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湖北省武汉为明实验学校九年级英语全册 Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark句型归纳复习

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Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark句型归纳复习


1.used to do …2.be used to doing … 3.be used to do … 4.be used by sb. 5.What does he look like? 6.What did he use to look like?7.start school 8.be worried about 9.all the time /always 10.walk to school 11.take the bus 12.my biggest problem

13.these days /at present /now /at the moment 14.get up early 15.stay at school all day 16.go right home 17.sb. spend time doing sth 18.not any more/no longer

19.chat with sb. 20.take sb. to concerts 21.hardly ever 22.How I’ve changed! 23.How time flies! 24.in the last few years 25.my daily life/my everyday life 26.make you stressed out 27.join sb 28.take part in …/join in… 29.move to …30.grow hair long 31.He seems tired./He seems to be tired./It seems that he is tired.

32.make lots of trouble/cause lots of trouble 33.get bad grades 34.a 15-year-old kid/a kid of 15 years old 35.a problem child 36.a recent conversation 37.can’t afford sth/can’t afford to do sth 38.pay for 39.take care of sb/look after sb 40.take good care of sb /look after sb well 41.be interested in studying 42.get into trouble with the police 43.be patient with…44.give up doing sth/stop doing sth 45.at last /in the end /finally 46.make a decision to do sth /decide to do sth

47.send stb to … 48.It’s necessary for sb to do sth 49.to one’s surprise 50.even 1

though /even if 51.be proud of /take pride in 52.make sb do 53.pay attention to

54.pay full attention to…55.It’s very important for parents to be there for their

children . 56.feel good about oneself 57.a boys’ boarding school


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