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8A_Unit 7 PPT 1八年级上册U7

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Section A (1a–1c & 3b)

Aims and language points:
Teaching aims(教学目标) 1. 学会用will预测将来的生活。 2. 预测未来生活的发展趋势,对未来充满信心和希望。 3. 本节课旨在愉快的学习交流环境,通过听、说来培养学生 运用知识的能力,并让学生能在做中学,通过课堂的各种实践 活动准确地运用英语来表达。 Language points(语言点) 1. 要求掌握以下句式: a. What will the future be like? …. b. Will people use money in 100 years? No, they won’t. Everything will be free. Kids will study at home on computers. They won’t go to school. 2. 要求掌握以下词汇: 名词n. paper

In 10 years, I think I will be a/an _______. I will live in ________. _____________________________________. I think I will have a bright future.

Prediction about the future city
my future clothes job

未来大 猜想 friends

Modern equipment we use in our daily life (日常生活)


microwave oven



air conditioner


Did we have these things fifty years ago?
未来大猜想 Prediction about the future

What will we have in the future (将来)? What will our lives be like in 100 years from now?(100年后)


live in

live to 200 years old


play ball

study at home on computers

Will people use money in 100 years? Yes, they will./No, they won’t.

Will people live to be 200 years old?

Yes, they will./ No, they won’t.

Will go _____ kids ____ to school?
won’t Kids ______ go to school.

won’t No, they ______.

They _______ at home on computers. ’ll study

will carry Backpacks __________ people.

Now, there are many countries in the world.

Do you think there will be only one country in the world in the future?

There will be … 表示“那里将会有什么” Will there be … 表示“那里将有什么吗?”

How will the world be different in 100 years from now? Read 1a these predictions. Check A for agree or D for disagree.

1b Listen and circle the predictions you hear in 1a.

Listen again and fill in the blanks.
Boy 1: I don’t think people _______ money. will use will be Probably everything ______ free. I bet kids won’t ’ll study _____go to school. They _______ at home on computers. will have Boy 2: I think people ________ robots in in saw their homes ___ 100 years. I ____ a robot on TV, and it _______ the kitchen. There cleaned will be ______ only one country and there will always be schools.

Pair work
Ask and answer questions about the predictions in 1a.

A: Will people use money in 100 years? B: No, they won’t. Everything will be free. Will people live to be 200 years old? A: Yes, they will.

3b Use your imagination!
Topic 1 Kids study at school now. In 100 years, ____________ ___________________________________________. Topic 2 I sometimes see blue skies in my city, but in the future ____________________________________________. Topic 3 People now usually live to be about

70-80 years old, but in the future ______________________________ ___________________________________________. Topic 4 Families usually spend time together on weekends, but maybe in 200 years, ___________________________ ____________________________________________.


Read the new words and sentence structures learned in this lesson aloud.

Complete Activity 3b with your imagination.

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