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牛津英语八年级上 Unit 2 Numbers

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Unit 2 Numbers 随堂练习






5. Tony p______ to help me, but he didn’t. His father died in a traffic a___________. How old is your _____(儿子), Mr Green? You should _________(核实) your answers carefully. My grandpa is a _____________( 充满智慧的) man. He knows lots of things. ⅱ用所给单词的适当形式填空

6. He ordered his men _____________(run) fast.

7. The supermarket is on the _________ (nine) floor.

8. My mother promised __________(buy) a new bike for me.

9. We all know that May is the ________(five) month of a year.

10. He has more than three ___________( hundred) books.

ⅲ 单项选择

11. I’d like _________bowls of noodles. One is for myself and the other two are for

my parents.

A. one, B. two C. three D. four

12 ____________, you can work out the Maths problem easily.

A. In this way B. On the way C. In the way D. On this way

13. I got a beautiful bike on ________ birthday. I like it very much.

A. fifteenth B, fifteen C, my fifteen D. my fifteenth

14. ---What’s on the desk?

--- There ____________some books.

A. be B. are C. is D. am

15.---Hello, May I speak to David, please?

---yes, _______.

A. I am David B. David, please

C. my name is David D, this is David speaking

16. Gina’s birthday is __________the first of June.

A. in B. on C. at D. for

17. Now, everybody, please turn to Page(页) _____and look at the _______picture.

A Fifth; five B Five; fifth C Fifth; fifth; D Five; five

18: There are _________students in our school.

A. one thousand, nine hundred and forty-five

B. one thousand, nine hundred and fourty-five

C. one thousand and nine hundred, forty –five

D. one thousand and nine hundred and forty-five

19. Eleven plus one is ________.

A. twelfth B twelve C. thirteen D. ten

20. Yesterday my teacher gave me _________ on how to learn English.

A, some advices B. many advices C. an advice D. some advice

ⅳ 完型填空

Once upon a time (从前),there was ______old farmer. He loved money very much. He kept a lot of gold coins(金币)but ______ used them; he _______not give them to others. He put them into a ________box and put it in the ground. He came to the ______every day to look at it. This made him happy.

_______, when he came to the place, he could not find the ________. He became very, very sad. He began to cry. __________a man came to him and said, “Don’t cry. Put a stone(石头) in the ground instead, and ________it is a box of gold coins. A stone will be still be same ______ when the coins were there, you never used them.”

21, A a B the C. an D. /

22, A often B never C. nearly D. almost

23. A did B could C must D should

24. A black B paper C. blue D. strong 25 A. earth B ground C place D. there

26.A. After day B Sometimes C. One day D. From then on

27. A. box B. money C. place D. house 28 A. So B. Then C. But D. And 29, A. say B. let C. think D. know

30. A. so B. because C. and D. why ⅴ阅读理解:


31. If you buy a ball en this week, you can save _______than you will buy one next week.

32. If a textbook was sold at 15.00 dollars last week, and it is ____________now.

33. John paid _________for 300sheets of letter paper last week.

34. It took you __________to buy two T-shirts last week. If you buy them today, you can save _________.

35. Next week, a jacket will cost _______more than this week.

ⅵ 句型转换

36, 就划线部分提问)

________ __________ the story happen?

就划线部分提问) __________ ____________ chairs are there in the room? 38, Can you count from one to one hundred? (作肯定回答) __________, I _____________.

39. I want some money. ( 改为同义句)

I ____________ ___________ some money.

40. Our team won the basketball game. (改为否定句)

Our team ___________ ___________the basketball game.

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