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湖北省武汉为明实验学校九年级英语全册 Unit 1 How do you study for a test句型归纳复习

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Unit 1 How do you study for a test句型归纳复习

1.听磁带______________ 2.向老师请求帮助________________ 3.制作抽认卡 _________________4.观看英语录象_______________5.朗读 ___________6.练习语音________________ 7.说的技能________________8.太…而不能 ____________9.询问有关… ________________10.学英语的最好方法 ___________________11.具体的建议________________ 12.观看演员说话 __________________13.发现看电影令人沮丧__________________ 14.得到大量的写作练习 ____________________15.一点也不 ____________16.变得兴奋 ______________17.结束做…_______________ 18.英语口语____________ 19.练习说英语_______________20.加入英语俱乐部 ___________________21.嘲笑某人____________ 22.编对话 __________________23.首先_____________24 .一开始 _______________25.写下____________ 26.后来 _____________27.写我自己创造的句子____________________ 28.做调查_____________

29.做某事对某人来说困难 ____________________30.在语法方面犯错 _____________________31.发音正确___________________ 32.没关系 __________________33.害怕做… ________________34.造完整的句子 __________________35.帮助很大 ____________36.有点帮助 _____________37.秘诀之一 ____________________38.记笔记 ____________________39.一个好的语言学习者_____________________ 40.开始做… ___________________41.喜爱做…_________________42.被感动_________________43.做…有困难_________________44.查字典__________________45.获奖_________________46.处理__________47.担心_____________48.对…生气______________49.持续生气_________________50.时间流逝________________51.看见某人在做某事______________52.意见不同_______________53.解决问题_______________54.把问题看作挑战______________55.抱怨…_____________56.把…变成…___________________57.做某事是我们的责任_______________________58.尽力做…____________________59.在老师的帮助下___________________60.把…和…进行比较__________________61.尽责__________________62.画水彩画_____________________

1.listen to tapes 2.ask the teacher for help 3.make flashcards 4.watch English-language videos 5.read aloud 6.practice pronunciation 7.speaking skills

8.too …to 9.ask about 10.the best way to learn English 11.specific suggestions

12.watch the actors say the words 13.find watching movies frustrating 14.get lots of writing practice 15.not at all 16.get excited 17.end up doing sth. 18.spoken English 19.practice speaking English 20.join an English club 21.laugh at 22.make up conversations 23.first of all 24.to begin with 25.write down 26.later on

27.write my own original sentence 28.do a survey 29.It’s difficult for sb to do

30.make mistakes in grammar 31.get the pronunciation right 32.It doesn’t matter.

33.be afraid to do sth/be afraid of doing sth/ be terrified to do sth /be sth. terrified of doing 34.make complete sentences 35.help a lot 36.help a little 37.one of the secrets 38.take notes 39.a good language learner 40.start doing /start to doing 41.enjoy doing sth. 42. be impressed 43.have difficulty doingsth/have problems doing sth/have trouble doing sth 44.look up …in a dictionary 45.win a prize 46.deal with /do with 47.worry about 48.be angry with /be mad at 49. stay angry 50.Time goes by. 51. see sb doing sth 52.have disagreements 53.solve a 1

problem 54.regard problems as challenges 55.complain about 56.change sth into /turn …into 57.It’s our duty to do sth 58.try one’s best to do /do one’s best to… 59.with the help of sb./with one’s help 60.compare …to … 61.do one’s duty 62.paint pictures


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