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Unit 8 The Seasons and the Weather

Topic 1 How is the weather in winter?

Section A

Unit 8 The Seasons and the Weather

Topic 1 How is the weather in winter?

Section A

Good morning, everyone,

Today, it?s a pleasure for me to stand here and I?m very pleased to have such an opportunity to share some of my teaching ideas with you. First, let me introduce myself. My name is . Today, I?d like to talk about my teaching idea about Section A, Topic 1 of Unit 8 in Grade Seven , Project English. The center of this topic is “How is the weather in winter”. I have decided to say the lesson from six parts:

Analysis of the Teaching Material

The Teaching Methods

Studying ways

Teaching steps

Summarize and Homework

Blackboard Designing

Part One —— Analysis of the Teaching Material

One: Status and Function

1. This unit tells us about the weather, season, and talk about holidays and the related stories. Besides learning this, students will also learn some words and expressions of weather, and so on.

2. To attain “four skills” request of listening, speaking, reading and writing, I will have the students do some exercise about the text.

3. Such a topic is very important in this unit. I will lead the students to use their imagination and encourage them to be creative. For example, helping them use English to describe the weather and favorite activities. So I think if the students can learn this lesson well, it will be help them to exchange ideas with others.

4. While teaching them, I will also encourage them to say something about what they think the best seasons and describe them. In a way, from practising such a topic, it can be helpful to raise learning interests of students and it will be also helpful to improve their spoken language.

Two: Teaching Aims and Demands

The teaching aim's basis is established according to Junior School English syllabus' provision.

1. Knowledge objects

(1) To study the new words “weather”, “spring” , “summer”, “swimming”, “go hiking” and so on.

(2) To learn and master the sentences “What?s the weather like in summer? It?s hot. We can go swimming.”, “How is the weather in fall? It?s cool. It?s a good time to climb mountains.”

2. Ability objects

(1) To develop the students? abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

(2) To train the students? ability of working in pairs.

(3) To develop the students? abilities of communication by learning the useful structures.

3. Moral objects

(1) Through different teaching methods to make students be interested in study.

(2) Love to know more knowledge about weather and dare to express their opinions in English.

(3) Encourage the students to be more creative and try to make contributions to making new inventions in the future.

Three: Teaching Keys and Difficult Points

The teaching keys and difficult points? basis is established according to Topic 1 in the teaching material's position and function.

1. Key points:

(1).Be able to express words, phrases and sentences in English.

(2).Discuss about favorite season..

2. Difficult points:

Describe the weather and favorite activities.

Part Two —— The Teaching Methods

1. Communicative teaching method; 2.; Classified teaching method

3. Task-based teaching method;

As we all know: the main instructional aims of learning English in the Middle School is to cultivate students? abilities of listening, speaking, reading, writing and their good sense of the English language. So in this lesson I?ll mainly use “Communicative” teaching method, “Task-based” teaching method and “Classified” teaching method. That is to say, I?ll let the students get a better understanding of the key structures. I?ll give the students some tasks and arrange some kinds of activities, like talking, and reading in roles.

In a word, I want to make the students the real masters in class while the teacher herself acts as director. I also hope to combine the language structures with the language functions and let the students receive some moral education while they are learning the English language.

Part Three —— Studying ways

1. Teach the students how to be successful language learners.

2. Make situation and provide meaningful duty, encourage the students to study the text by themselves.

Part Four —— Teaching steps

As this lesson plays an important part in the English teaching of this unit, I have decided the following steps to train their ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing, especially reading and speaking ability.

The entire steps are:

Step1 Warm-up and Lead-in


T: Good moring, boys and girls.

Ss: Good moring, teacher.

T: What day is it today?

Ss: It?s Sunday.

T: So we will learn a new section today, But first I would like to know the date today.


T: What?s the date today?

Ss: It?s August 25th.

T: When were you born?

Ss: October 1st

T: What?s the 11th month of the year?

Ss: November.


March June September December

April July October January

May August November February

1 2 3 4

T: There are twelve months in a year.

But there are four seasons in a year, too.

Look at the blackboard. What are the four seasons?

Listen to 1a,find the answers and tell me.

In this way, they will know today?s lesson has something to do with their discussion. Step2 Presentation

1. T:Now, tell me the answers.

Ss: Spring, summer, fall and winter.

T: Listen to the tape again, finish 1b,try to find the words describing the weather.


T: Can you find the words describing the weather?

Ss: Yes.

T: What are they?

Ss: They are warm, hot, cool and cold.


T: Listen to the tape for the third time. Find the sentences of doing activities. Ss: All right.


T: What are your answers?

It is a good season for hiking.

Ss: I like swimming in the river.

It?s a good time to climb mountains.

We can make a snowman in winter.

After teaching them the whole text, including the meanings of new words, the use of similar expressions and so on. Get the students to try and say out some sentences on the screen, like It?s a good season for…,It?s a good time to…,We can…and so on .It makes the relationships between the students better.

Step3 Consolidation


What?s the weather like in spring?

It?s warm.

How is the weather in fall?

It?s cool.


Step 4 Practice


T: Listen to 2a,complete the conversation.

T: Now, tell me your answers.


T: Jane likes summer best. Because she likes swimming very much. Kangkang?s favorite season s winter. Because when it snows, the ground is white with snow and he can make snowmen. He likes doing that very much.



T: Work in pairs. Follow the example to make a dialog.

3.(四人小组活动。讨论自己最喜欢的季节及原因,并且对本季节的天气进行描述) T: Now, work in four. Discuss about your favorite season.

Describe the weather and your favorite activities.


I like spring best. It is warm. I can go hiking. I like hiking very much.

My favorite season is winter. It is cold. It is not very cold. It often snows in winter. All is white. I like white. I like making snowmen with snow.

I like fall better. It is cool, not very cold. I can go climbing mountains. That?s my favorite activity.

First, I will divide the students into three groups and tell them to have a discussion about what they learn in this lesson. Then encourage them to try to understand the whole text, know what the difficult points are, and so on. At last, I will help them to master them all.

For example, I will show them some sentences and get them to know the use of these sentences. Encourage them to do some exercise about these sentences.

Purpose of my designing: By practising using these new words and similar sentences, the students will know how to use them in English and master the use of them better.

Step 5 Project


T: Now, Let?s play a game. Boys are the first group. Girls are the second group. One boy and one girl work in a small group. They must guess the other?s favorite season, then describe the weather and activities. Each can guess three times. Let?s see which group can be the winner.


A: Is your favorite season spring?

B: No.

A: Is your favorite season summer?

B: No.

A: Is your favorite season fall?

B: Yes.

A: It is cool in fall. It?s a good time to climb mountains.


Give the students two or three minutes to prepare, and then get them read the text together in three groups. Tell them to read aloud.

Then help the students say something about the weather. Encourage them to say more.

Purpose of my designing: By reading the text and saying such things, get the students to practise their reading and speaking ability again.

Part Five —— Summarize and Homework


Ask the students such questions:

What ?s the weather like in winter? Which season do you like best, spring, summer, fall or winter? Do you like summer? Why?

Now, let?s try!

Then show them some key sentences and help them to memory.


At last, tell the students write a short passage about weather. You should have five sentences or more in your passage.

Part Six —— Blackboard Designing

What?s the weather like in spring? It is warm.

How is the weather in winter? It is cold.

What?s your favorite season?=Which season do you like best?

Purpose of my designing: Presents the text key content clearly on the blackboard, favors the students to knowledge grasping.

OK. That?s all. Thanks for listening to me and helping me.

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