took the doctor a long time to find out the reason :the businessman's wife was giving him the sleeping medicine in the morning and the ones to keep him awake at night.

判断正误:(正确的写“T”,错误的写”F” )

( ) 66. The businessman couldn't fall asleep because he was worried about his business.

( ) 67. The businessman worked at night and slept during the day.

( ) 68. The businessman visited the doctor again and again because he still

couldn't sleep at all.

( )69.The doctor told the man he wasn't seriously ill and would soon be well.

( ) 70. The businessman grew worse because the doctor gave him the wrong



Zhang Ziyi. studied acting at Beijing’s Central Drama Academy. She was found by the famous director Zhang Yimou. She played her first movie role in The Road Home.

Zhang then introduced her to director Ang Lee for his great film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 《卧虎藏龙》.She made her first American movie in Rush Hour 2,though she did not speak English at that time. 71.What does Zhang ziyi do? ___________________________ 72.Where did she study acting? ___________________________ 73.Which director first found her?

___________________________________ 74.What is her first American movie? __________________________________ 75.Did she speak English at that time ? _________________________________



December 25 is Christmas Day(圣诞节). Christmas is an important holiday

in many countries. On Christmas Day, most families get together for a big dinner. They give presents to each other and visit friends. The Christmas tree is an important part of the Christmas holiday. Most families buy trees. The families decorate(装饰) the tree together. Parents usually tell their children that Father Christmas comes during the night and brings presents to good children. Of course, Father Christmas isn’t real. The parents of the children are really “Father Christmas”. They put the presents under the tree or into their children’s stocking(长统袜) after the children go to sleep.

( )76. When is Christmas Day? __________.

A. November 25 B. December 25 C. December 24

( )77. What do most families in America do on Christmas Day? __________.

A. They only have a big dinner together B. They have a big dinner, exchange (交换) presents and visit friends C. They just visit friends and exchange presents

( )78. Who is really “Father Christmas”? ___________.

A. Their parents B. Their father C. Their mother ( )79. When Christmas Day is coming, the parents __________.

A. usually tell their children that Father Christmas isn’t real

B. tell their children that Father Christmas comes during the night and brings presents to good children

C. sometimes tell their children that Father Christmas comes during the day ( )80. When did parents put the presents into their children’s stocking? _____.

A. Before the children go to sleep B. After the children go to sleep C. At midnight of December 25 VII. 句型转换(20)

81.Helen had an exciting school trip.(变一般疑问句) ______ Helen _____ an exciting school trip? 82.How do you like the book? (变同义句) What do you ____ _____ the book?

83.I think my mother is smarter than my father.(变否定句) I ____ _____ my mother is smarter than my father. 84. I’m not as tall as Jenny.(变同义句) I’m ____ ____ Jenny.

对画线部分提问) _____ ____ do you eat fast food?

86. I am going to play basketball.(变否定句) I ____ _____ going to play basketball. 87. I want to watch a game show.(变同义句) I ____ ____ to watch a game show. 88. I am tall . Tom is tall ,too(合并一句) I am _____ tall ____Tom.

对画线部分提问) ____ ____ he going to do ?

_____ _____ your brother like soccer?


介绍一下你和你朋友的相同点与不同点,题目自拟。 提示:1.相同点;不同点。 2. 外貌; 性格;喜好。




八年级上册英语期中测查卷 答题卡


I. 根据句意及首字母提示完成句子:(10分)

1.______ 2.______ 3._______ 4.______ 5._____ 6.______7._______8._______ 9._____10._____

II. 用所给词的适当形式填空:(10分)

11._____12.______13.______14.______ 15._____ 16.______17.____18.______19.______20._____



V.补全对话 A:(5分)

B(10分) 56.______57._______58._______ 59._____ 60.______ VI.阅读理解:A(5分)



71 .____________________________________________________ 72._____________________________________________________ 73._______________________________________________________ 74.______________________________________________________ 75._______________________________________________________ D(5分)



81. ________ ________ 82. ________ ________ 83. ________ ________ 84. ________ ________ 85. ________ ________ 86.________ ________ 89. ________ ________ 90. ________ ________ VIII.作文(10分)





八年级英语上册期中测查卷 答案

I. 根据句意及首字母提示完成句子

1. wait 2.on 3. relaxing 4.Sunday/Saturday 5.mind

6.taller 7.same 8.radio 9.talent/talk 10.pianist 76—80 BBABB VII.81.Did/have 82.think of 83.don’t think 84.shorter than 85.How often 86.am not 87.would like 88.as…..as 89.What is 90.Why does II. 用所给词的适当形式填空:

11.reasons 12.studying 13.meaning 14.discussion

15.reporter 16.different 17.longer 18.times

19.improve 20. cooking


21---25 BCCBC 26—30 BBBA A 31---35 BACCC 36—40 CACCA

IV.完形填空:41—45 BABAA 46—50 ABCAA V.补全对话:(A) 51—55 CBEAD

56.mother 57.flowers 58.much 59.money 60.wishes VI.A.61---65 BACBA 66—70 FFTTF

71.She is an actress / She is a movie star .

72.At Beijing Central Drama Academy .

73.Zhang Yimou

74.Rush Hour 2.

75.No, she didn`t .


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