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1. Everyone here doesn’with others to many interesting places in China

for you with my best wishes on your birthday his sister’s party last week

to Beijing now.

in the Olympic Games 7. When he was very young , he was a to sing and dance 8. I can’. They are very beautiful. 10. It’s too hot , Let’in the river 二、用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空 。

1. How many are there in a football team? (play)

2. We all know that light (travel) much faster than sound 3. They can do the work all by (they) 4. I think he (be) back in a week

5. You can see the (excite) basketball match next month 6. Who did in the long jump , Tom, Jim or Mike? (badly) 7. He makes a by singing (live )

8. Do you want to be a (lawy) in the future? 9. He got in the high jump.(injure)

10. They will climb the hills if it 三、句型转换,根据括号中的要求变换句型。

1. We enjoyed ourselves in the People’s Park last Sunday (同义句) We in the People’s last Sunday.

2. He is very strong and he can carry the heavy box (用enough to 连成一个简单句) He is carry the heavy box . 3. Bob does his homework less carefully than David (同义句)

Bob does not do his homework carefully David 划线提问 )

you go to Shanghai? 5. Jill will visit her uncle’s factory tomorrow .(改为否定句) Jill her uncle’s factory tomorrow.

划线提问) Chen Hong going to next Sunday ? 7. Jim will go to the party tomorrow evening (变成一般疑问句) to the party tomorrow evening 8. Shall we go to the zoo this weekend ?(同义句) go to the zoo this weekend

9. His father traveled all over the world last year (同义句) His father traveled the world last year 10. His played football to make a living (同义句) He made a living football . 四、翻译下列句子。







A、从A、B、C、D四个答案中选择一个与划线部分的意义相同或相近的选项。 ( )1. –Hi ! Have you found your lost book ?

’t found it A. somewhere B. over there C. at those places D. here and there (

A. got to see B. write to C. look for D. look at (

A. every day B. in the evening C. at the moment D. all the time ( A. can B. could C. must D. might

( A. three B. a pair C. a pair of D. double B、从四个答案中选择一个最佳填在括号内。 ( )6. The jeans broken , you see .

A. is B. are C. was D. were ( )7. He felt hungry

A. too much B. much do C. a bit of D. a little of ( )8. –What’t the No 12 Middle School number?

--I can’t remember in the telephone book , please .

A. Look at it B. Look it up C. Look it over D. Look it for

( )9. Don’t worry! Play as as you can , and we’re sure to win the match. A. good B. better C. well D. best

( )10. There is not enough in the corner to put the table .

A. room B. place C. ground D. floor

( )11. The man has two sons , one is in Beijing , and is in Shanghai. A. another B. others C. the other D. the others ( )12. My mother will come back a month A. after B. in C. at D. by ( )13. Everyone was to hear the news

A. exciting; exciting B. excited ;excited C. excited ;exciting D. exciting ;excited ( )14. We must make our country stronger and stronger . A. becomes B. become C. to become D. becoming ( )15. There is something on the floor , please A. take away them B. take them away C. take away it D. take it away 六、改错:从下列各句A、B、C、D中找出错误并改正。

( ) ( A B C D

( ) (


( ) ( )3. I


( ) ( A B C D 七、根据汉语提示完成下列句子。

1. If you become a (专业球员) , you’ll be famous . 2. They 清除) the dirty parts in our school every day . 3. The earth (围绕…转)the sun

4. If you (不努力学习),you will fall behind others .

5. Nobody knows (怎样做它) next

6. He ran (足够地快) to follow other people . 八、补全对话,从方框内选择五个句子填在横线上,完成对话。 A: Good morning sir , Can I help you ? B: 1 A: Yes, sir , Which country would you like to visit ? B: Maybe you can spend your holiday in Switzerland (瑞士). 2 A: But it’s too cold 3. B: What about Australia ? There is a lot of sunshine there all year round .

A: 4 End I can practise my English as well B: 5



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